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    Just started yesterday, so I was wondering the same type thing about what to do in the game.  Yes, I understand the game is still under construction and there is a lot to come and or change over the course of time. 
    But, like most people.  We get the game, download it, launch it and just head into it without the most basic of knowledge.  Well at least I do that . 
    So day 1.  I made a Cleric, pretty basic.  Punched some trees till it fell.  Collected enough wood to build a axe. Found a gold apple and regular apple.  Collect some stone, built a hammer.  Repeat until I could build my first throwing hammer and shield.  Equip it and set out on my adventure.  So, like most games, you run out and kill mobs and hit level 2.  I think I ran around for 30 minutes, found 1 thing to kill.  Found empty chests, found someones grave. Ran around some more and all I could do was chop more trees, pound on more stones.  Recalled back to my starting place on accident, experimenting with buttons.  Thinking, I guess I need to do some research, cause I was one lost Cleric. 
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