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  1. Regarding leveling with Epic and Legendary vessels, what is the plan to get experience on them? Currently rank 10 mobs only progress to level 18 - what will be available for people to progress beyond that experience wise?
  2. I like the idea of using the tutorial to give levels. This is similar to how many other games implement the leveling system when max level is the main body of the game. Leveling the way it is seems off - there aren't any "level 10 zones" like in PvE games. Everything is a level 30 zone in Crowfall, so spending time getting to level 30 just to start playing the game seems needless to me. Having the levels gating the game mechanics off and only unlocking them as you learn how to interact with them via the tutorial sounds like a great solution. It will help stop overwhelming brand new players with too many choices right off the bat, provide some guidance on how to start playing the game, and give people that warm fuzzy tingly reward for hearing DING when they complete a task.
  3. If the plan is by release to have the 30 levels be a tutorial, where you learn your character and skills and leave the starting area at level 30, then I think it is ok. In its current implementation though, I have to agree that the leveling might as well be removed and have everyone spend 30 levels worth of stat points at character creation. If the idea is the first 30 levels will be a *guided* tutorial, teaching you how to skin an animal, etc.. and they give quests that grant whole levels for completing so you can hit level 30 in an hour or two of walking around gathering mats to craft your starting weapon to complete a tutorial quest that will give you your first 5 levels or something though, then that seems OK. I would still prefer to see an option to 'skip the tutorial' and go straight to level 30 if players wanted to, however.
  4. A nice QOL enhancement would be to move the player from a Fort to the Beachhead if they log out in a faction-owned fort and on their next log in, the fort is owned by an enemy faction. There are workarounds to mitigate the risk of this now which include: 1. Banking all items before you log out in a fort 2. Teleporting to the beachhead before you log out But both of these add unnecessary chores to the game IMO causing people to constantly teleport or bank before they log out without adding any depth or fun to the game. Automatically teleporting players if they log out in a friendly fort and log in when the fort is hostile would remove the need for the extra chores. The loss in doing this is it does remove a strategy of several players logging out in a fort together, planning to log in and attack in case the fort is taken.
  5. Hey guys, I'm putting together some information to share on stream next week and hoping to get some community thoughts on the best way to start off the game in the first few hours. I'm looking for in terms of efficiency less so than how to get started: Kick off research in skill tree's X, Y and Z. Harvest 3 logs Make an Ax Harvest 12 more logs Spend points in tree X to get skill Y. Thanks for any feedback. I am hoping to see a few different strategies and thoughts on what people think is most efficient for different goals.
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