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  1. Yay, I knew you'd get a response! Good for you!
  2. No, thank you so much for your reply. I just disagree with what you had posted before and wanted to know more. But, now that you said it, the way I read your last post was misconstrued. I absolutely agree that a strong base is what they need to build a game on, and that's why I'm so happy they decided to test combat systems first. I think a few extras here and there to keep the hype going in the funds coming in is fine though (Maybe more RP elements would be in the upcoming stretchgoals, we need more lovin']. Thank you for contributing to this topic, as always, hugs and giggles. [p.s. grasshoppers in game would be totally cool]
  3. This is a valid concern but I think you're going about it wrong. Being passive agressive just brings your post from a good positive post building a strong community to a bad post. I think if you just drowned out his posts with so many good posts he couldn't make bad posts anymore. This is the best way to do it. I swear it. I totally agree, you should hear all people and form constructive opinions without filling up a thread with trying to fight the trolls, like pang does. He is a super star at being constructive, I would take his advice!
  4. Oh my gosh you are absolutely right, Jihan. I am soo soo sorry to anyone I offended. If I hurt anyone feelings, please pm me. I will make lots and lots of good posts to make up for that bad post, I promise Jihan!
  5. Nor their wallets, the first is pay day for a lot of people. ~teehee
  6. This is a very bad idea, I don't like this. I really hope the game doesn't turn out to be like that. We should be helping each other out, not stabbing eachother in the back. Posts like these are what makes the community so toxic, I really hope you start making good positive posts to atone for all your bad ones mister.
  7. This is a really good suggestion, I'm really jealous I didn't think of it first. This is why I'm so glad we have this community. Violence should never be the answer! I think this post was done in very bad taste and could trigger someone who has experienced something traumatic like this in their life. Jihan egging you on really doesn't help either. You two should be very ashamed. This forum is no place for this kind of talk.
  8. It isn't skewed at all if everyone gets a duplicate of the loot. Everyone participated so everyone should get a reward. It will only strengthen the community we have. I really don't think the guy that died should lose his loot either, maybe make it broken so an awesome crafter can repair!
  9. I think everyone should get the loot so no one feels left out.
  10. I don't see anything about a set delivery date? The whole point of crowdfunding with this amazing community is to not be set to boundaries that publishers, etc would place. They should take as much time as they need to make sure we get all the amazing pets, ek assets, and RP elements we can before launch.
  11. Yes, yes! We are a great community and all basically super best friends here. I'm sure anyone will come help you if you ask [really, really nice]. Whenever you start losing Mr.Viking (I know you struggle a little with these games, but that's okay!), I'll come help you whenever you want. Pinky promise.
  12. This is a really good idea, I'm so glad you guys are thinking about the community. Having payment issues can be super duper frustrating (Maybe ACE can give them an in-game cookie platter for their EK to make them happy? I know it would make me happy after being so frustrated). I really hope this helps push our stretch goal into the Asian market so that we can expand our amazing family here at CF. Have a blessed day, Pann. ~*Hugs and Giggles*~
  13. OP, I experience a lot of problems with low blood sugar, and all those effects you listed happen to me when it drops. I don't want to experience blurry vision in game when I have to suffer through it so much irl. This is not a good gaming experience. ~Giggles
  14. I am still not convinced and this is a very touchy subject. Not sure if the CF forums are the proper place to discuss high charged subjects such as death, blood, and magick.
  15. This is such a wonderful idea and I'm so glad you're reaching out to the Asian playerbases. We should bond together a community out of love and friendship all across the globe for such an amazing game as Crowfall is! I hope part of the stretch goal is to hire someone, like the friendly Tully, to represent us in a courteous and gentle way so that they understand the kind of warm-hearted community Crowfall is. I also hope there will be lots of cross-culture craftables and pets for us to buy to fill our EKs and wear in the CWs! Cannot express enough how excited I am! ~*Giggles and Hugs*~
  16. I personally don't think it's very bad and just think you're being picky. The devs have a lot on their plate to bring our awesome community together and their efforts should be concentrated there.
  17. It's a double-edge sword though. Just like you mentioned in another thread, realism can be too much sometimes. You said you have a hard enough time getting around because you're a vet and the mechanics were too harsh in relation to what you experience in real life. I have similar feelings with food. I just cannot stop eating. I'm self-diagnosed binge eating disorder (plus, my dr said it could be from panic attacks, I have a lot of triggers). So I really hope it's not too realistic, I just wouldn't be able to stop myself and I couldn't enjoy the rest of the game. Thank you for your service. Yeah, maybe you can forward my suggestion I posted above about making things easier to understand directly to ACE support. This is a serious issue because a lot of us are really big into the lore, and although we're a small community now, as we grow more and more people might not be able to comprehend it to enjoy the game. ~*Giggles
  18. But if it's too hard we might lose the playerbase. If people feel stressed from having a hard combat system or the political system for interactions between guilds creates any drama or charged tension, people won't play anymore. We get enough stress in our daily lives to have to deal with choosing exact skills or figuring out timing. God forbid this game has any tension. Won't be much fun playing when there's nobody to have a fun time with, now would it?
  19. Wowowowow. I never knew that! I mean, look at our current stretchgoal. We need to have a strong consideration for all of our audience. We don't want them getting in trouble for putting in a necromancer (although it would be cool but a little scary). Which is another thought; what if it's someone's trigger is to see magic or its against their beliefs. I mean, not only are they super scary by raising dead things but magic could be considered evil. This is not a good recipe for an amazing gaming community for all audiences.
  20. I am super sure he means eating, I mean the Ranger just ate hit last ration. Maybe you need to expand on it HI. Canth brings up a really good point though. Such a great little story, but maybe make it a little easier for people to understand by not using big words or accidentally capitalizing so people can follow your story. My daughter really enjoyed it too, she liked it much better than her Dr Seuss books. Just think of your audience next time please. Have a blessed day. ~
  21. I don't think his post was talking about underestimating at all, he is worried about them being too powerful...kinda the opposite. Which is a valid thought because archers are super cool, and really powerful irl. Especially the ones who cosplay the part like they are from the middle ages, those guys are the best. Nice video on how furious they are, I think it really helps prove his point even further. *~Hugs~*
  22. Yes Canth, you are so right. Thank you for having the community at heart. Circumventing the signature rules by putting pictures in your post could be grounds for immediate time-out time. Nobody wants time-out time. I think, however, that you are going about it the wrong way. We want these forums to be a super productive place, and the only way to be super productive is to make sure we adhere to the topic. Here's a cool thing I learned and I think it'll make the forums better; just make positive posts. I feel that yours come off a little strong and passive agressive, and that doesn't make a super awesome community for a game like crowfall. Just report the posts so that panns super-duper mod team can take care of it [and saves yourself from getting in trouble] and just drown out all the bad posts with really, really positive posts. It also lets the new mod team get experiences, and saves you the time from reciting the rules, cuz [duh] who wants to read that super long Rules of Conduct. This is the only way we will have a strong-bonded community, with no drama, going forth into the game. Just keep posting. Keep posting positive posts. So we don't get strong aggressive posts like yours. Just lots of really, really, good, positive posts.
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