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  1. RNG = literally the devil... I think you should just reduce / increase the number of items we are allowed to transfer depending on our performance so we can choose what items to keep and have to make difficult decisions. Making it random just negates the risk/reward factor. It basically becomes risk/risk because it is entirely possible that you risk everything and only get to take home the worst items you put in the vault.
  2. I'm also concerned about this. I hope they at least put some kind of support class in. Maybe supporting by giving buffs like health regen or shields or just by debuffing the enemy. I'd be ok with just GW2 level of healing.
  3. You mean first half of first season. It was really good and i feel like they couldve made at least 3 times more episodes in the SAO arc. But then BAM incest happened. From that point the whole thing went to poorly made socks ("watch the profamity" apparently)
  4. Well i heard the manga is not close to be over and with the kind of universe the got going they could easily make another 600 episodes. Idk about 50 years hehe but another 10 isnt that far fetched.
  5. keylax


  6. HoTS is a lot more fun when playing with other people. It has the worst solo queue experience of any moba
  7. Some people really want to stay optimistic, but honestly it would make a lot of sense if they scratched EQ Next completely. We haven't seen any relevant news about the game in months. And all of their streams and community events have been exclusively about Landmark.
  8. As always, i love what i'm seeing. The pricing could not have been better imo.
  9. "These titles and more shall be be" typo in Book of Creation, Chapter 2: 6
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