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  1. Just rolled ranger and I’m having a hard time deciding which path I want to go. I know there is always more to a class/spec then you read from the talents. I was wondering if people could share their thoughts. I’m more concerned with playstyle and flow and that sort of thing as we know balance swings will bring a ton of changes in that department. Feel free to speak on power level and how the spec does in solo and group play. Can’t hurt to know the current state of things.
  2. Both very good posts thank you. I played a ranger for stealth but it looks like they either don’t get it or don’t start with it? good to know EK won’t help. What stands between you harvesting higher tier resources? Your too your level or both? Some other factor? Can you drop a crafting table in your beachhead fort? Even if it’s at risk is it doable? Or in campaigns do you have to find a fort?
  3. Not sure why you would think I wouldn’t want to hear you need friends ina sandbox game. That being said playing the game solo to some extent should be viable even if it’s just working your EK and selling in vendors or sneaking around a campaign and selling off resource. But even if if I did have friends what would be different about my experience right now? Trade is still vastly limited by the spirit bank. I’d still be ethereal dust starved. Sure maybe my experience would be different in a larger guild but if I entered into this game with five friends then I feel like we would all be stuck. I guess the best thing to do is just grind for days in my ek until I can build stuff there. Only issue sue I see with that is if the spirit bank system doesn’t change it doesn’t matter what you have in your EK you can only trade so much to your campaign before running out of export so you can’t support yourself that way. I guess maybe you can get a good head start that way. Is is there anyway to craft beyond basic in your campaign without access to forts? Can you drop crafting stations at the beach head fort? Even if they can get destroyed or stolen I’m curious if you can put them down there. I haven’t gathered enough dust to test it. It helps to know there is no new player experience. But everyone giving advice in this thread was in this position at some point and crawled out. All im asking is how you did it. Did you go straight to the campaign? Grind your EK? Farm tons of knotwood and sacrifice it? Go on a combat class and farm hogs? Go straight into pvp?
  4. Thank you. I guess what I am getting at is, even after play testing I cannot even conceive on how I will attain those goals. I watch videos and I see people with good gear harvesting high tier resource and getting in these giant keep fights and I have no idea how to get there. I seem to be stuck in an infinite loop of harvesting T1 stuff, but obviously there is a way out because people currently playing the game seem to have gotten pretty far. One thing I hate more when entering a game is floundering because that turns into a snowball effect you often cannot get out of. When I test games I do so to contribute to the progression and development of the game, but the trade off is I can learn the game before others at launch. I don't feel like I have learned much at this point.
  5. I understand all that. What I am saying is, for someone who has never played a game like this and specifically this game what are you striving to do and how do you do it. So let's say I want to be the best blacksmith. What do I do? Do I build up my EK first? or is that not really worth while? Do I come into the campaign first and just spam farm rank one resources? Ive been doing a decent amount of running around on my campaign and I haven't encountered more than a couple people inside our beachhead fort. I have never seen anything above a rank one resource so I don't even know where to go for those. Ive farmed for hours on end and ive gotten like 5 ethereal dust and anything worth while takes 25-50. So I feel like I am doing something wrong there (Yes I trained all the skills to increase drop rates, I make and drink the potions, and I slotted the minor discipline.). Let's say I want to be the best X class. What do I do upon logging into the game for the first time? Even if I want to do combat do I just work on me EK first? Do I log into a campaign and just farm muskogs? The game isn't very intuitive even for a sandbox game. I remember back in early SWG days even though were no tutorials and you could go do whatever you wanted it was easy to just figure out on your own how to do something. Granted it had systems this game doesnt have like quest terminals and a better system to kill monsters in PvE for XP. But still, even as a crafter I figured out early on how to survey and grind XP to become better at my craft to keep advancing. Ive put hours into this game and I don't feel like I have advanced towards anything. I just keep getting more mats to make basic tools so I can get more mats to make more basic tools. There has to be something more than that never ending loop. I am just looking for a logical series of steps to take because I don't currently see any. TLDR: Where do I start as either a crafter or a combat person?
  6. How do you do that? Is it in the game right now?
  7. So you make stuff or harvest stuff and put it up for sale for gold, and then you use that gold to go buy other things people put up? Couldn't people just trade each other goods for finished products? Will the game ever release things you can buy for gold?
  8. Im assuming vendors are in EKs? What exactly do they sell? Are they NPCs who have pre generated stuff or do you put stuff you have made on them?
  9. What I mean by that is, if the game went live tomorrow what would be the things you would do? I've been running all over my campaign, I haven't seen anyone and i haven't seen above rank one resources. I tried farming in my EK to build stuff there but even after training things that increase ED drops and drinking the ED potion and slotting the ED trait after hours of farming I have six. Experience also comes SUPER slow. After hours of game play I have like 150 survival XP. So I am just wondering what a good efficient linear path would be for someone. When game goes live are people going to live in their EKs building them up so they have crafting stations? Are people supposed to be dropping crafting stations at our beach head? Is that even a thing? I've done a ton of running around and gathering all different types of components but I don't feel like I have progressed at all and I don't really see how to either. With the spirit bank system I don't really see how making all my crafting stations in my EK will help me because everytime I pass gear from my EK to my campaign I will waste a bunch of my limited spirit bank slots. But I haven't found a place to craft in my campaign. And since I am doing crafting and exploration and not combat running around with no armor and no combat skills in my campaign seems very dangerous. So yeah, any newb guide beginner type advice, or even a link to a thread or website would help. If there is something like WoWhead for this game that would be great.
  10. This may be the most noobish of questions but I get a ton of it even when killing muskogs (Dont wanna know where they keep it) but I have yet to see a use for it.
  11. I noticed the numbers changing when I brought stuff from my EK to the campaign. Is this a one time limit or does it reset at some point? If so how often?
  12. Is there a setting for mouse turn/camera turn sensitivity? I only found mouse point sensitivity. Also is there a way to to set dodge to double tap AWSD? Right now all I can do is set it to right click.
  13. This is indeed what the problem was. Thank you.
  14. I logged out less than 12 hours ago. When I go to My kingdoms and favorites it is simply not there anymore. So I am assuming I lost all the stuff I harvested in my inventory. Sorry for the newb questions but this game is not very intuitive. And not in that fun way the first time I logged in to SWG or EQ, in that I have no idea what the next logical step is or what keeps happening to my progress way.
  15. Everytime I start an EK and log out on my return the EK is gone. I thought the way you got started was going into an EK harvesting the basics, equipping yourself and then putting it in the spirit bank and joining a campaign. I am not sure how I get to that next step if the EK always self deletes.
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