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  1. What am I missing Yoink? That I can get one or two extra small buffs because they are passive abilities now? That comes at the cost of weeks spent in the basic crafting tree instead of moving on to the crafts I want to focus on. I haven't see any disciplines that are going to make of a difference to what I make, or how I make it.
  2. It took two and a half years, but there has finally been an update to the game that has disappointed me. Now I'm sure I'm in the minority here, because most of what has changed seems like it can be very positive. As a crafter/harvester, however, moving all of the crafting minors to the basic crafting passive skill tree is probably the worst thing I could have imagined. Having them locked at 60%, 65%, and 90% is ridiculous... You need to complete all three lines of the basic craft lines and pick up two crafting promotion lines before you can learn what used to be a minor discipline? I was excited when the change was announced, I never expect the changes being made to affect my style of gameplay much. With the expanded number of Major and minor disciples that were announced, I thought maybe I'd see 5 new ones that could change, or at least make me reconsider the way I load out a character. With the expansion of Stakes, Auras, and Songs there could have been benefits to different races or classes in harvesting. Instead I no longer even need minor or major slots... Aside from 5 stamina here or a small stat bonus there nothing I choose will help me. Now my only real choice is to be a basic crafter, or ignore the bonuses I once had.
  3. What if there were multiple capture points that all needed to be held simultaneously?
  4. I'd keep the 3 seasonal goals. Make one harvesting, one crafting, and one combat centric. Additional points could be earned by making sacrifices (maybe restricted to players skulls) to your guilds god. The only sacrificial braziers would be in forts and keeps, and the longer you hold a location the more of a bonus you'd get on each sacrifice. With a 20 member max, you would be forced to decided how many crafters/harvesters to bring to support fighters, and to augment points through seasonal bonuses.
  5. *8 week *0 import *White vessels only (upgraded vessel created in the campaign usable) *guild restriction 20 members *siege timers off *Fort and Keep defenders increase in number and strength the more outposts you own in the zone
  6. I would love to go back and see how no timers work in the current iteration of the game, but pretty sure J Todd shot that idea down in the Q&A last week.
  7. So open up the siege timers to include none prime time hours. I know a lot of people cried about forts being taken away from them while they were sleeping, but that no reason to cave and make them only be taken in a small window like they currently are. If you want a safe period when yo don't need to worry about defending them fine 8-12 hours is more then enough. Letting guild know when the attack is coming is also a mistake in my humble opinion. Announcing so far ahead of time how is vulnerable (and more importantly who isn't) lends itself to players feeling safe not being in game. You should feel the need to always have someone around to send out the warning cry to the rest of the guild that an attack is coming, not scheduling it like Friday night poker. As a harvester/crafter I'm scared whenever I'm in game... the rest of you need to feel that fear too.
  8. I would like meaningful count in more then just primetime hours please.
  9. I remember back when It was the campaign, I don't remember big able to put someone in negative points, but since it isn't campaign anymore I guess it doesn't really matter.
  10. Is the point system in the Infected broken? It seems that the points lost for losing a location is working properly, but gaining points only takes you to what you earned for the hour.
  11. Last months Q&A said there would be major changes coming to talents and disciplines. Whenever changes are made to aspects of characters or gear you should expect a wipe of some sort.
  12. I've been out of the loop for a minute. I see Harvesting bags are no longer on the skill trees, have they been scrapped or postponed?
  13. Xp for harvesting needs to be reevaluated, It is impossible to receive xp past the first few levels in Gods Reach because the resource nodes do not go past 4. Also for new players it is impossible to harvest higher level nodes with intermediate and rune tools on the Exploration skill tree,
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