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  1. Full loot in HD, if you die and ress in a statue, you are naked (like every single BR with gear+respawn system), problem solved.
  2. creo que todos los clanes españoles estan inactivos, los españoles que jugamos estamos en clanes guiris, pero os recomiendo furia, ha sido la guild más grande y activa española, aunque ahora mismo creo que estan esperando el release.
  3. The first step to talk about OP class, is to use it, because if you don't use it, is just a cry because you lose. So yeah, I played a lot of games on NA times, probably 0 archmages there, maybe 1, but I saw every single team with warden+alpha. just my opinion, embarrassing post, but funny so keep going
  4. The test on the "tournament server" was great, better fps, and no critical bugs, so good job, but can I suggest to let the players config their bars and save it? is a bit annoying to put 22 skills in the bar in every single lobby we played.
  5. I think blood rose is really bad, and call storm too (for EK), we could argue about which build is better and which is worse for years, but I think that is not the goal of the archetypes, is about we have to adapt to what they give us, remember all of us have the same build.
  6. You can't pick protection stakes with Light domain, you need Nature for that https://gyazo.com/7086f2c54b84743fb6900ef12fdedeb0 you can change the domain of the screenshot for Nature, so you can pick fortified stakes, and everything is OK , you pick naiad because of the WOOD ELF so you dont need light for anything there.
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