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  1. MMO or not ??

    Ok nuff said i guess about this post
  2. MMO or not ??

    Welll as of this day i havent seen more than 15 players online so was wondering are there more and in what time...if not then i dont know what to say...its just in my experience this game is not an MMO Thanks
  3. DUH!!!

    Ok it seems i just have to wait it out ok ty guys who answered me
  4. DUH!!!

    Yes when i launch that crowfallauncher.exe is get the user not entitled message the testserver offline or what is going on Sidenote i have pioneerpack so i should be able to test
  5. DUH!!!

    Ok ty ill try and find it
  6. DUH!!!

    Well dont have that exe it seems ..Ive looked through whole of the testfile
  7. DUH!!! Hope this works im still getting this on trying to login to test server ... :)pic shows the message im getting
  8. Okis i feel like an idiot right about now i found test patcher and live patcher they are separet..i downloaded i think that live patcher only i tought you download one and you have them both lol ohwell ...but all is well now i hope havent tried to log in yet on test but i hope it works yes its updating now
  9. Final Fantasy XV on pc

    Anyone play this i have it but im strugling to enjoy it it lacks something special
  10. Well most of all im looking forward on huge pvp matches of the game comes as a bonus
  11. 5.6 patch live or not ??

    Ok ty but small issue here when does live servers have more than 10 players online couse so far i havent seen anyone else in my adventures im playing in eu server...i have both shortcuts onlive and test servers but so far never got in test server But ty for the answer and ill see you guys in the battlefields
  12. Hello im more than confused now i tried to get in test server but it still says user not entitled eventough i have pioneer pack...and im not buying that most expensive pack to get in testing thats way too much But someone say am i missing some patching or something plz i wanna help test this game
  13. Crowfall is great

    Yeah you have a point there elvo...but ive been in so many mmo early acces it seems the complaining is a trend of some sort...anyways i just wanted to vent some of my feelings but lets all be friends and lets continue to support this game
  14. Crowfall is great

    Hi wanna speak my mind about something...So far ive seen ppl cry about every aspect of the game i mean if you dont like it then make your own or dont play play something else devs are doing great job and for listening to everything you guys say.. is i think major+ Just keep an open mind about this game and enjoy it on what it is and will be I almost didnt even spend the giant amount of money you need to spend in order to be apart of this community becouse of some rants in youtube but im glad i did Anyways have fun ppl and we shall see in the battlefield <3
  15. Welll for me gathering is just right im solo player and so far havent had ppl gank me yet but hey its a pvp game so thats part of the deal right