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  1. I've been watching this game for years. Congratulations. Are the worlds large yet? Last I had heard they weren't very big.
  2. Water is worth it, even if it'd subpar. Even Everquest had water. I'd rather have water that's basically badly done and fixed later than no water at all.
  3. With zones, there can be dungeons without needing to carve out the terrain. I hope the tech is utilized for this.
  4. I hope they use zones that aren't linked by runegates to make larger continents.
  5. Some dungeons could easily be created as their own zones instead of integrated in the world map. This would allow them to make sprawling dungeon parcels and easily place the entrances randomly wherever they want since the player is transported there.
  6. I hope the sizes of continents are massive with multiple biomes so we don't have this weird situation of small tiny islands with different biomes. If the server tech doesn't allow for that with a seamless world, I hope they at least use zones ala Everquest 1 and GW2 to increase the size of them.
  7. I think there isn't enough branching in the skill tree, and not enough differentiation on choice since you need every skill sphere that connects to the final one. It sort of defeats the purpose of a skill tree. Very few times was there a point your decision changes the outcome, and then its only very minimal. Every character of the same race and class is going to be the same. Of course, if a person trains long enough, they are able to max out the entire tree anyway, but that's basically how it is by default as it stands. My suggestion is make each branch much deeper, and slow down progress further as you progress in a branch while simultaneously only requiring a single branch to be filled before moving on to the next tree. Make each branch more unique from one another as well, and possibly more branches.
  8. As an explorer, I really like these. I hope we see procedural dungeons and mazes.
  9. Then why does the half-elf get a bonus to Dexterity in their racial runestone? The half-elf was said to get the best of both human and elf.
  10. It would be nice to have dungeons to explorer. There should be abilities in game to temporarily control the weather.
  11. The only major issue I see with this skill system reveal is that subscribers get two professions skills that can then be used on profession skills that overlap such as weapons and armor. Being able to train both in armor and weapons, where a non-VIP can only train in weapons, would be overpowered. This is an issue with the tomes as well. I would also like to see a skill cap based on possible playable hours since the game was released. This would mean anyone could catch up, but never exceed it.
  12. Any plans for Crowfall to support HDR? https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/HDR.html
  13. Any plans to be be able to trade up active power slots for passive power slots?
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