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  1. Nice, thanks for the info - definitely going to have to to have to put some time into seeing how crafting works and how far it goes.
  2. After a week of roaming around doing mostly nothing, I finally found some enemy players to fight - and was promptly melted (through my own actions, they were quite friendly - I may or may not have shot one of them in the back...). I had a basic bow and no gear beyond this, the other ranger had some armor and presumably a better bow / more leveled skills. I'm wondering where the line falls in Crowfall when it comes to the subject of skill vs gear (stats really) in PvP. I should note I'm talking about an individual's mechanical ability here, not in game skills. I don't know much about
  3. 1. A "classic"-style sandbox(ish) PvP Environment. 2. Guild war dynamics. 3. Theorycrafting and build diversity. 4. Something unique.
  4. @Arkade I'll have to keep my eye on the test forum and download the test environment then - thanks for the info!
  5. Thanks for the info @KrakkenSmacken @Armegeddon! I worked in game dev for 4 years and currently work at as a support engineer for a large business facing software provider, so I'm not unfamiliar with development processes... but every studio has their way of doing things to an extent so I tend to always just assume the worst initially . I'm glad to hear there is indeed a lot happening behind the scenes. On another note, I do actually have access to the test environment - though looking at the play test calendar it's completely blank. Are snap tests not shown there anymore? How many
  6. I've had my eye on Crowfall for some time, though not very closely and I'll admit I'm not very familiar with the devs or how development has been progressing - so I would like some perspective. It's my understanding that the goal is to hit soft launch be EOY, which to me feels rushed based purely on the current phase title and what I've seen in game so far. To go from pre-alpha, through alphas, and betas in ~8 months seems like an unreasonable task that you might see imposed on a dev by a publisher (which I know is not the case here). Obviously this isn't set it stone, but it's a goal no
  7. Hello! Just pledged a few days ago, getting into the swing of things. Guild Wars 2 has been my PvP fix for the last 5 years, primarily WvW - prior to that was the glory of GW1 PvP. I could go on for days about my MMO history, as I'm sure many here could, but I'll hold off on that for now. While I have no plans on quitting GW2 any time soon, I'm always on the lookout for new/different PvP oriented games, or games that harp back to an older way of doing things ( DAOC, Lineage 2, Ultima, etc.. ). I've had Crowfall on my radar for quite some time along with Camelot Unchained and a few
  8. This makes sense - I appreciate the insight. Looking forward to the wipe to see things in action :).
  9. Thanks for the replies! That brings me to another question - is the PvP not at an enjoyable / strong enough point to keep people engaged? What's the lynch-pin right now that would keep people playing?
  10. Hello! Let me preface this with saying that I'm well aware crowfall is still in pre-alpha, and that this isn't meant to be a complaint. So I pledged yesterday deciding to finally take a look at things after having my eye on the game for the last year and a bit. I played for about 6 hours, familiarized myself with the basics and started the grind... but in that time I didn't encounter a single player. Looking at the 3 campaigns on LIVE I noticed the player counter was never more than 25 combined - the most I saw was 19 on EAST (though it was crashing very frequently). Is there really
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