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  1. I have some concerns about the sacrifice system getting hit repeatedly with the nerf bat. Mostly that there doesn't seem to be any consideration for a replacement. Grinding mobs for EXP in crowfall is painful, especially in a game where PvE is supposed to be an incredibly minor part. Don't get me wrong, I am actually not opposed to a mixture of PvP and PvE, I think it can work really well. But the PvE mobs are really bad here. They are boring, stupid (in AI terms) and offer zero engaging content. They also don't give much in the way of exp and they fall off to nothing very quickly.
  2. The placement of outposts and forts seems a bit too random really. They don't seem to have any real strategic value so cap them for point and move on, but they don't seem to have any significance in terms of terrain control. In fact there seems to be no possibility of terrain control whatsoever. The forts also seem to not have any guards covering the outside and the inner ones can be bypassed. I would like to see them become meaningful objectives in their own right and an actual challenge to take down. Hell, even just putting doors on the central keep would be a huge improvement so you co
  3. @Sanfall No I don't mean that they would be EK only, I meant that it would be nice if they acted like a guild spirit bank as well in terms of allowing mats to be transferred to the EK which honestly is probably where most of the guild crafting is going to take place anyway. I would fully expect them to be subject to embargo restrictions just like the player spirit banks. @Hamlet The proposed system with the relics was allowing people to choose up to 3 blessings, more might be available but only 3 could be chosen from those that were. I think that is pretty reasonable. Lineage 2 R
  4. Okay, you got me. Thought you were serious for a minute but you are just here to troll. Nice job, have a good night
  5. If I wanted to play deathmatch in an FPS I would play that. No Progression = No Playing. The nerfing of games to satisfy casuals who then get quickly bored and jump to the next shiny thing is exactly why I am interested in crowfall and similar games.
  6. Guild Bank: With the game set up to require as much cooperation between different types of gatherers and crafters and as difficult as it can be to coordinate groups of people if we had some sort of an in game guild bank that anyone in the guild could deposit resources into (and preferably could be accessed via EK) then that would greatly simplify coordinated group crafting and get rid of needless hassle. If there was some sort of ranking system for withdrawing items from the guild bank that would be even better. Guild Rank: One of my favorite things from back in my Lineage 2 day
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