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  1. In Game Player Name: Atticusfinch Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): EST, Between 7PM and 1AM What 'role' do you want to play in game?: I love farming / crafting, with a good share of group pvp mixed in! I play games like this to play with a community and get away from the drama of real life. I work as a Recruit and Human Resource manager so there is enough drama there to deal with!
  2. I'm Atticus, and I am completely new to CF. I just turned 30, and I am on the East Coast of the United States and do not have a preference for time zones of the people I play with. If I can find a team, I will most likely play 10-20 hours a week. I enjoy the PvP aspect, but find myself crafting, building, and farming in most of the games that I play. I enjoy the grind as long as there is some action at the end of the road. I am looking for a group of social and friendly folks because I game to escape the stress of my normal day. Hopefully the guild is active on discord because I
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