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  1. Hello crows!
    I just created a human templar after trying a nethari one which was less powerful. And while I wore my plate armor, a brand new armor slot appeared, which wasn't there as I was nethari bloodline with the same class and armor, looking like a cloak slot. I don't know what is its purpose, or how to craft the equipment going there. Maybe someone more experimented than I could help me?


  2. Bienvenue à toi :)
    J'espère que tu prendras vite tes marques et au plaisir de te croiser en jeu! Reste à savoir si jouer sur le serveur Wrath-EU depuis le Canada avec une bonne connexion est faisable^^

  3. Any word bout when would be available all the coming soon races/classes? Because Fae race looks very interesting, such as the Frostweaver class, but I didn't find any information about when or if they will come up one day. Maybe it is because they're not the priority of developpers.

  4. Ratio of your experiment change a lot, while you craft leather armor, your success in increasing stats depends on the skill you've learned and your leatherworking stats, but if you add your experiment point and get success in damage they'll have a greater ratio of increasng than health,  whereas for plate, there is a better ratio on defense. Don't forget to add great stats additive to your recipes while craft to increase more the stats, in defense or attack.

  5. Hi again ^^
    You answered so well my question that I've nothing more to say :lol:

    8 minutes ago, Kraahk said:

    Everything you have built, bought or traded ingame before, will be sacrificed to the gods (=gone). 

    Good thing that I'm a blind faithful Gods prayer :lol:

  6. 1 hour ago, KrakkenSmacken said:


    First, you don't have to fill a tree completely to move onto the next one.  The messaging isn't clear, but you can get to the next tree with a % of the previous tree filled out.

    Yeah I know but for the better stats in Blacksmithing it is better that I fulfill the tree as the last skill trainable is unlockd only if the ones just before are fully trained, so i went through all of them.

    1 hour ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

    Second. Many/most skills will be capped so that there will be multiple ways to the highest value.  You may find that spending your training time on other things than maxing out a particular tree is more efficient.

    But for now I get in Blacksmithing by doing that way, if it will be capped, what worth training if what i'm currently doing will be over the cap?

    1 hour ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

    Third:  NIY (Not In Yet) is a symptom of the state of the test. (Don't make the mistake of thinking this a game yet), things are being built out, and placeholders are there for where they want to put stuff later.

    I totally agree with what you say, but if I want to spend my training time in the most of possible skill that can be useful, if I train niy skill it is a bit sad

    2 hours ago, KrakkenSmacken said:

    Fourth: All your time spent training right now technically wasted.  We are getting wiped skills in 5.6, and again at least once before launch.  I would however anticipate at least 3 more skill wipes before then, then you won't be disappointed.

    Now is the time to play around and discover what you can, maybe learn a few things about the combat system as they build it.  Now it not the time to try to win, or worry about wasted training time.

    It's not my first early access game in pre-alpha, i went through some until today, I know the feeling of being wiped and starting there's no trouble for me that will happening, but I really want to enjoy the current patch, I'm a custard farmer you know, I love reach the further I can even i get wiped after that. I don't worry about winning, I worry about effeciency  ;)

    Ty for your advices, in some ways that still helped me :)

  7. 2 minutes ago, Brosis said:

    Well dont have that exe it seems ..Ive looked through whole of the testfile :( 

    Well, I'm not currently at home so I can't check my game files to help you right now, maybe later tonight. But I'm pretty sure there's a patcher .exe in your game files as I already had this trouble. Maybe the name I said is wrong, it may be that, but you have to find another .exe file than the Crowfall one, it must content patcher or somthing like that. There are not too many .exe in the game files, but i can't tell you more for now sorry about that... May some one else solve your problem soon or you have to be patient :unsure:

  8. I'm pretty new in the game but I started to grow my skills a few. I'm mainly focus on exploration and crafting as I'm moreless a pacifist Templar.
    I've put several timebank-stacked hours in Blacksmithing and Runemaking to craft my own awesome equipment. But in order to fulfill entirely these trees, I had to put some hours in "Thralls" and "Salvaging". I've find few informations on what Thralls are, sounds great, but I didn't find any informations about are they currently implemented or not, such as salvaging. Usually it's written [NYI] on skills that are not yet implemented, but those I talked about earlier are not mentionned as NYI.

    So are they or not?

  9. On 13/05/2018 at 2:33 AM, Kraahk said:

    Somehow it worked. Dont ask me why and how though. ;)

    I just tried what you were suggesting and it seems like it doesn't work for me. Maybe the sockets I've chosen to build my castle are totally against my reign but nevermind at least I 've my buildings, where I can put my stations in, withouut walls but currently there's no need as nobody may attack my EK, so that's fine, ty for your help even it didn't work ;)

    PS: I've shared my trouble on the bug report threads but still hadn't any answer

  10. Yes, Live and Test are separated, in almost everything, even the files it requires. So you have to download Crowfall twice to play both unfortunately. But note that it's not due to the pre-alpha state of the game, even big games well known do like that, for example League of Legends' PBE works like that (Public Beta Environment). And in all cases it will be as you were playing an other account, because it may bring you advantages if not.

  11. The first time I started the game I got the same issue. This because you're trying to log in directly in the Crowfall.exe, without going through the patcher Live (or Test). This should probably work as now that I reedited the shortlink I made on my desktop (crowfall.exe --> patcher.exe) I never had the trouble again.

  12. Hi bois and gals,
    I started to create my dream EK, as I put my Castle Door i wanted to attached walls to it. But it has been a week it shows me that error message (screenshot) and i tried to loot the door place it somewhere doesn't work, change type of wall, etc alla the basic things i guess it didn't work, i would like to know if someone there had already this trouble or am i the only one disappointed




  13. There's a lot to read so i apologize if i repeat some things already said

    - There are plenty of stuck and invicible mobs in the cave/mine
    - Templar dash (default 1 skill) sometimes goes too far and can put you in trouble, i already fall of the tower when defending a keep...
    - Some critical hit point can be hit because it doesn't correspond to the node hitbox we harvest
    - In my EK i can't place castle walls attached to the castle gate, it sends me an error message
    - We can't rotate crafting stations when it suggests a place
    - HUD disappearing sometimes, or just a part as harvest pips or combat pips, or message such as equipment quality
    - Compass for group member send to wrong locations
    - When too far from a member of the group, he become non aligned
    - Some ressources sometimes fly into ungettable place, a hole that we can't go into or things like that

    I understand that the game is far from release yet but the campain mechnic are clearly not optimized at all, maybe should we know where keeps or castle are on the map even if there is fog of war, or at least if a keep we already discovered is still captured by our faction or no more, to avoid to run the map to find safety and it's currently not.
    And maybe more clarity on recipes and how to make/unlock recipes would be great, mauybe just show lock recipe with a message how to unlock it.
    As a final suggestion, the time focused skill trees is a great idea, but too long to go through. Maybe when we are playing in a world, we may get 2x time stacking, and to avoid afk farmers an afk warning and kick

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