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  1. Class guide video template help

    Definitely a good idea. I was going to kind of go through discipline basics and maybe I'll do some of my favorite builds!
  2. [BLiK] Blacklight Knights

    Noice ;D
  3. Crafting Mastery Relics/Skins

    Very great input. You've definitely got some very good points, and like where you're going with it!
  4. Hey there! So the premise of my idea is something players could work towards that would visually identify a skilled crafter. There could be benefits to crafting, but I'm really just thinking skins of some kind would be cool. Examples: Blacksmith could get a cool cape skin or something on their chest armor. Rune Crafter could get like a gold trim or a purple glow etc. added to the runestone tools they're using. (Skilled gatherers could get some variation of this.) Necromancers could get glowing eyes or something. Geomancers could apply a cool footstep texture where they walk or something. Anyways, if you think this is a cool idea for later in development, add your ideas!
  5. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    I've been stream sniped plenty so far. Honestly, I learned a lot about PVP and I think everyone involved had plenty of fun! Having streamed ARK before I can say already that the community here is pretty benevolent. Just go with the flow!