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  1. I just want to bump this and make sure this magnificent picture is never forgotten.
  2. My logic is flawed guys. Multiboxing for sure equals murder. How did I not see it sooner?!
  3. Multiboxing=Murder Your logic is dumb and you should feel bad.
  4. Prealpha is slated for end of summer, but as always with games in development, that's subject to change. When you view packages in the store, they list what alpha or beta is included with it. Currently Sapphire gets you in the first Alpha phase.
  5. custard lol at anyone comparing multiboxing to murdering. Congrats on trying to be edgy. custard LOL
  6. " If you think ACE will allow 'bad mouthing' in the game you will be surprised. But, you really shouldn't, because Tyrant already said he won't allow that. Hint: account wide bans." -Canth

  7. Nothing....and ACE can say they'll prevent multiboxing until they're blue in the face, but at the end of the day, unless they completely restrict IP's to one login (bad move), it will happen. Even then, people who can afford to pay $150 a month for 10 accounts can easily afford the 10-15$ it takes for a decent proxy service. It is like this for any game though, it's nothing new. The real key is that the game is not tab targeting combat, and would be much more difficult than say EVE, to multibox effectively. Auto-attacking and following bots is really up to how good ACE plans to fight again
  8. "You are shooting yourselves in the foot. YOU are actively making the forum situation worse. YOU are going to force ACE into making decisions that are pushing the direction away from the goal we want" - Agelmar

  9. "Something I do know: The US is looking at ways to crack down on internet harassment and such. It's a new thing. I'm sure ACE doesn't want to find themselves in the midst of some awful lawsuit because one community member decided it'd be fun to hunt down another member and wreck his or her life because of forum socks." -Iridian ShadowWeaver

  10. "I like to say playing games is like eating sausage." -GordonWalton

  11. "I was running late for Taco Tuesday with my DIY BFF. =/" -Pann

  12. "I am surprised though Primal, your post almost felt human." -scree

  13. "You forum kittens need to relax before Primal gets his screwdriver." - headlight

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