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  1. BUG? When i try to login with my Char on the Server i made it (Balderon EU) it only says now "No Worlds found". But i can login with another char onto that server... what is that?
  2. World: Nice to look at, at first, but gets boring after some Minutes. Everytime the same tilesets, trees, stones, weed... trees, stones, weed... more Variation pls. (big mushrooms or crystal-trees... swamps... etc.) PVP / Balancing: Something is seriously wrong in this Game. How and WHY is it possible that only ONE Enemy Player is capable of conquering a Fort ALONE!!! and losing nearly NO Hitpoints... killing EVERY Guard, and EVERY other Player with ease... that shouldnt be possible at all! Yes, with a Group or a bigger Team, thats the Point of Castle-Runs. But it should NOT be possible to archive this SOLO and without ANY Challenge! Yes i know it is pre-alpha and there will be much more in the Future in regards of balancing and worldbuilding. But stopping solo-players to conquer "the whole Map" including every outpost , Fort , Castle and Towns should be very easy to tweak right!
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