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  1. Feedback: So sadly I learned today that logging into a campaign with a character fully erases all of the gear they have on them with no warning what so ever. I had never logged into a campaign this way, but know if you try to unlock from a campaign it gives a warning, so I had assumed i'd get one. While I can understand the design choice for such a system, having it with no warning has cost me more work than I want to admit that frankly I just don't feel like doing again right now. I understand that this is early alpha/beta whatever but such functionality would cause me to stop playing this game in live, and honestly likely will keep me from testing for a couple weeks till I get over it. Along the same lines, while mostly everyone understands that at the end of a campaign gear is lost, could we perhaps have closed campaigns become some kind of "check out" zone where a person can log in, bank what they want and then unlock their characters. That way people don't have to worry about losing their gear at the end of a campaign due to forgetting or life getting in the way.
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