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  1. The zones are already too small. They need less things in them, not more.
  2. I will comment on the vessel system since that seems to be a topic of conversation. The developers tied a core progression system to crafters, giving an unhealthy advantage to large guilds, and completely decimates the solo player, even if said solo player just wants to go out and 1v1 PVPs. It's as if ArtCraft took EVE's ship system, and misapplied it. Ships in EVE were meant to be built and destroyed, and then salvaged. They are armor and weapon proxy, not a permanent progression system.
  3. The developers have openly admitted the economy is broken. None of that was intended. I literally used their own words to describe how its broken. The problem is they have no actual way to fix it because they haven't realized their game concept is broken. They want an MMO economy in a lobby game, and it won't work.
  4. This game does not lack for PVP. The economic loop is isolated to guilds who are completely self sufficient. There is already massive incentive for guilds to hoard and keep everything. The game needs a top down revision to their entire world design, not another artificial system.
  5. Tanking, control, support. The fact that almost the defacto meta is to dump all your points into the top ability score which increases your damage output, shows how black and white the whole thing is. The one exception is if you are a healer and dump them into Spirit for more mana.
  6. You can wipe a rival guild off the map in Guild Wars 2, that doesn't make it a sandbox.
  7. You can do that as much in Crowfall as you can in World of Warcraft.
  8. The elements it draws from are largely figments of the genres. It is setup like a strategy game, but without any of the depth found in a strategy game. While you build up a keep and buildings, there is no real strategic depth to either action. They sort of just are. Instead of choosing wisely on the order you build buildings to receive special units in a strategy game, you get a minor buffs and crafting tables. Instead of resource lines being vital, it's more of a way to encourage small scale PVP. I think it's confused with what it wants to be other than a long term skinner box with its core
  9. Define do as you please, because you could literally say that about World of Warcraft. You have campaigns generated beforehand, with locations designated to build up temporary keeps that last for up to the duration of the campaign. You have precreated tasks for you to complete such as escorting pigs, or taking camps. This is far closer to a PVP themepark than any sandbox. It's just the themepark part of it is lousy.
  10. Earning glory, wealth, and power is literally just glorified words for winning. This is not a sandbox MMO. There's nothing sandbox about it. The point of a sandbox is you have a box, with sand, and tools, and you make of it as you will. There's nothing even remotely sandbox about this game. It has designated campaigns with specific rulesets that end. This is a more focused Guild Wars 2 World vs World.
  11. No, there isn't more to the game than winning campaigns. "You can win." is literally in their marketing slogan. Alliances are just bigger guilds. The problem is people such as yourself, that in the 5,254 posts you've made, you haven't been pointing out the obvious flaws, whether you don't see them, or don't want to see them. So now the developer has reached this point with a game that will probably only have a few hundred active players after launch.
  12. I am saying small guilds will leave, not that they cannot exist. The goal of the game is to win, and your small guild is not going to win.
  13. My guild has literally lots of mules filled with that of which we used to craft vessels for everyone in the guild. You didn't accomplish anything even remotely useful or special. You can go out with two people and collect that.
  14. They are already having an issue with a broken economy. This would exacerbate the whole thing.
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