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  1. another spot you get stuck on... you can fall into this from above ... https://imgur.com/a/MWhcLP2 if you need a screenshot
  2. eternal falling in sun temple... https://imgur.com/a/OAdS6Ld if you need a screenshot
  3. The "master of focus" major disceplin just gants you the "chaos orb" as a cleric and not giveing you the "mana shield", tried it with radical and arbiter and have the same problem with both of them... plus im not sure if this is intended or a bug.
  4. Woudnt be a problem if pvp player just targeting other pvper. But we dont have "harvesting areas" we just have one campaign with everything. So naturaly the harvesters get targeted as well, and on the harvesting Vessels your not optmized for pvp, so your in a disatvantage. This isnt BDO and I realy would like if ACE keep it this way, because I like the idea how harvesting is in Crowfall. The problem is that its getting less relevant with every patch atm.
  5. Thats right, the problem right now is sadly that the amount of random generated mats is enought to provide your crafters with the basic materials for crafting gear, if your guild is strong enought and willing to take over nummeres forts. So like i mentioned in the original post the only roll you have as harvester, at this point, would be the additional "unique" materials you get from harvesting. What in my opinion isnt enought to actually say harvesters are needed for this guilds (necromancy and gravedigging i excluded because there is no other way to generate bodyparts), but because how
  6. I would recommend bard over jug, with the twisted speed song your getting 40% movementspeed ooc and 15% in combat, so you can use mobility skills and cc break to get away in the start but you dont need to mount up to build some distance than.
  7. I highly disagree at this point, because befor introduction of caravans and new fort resources, harversters wasnt in need of protection, simply because we could easily getting away with farming on off-hours instead of the prime time. With the recent path we got the joint campaings that effectively reduceing the "off-hour" time and increased population on the servers, thats makeing being a harvester quite a hell. So the point you mentioned that we need longer to get to decent tools and passive training may play a role, but it isnt the point why player dislike the new system, it just contri
  8. Its relevant till anything can farm on a solid level in campaing, till that point you want to take the race thats provideing bonuses to make up for the lack of passives and gear. And solid tools you get after multiple month of passive training and probably at his point allready better vessels and gear. So to say racial just matters till you unlock runetools (14 days passive training btw) isnt true at all. On the other hand i totaly agree that your mostly switching away to a more comfort/saver pick (mostly stealther) as harvesters at a point your feeling good with the dmg your do
  9. Never thought i would agree with someone who's camping me on the portals even in my nightmares. But YES! if you guys dont have a group or if its just a small one, go and join to get yourself compeditive!
  10. The problem with the duelist is, that's not the best race (giving the racial bonus) for harvesting, so if you want to be min/ max as a harvester you have to play the race with the dedicated bonus. This is at least at the start, with better passive training on toolmaker and harvester, better gear and vessels stealth classes will probably allways be the to go harvester.
  11. I guess you missunderstood me. I didnt see a problem with them testing new stuff and adding new concepts to the game. What i said is that its a problem doing it on the live server. We have a nice test server were you can stuff that has the potencial of changeing how the game works test and after fixing it you can put it on the live server. And i know they did it with lots of thinga in the past, and it was better than just pushing new mechanics into live and watch what will happen.
  12. Well, it doesnt actuall matter if an idea is good or bad in general. At the point they decided to put it on the live server they broke the game. Why do you think lauching weapons arnt on live rn? Its because the idea as a stand alone maybe is good, but its not fitting into the game at this point. So who thought it would be a good idea to put a pretty much untested "idea" of a system that maybe could be nice to have in a live envirement at the first place? Granting just a hand full of people the possibility to take over because they noticed the exploitebility of the system and leaveing everyone
  13. the forts just good for people who can hold them, and because they are sieged mostly one after the other the same guilds can hold them all with now way for smaller guilds to take them over. so if you want to make them contributeing to everyone, all the forts have to have the same siege time or 2 waves of you want to split it for EU/ NA so you cant hold all of them with a single/ 2 big guilds
  14. Greetings, I want to put down my experience in terms of decisions of the contend in the game and the effect that it had to me as a main Harvester. To begin with, Im playing this game for over 1.5 years active at this point and i realy enjoyed it till the start of the beta recendly. Till this point the 3 main aspects of the game, namely Harvesting, Crafting and PvP, were pretty much balanced. On the first Fort / Keep changes the refreshing buff from the fountains / temple was introduced, thats helps everyone to easily refill ther food bar. That sounds nice in theory, but was the
  15. Your not getten the "Hymn of Restoration" from the Bard Major Discipline as a Wood-elfe Druid in your spellbook. (neither in death nor in life Tray)
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