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  1. I have some concerns about the sacrifice system getting hit repeatedly with the nerf bat. Mostly that there doesn't seem to be any consideration for a replacement. Grinding mobs for EXP in crowfall is painful, especially in a game where PvE is supposed to be an incredibly minor part. Don't get me wrong, I am actually not opposed to a mixture of PvP and PvE, I think it can work really well. But the PvE mobs are really bad here. They are boring, stupid (in AI terms) and offer zero engaging content. They also don't give much in the way of exp and they fall off to nothing very quickly. With the gating of disciplines that are required for not yet implemented recipes (a temp fix that I don't mind given the pre-alpha status) and the gating of gear for classes until you hit nearly level cap (sub-class gear options) it's really painful to play right now. With the problem stated, here are my suggestions since this is a suggestion thread and not a gripe at the devs thread 1. Offer us a comprehensive fix to EXP and leveling rather than just whacking the (arguably) one section of EXP grinding that actually works and ignoring the rest. 2. If mobs need to play a larger more engaging role then please give them some love and slow down the fall off in EXP, or even eliminate the 0 EXP part of it letting them give a small but non-zero amount of EXP regardless of level. 3. Make it more clear which mobs will give EXP for your level. Other MMO's I have played did this by changing the nameplate color based on the comparison of the mobs level to yours. 4. Tie the mobs EXP to total attribute points instead of level. A low level blue vessel is going to have a much easier time with an R5 mob than a low level white vessel and that should be reflected in the EXP instead of just using levels. 5. Move the subclass gear options forward in the tree, like around level 15 and use the following levels to specialize into and get better at the subclass. This helps get people into the fight sooner as they can equip the gear they will actually be fighting with earlier while still leaving a reason to progress. 6. At least until the crafting stuff is all implemented open up 2 crafting discipline slots immediately.
  2. The placement of outposts and forts seems a bit too random really. They don't seem to have any real strategic value so cap them for point and move on, but they don't seem to have any significance in terms of terrain control. In fact there seems to be no possibility of terrain control whatsoever. The forts also seem to not have any guards covering the outside and the inner ones can be bypassed. I would like to see them become meaningful objectives in their own right and an actual challenge to take down. Hell, even just putting doors on the central keep would be a huge improvement so you couldn't just charge in. Have outposts spawn more densely near a fort and have the fort spawn on some sort of elevated or controlling piece of terrain would be huge too. Put the fort at a bottleneck on the campaign map or something so you have to pass through it to access the other side or detour through a whole other map to come at it via runegate from the rear. Didn't mean to just restate some of the OP's points, I skimmed through his post but managed to bypass where he commented on some of the same things, my bad.
  3. @Sanfall No I don't mean that they would be EK only, I meant that it would be nice if they acted like a guild spirit bank as well in terms of allowing mats to be transferred to the EK which honestly is probably where most of the guild crafting is going to take place anyway. I would fully expect them to be subject to embargo restrictions just like the player spirit banks. @Hamlet The proposed system with the relics was allowing people to choose up to 3 blessings, more might be available but only 3 could be chosen from those that were. I think that is pretty reasonable. Lineage 2 Revolution is not at all the same thing as old school Lineage 2. The game I am talking about functionally ceased to exist years ago. If I remember correctly there was a cap on the guild rank of 5 or 10. Not sure which anymore as it has been a very long time since I played. But as far as making a bigger gap I disagree. The relics etc are prizes from the campaigns. So one per campaign available. A ranking system like I am talking about would be available to any clan that wanted to work for it. As I said though, in Lineage 2 it was absurdly expensive to get, so not something to establish quickly but it gave a good long term project with some decent but not overwhelming rewards. It was a nice system that felt meaningful and added value to the guild system. I won't debate the finer points of balance or pretend that it can't be abused because I am not a developer of any game and because calling out something for potential abuse that may or may not happen is a bit absurd. Any mechanic can be abused in my experience in gaming. The answer isn't in trying to craft the perfect abuse free mechanic but in making sure the trade-offs are worth it overall to the player base. Now if it invited some sort of game breaking abuse that would be another thing, but that isn't what you are suggesting. At the end of the day though large guilds of hardcore players will always have a power advantage over smaller more casual guilds. There is simply no way to avoid that because more people will always create an inherent advantage and more time will always tend toward more in game power, with or without progression.
  4. Okay, you got me. Thought you were serious for a minute but you are just here to troll. Nice job, have a good night
  5. If I wanted to play deathmatch in an FPS I would play that. No Progression = No Playing. The nerfing of games to satisfy casuals who then get quickly bored and jump to the next shiny thing is exactly why I am interested in crowfall and similar games.
  6. Guild Bank: With the game set up to require as much cooperation between different types of gatherers and crafters and as difficult as it can be to coordinate groups of people if we had some sort of an in game guild bank that anyone in the guild could deposit resources into (and preferably could be accessed via EK) then that would greatly simplify coordinated group crafting and get rid of needless hassle. If there was some sort of ranking system for withdrawing items from the guild bank that would be even better. Guild Rank: One of my favorite things from back in my Lineage 2 days was the idea of a guild rank with selectable bonuses. Being able to pour resources as a group into leveling your guild (which was insanely expensive and would require rare items in addition to gold) and gain passive buffs gave tangible value to being in a guild other than the existential benefits of group cooperation. As I recall the buffs could also be tiered by guild rank giving rewards to people who were promoted within the guild. I think if Crowfall implemented a similar system along with the option to choose between a small passive buff and perhaps extra member slots to grow a guild that had neared the player cap it would give a lot of value and meaning to guild membership. This would also help level the playing field between zerg guilds and more tightly focused small guilds. I know there is already a similar concept in the works with Relics, Artifacts, and blessings, but as I understand it those rewards would only go to the winners of campaigns. A ranking system that you could pour resources into as a guild would extend similar benefits to all guilds that wanted to work for it and not limit it to only the most powerful and largest guilds.
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