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  1. ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 「Welcome to the Blacklight Kingdom!」 Looking for a guild? Not sure where to go? WANT TO HAVE SOME HECKIN' FUN?? Not only will we help you out if you're just beginning to adventure through the wonderful world of Crowfall, we'll continue to help you out with whatever you need! I can't wait to become the best and most fun community in the univer- I mean on Crowfall! We are going to have so much fun mah doods. You like to have fun, ay? Well then just join BLiK! Here's why you should: ~ ~ ~ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Oh, you wanna join us? It's pretty simple. Here are the requirements! Friendliness: This is a necessity. We can't have fun if you're hella rude, right? Fun: I know it seems like I've said this a lot, but this is sooooo impooortant! We like to laugh and have a good time, I hope you do too. Interest & Activity: Despite the fun atmosphere, we'd really appreciate some activity. We want you, as a member, to have an interest in playing Crowfall on a semi-regular basis. As well as enjoy playing the game. Discord Account: Although not necessarily a requirement, we would love to have you in our Discord server. It's a sort of public server about a lot of different topics, but we have a corner specifically designated for Crowfall! Hope to see you there! Community: We want people who enjoy helping out, and are willing to contribute to the guild in any way possible! ________________________________________ If you're interested, please reply to this post with the following format to apply! _______________/\_______________ Hope to see you in-game! I'll message you if we accept your application. ~ May your crow's wings find their vessel ~
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