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  1. greetings. ive played some days, now i got time for the forum im no AAAgamer.first mmo... vanilla ^^ and thats what im looking for since, hardcore gaming in an nolinear world where gamers can play great xp so far (despite pre release issues) im really excited about this game. hope it will get attention so you guys have to finish it xD. a bit scaring are 50€+vip function truly, but thats all invested into gamedevelopment, isnt it ^^ cya ingame
  2. Crowfall StarterGuide PreAlpha5.51 Crowfalls Campains lasts some month and then they come to an end, its an open map where 3 fraction fight each other. There is also the Ethernal Kindom which is your place, where you can farm basic materials, invite friends, trade with other Players or even set vendors so ppl come and get their stuff without you. each player got his own EK and it will stay even after Campain is over. Sure, you can transfer items to each Mode (limited). You can start in both Modes You will gather materials to craft items, even these that gather material. cut a tree by hand, gather 3 knotwood. "I" for inventory craft Basic Axe by pressing "j" then Basic Harvesting Tools -> Basic Harvesting Axe now you can use your hands to swing the axe and build Harvesting Hammer and Pick same way. Now you're able to gather all basic materials. Ethereal Dust is needed for Weapons,Amour, Runes,Potions nearly everything is highly addicted to this stuff and so you are now. To start gathering Ethereal Dust gather 2 of each basic. wood,cubble,slug ore craft Ethereal Sight Rune, "j" Basic Ritual -> Ethereal Sight equip Rune, "i" sec writer drag and drop the run into a slot equip granted passive spell, "k" drag and drop Ethereal Sight into Survival Trail while swinging a basic harvesting tool you now gain 5% chance to generate Ethereal Dust each time the material note(tree,ore,heap of stones) is proccing. 5%.... ("the reaper rune" will also increase some stat, but idk) its getting startet okay. you also should check your skilltree if you can find some notes that would gain you better income. Basic Plethora of Dust Potion will also increase the % amount for Dust, dont ask! youll want to have it at beginning. "j" Basic Alchemy -> Basic Plethora of Dust Potionthe first Dust should now flutter into your pockets. Major Discipline Rune gather 2 Dust and 1 ore "j" Pre Alpha Disciplin TestRecipes -> Major Discipline Harversting Rune-> Logger those runes will add not just a passive, theyll add hole Spellsets to yours, so each and every character can be played on his unique style. (all kind of Runes are detachable via distroing) Major Discipline Harversting Rune those major runes will also grant new spells, but to increase your harvesting in amount and speed, some rune for its own material (logger,miner,quarryman) others gain interesting buffs to increase farming. i would recommend crafting Logger Rune, wood is nessesary, always. Whats Next? Your are at the Startlocation of your fraction and the map is free to explore now, you might craft a weapon before. (To craft your first amour youll have to skill into crafting //notsure). Workbenches are in every Fort but startlocations you can use them, if the region is under your factions controll. not a nativ writer and not even a long time player, but ive aswered these questions a lot and it was fun to create. pls comment:P
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