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  1. Informative stream, can't wait for the next one. Look forward to see what comes of Racial Weapons in the future; as I heard that mentioned.
  2. Considering a lot of this is currently what I am dealing with after putting hours upon hours in as a Myrm on Live; yeah...I am thoroughly bummed out now. ...I would feel dirty using this if that is intended. >_< Anyway, I think that Myrm seriously needs some love from ACE sometime soon. Because its so janky to play and doesn't exactly mesh with any other class I have played alongside with in general. The most useful tool at our disposal is the Net-Grab. Other then that, I just hold LMB most of the time with little use of my powers except when getting focused, going into HEAL ALL DAMAGE mode and spamming my -potential- bleeds in the hope of landing some on the nearest target. Just gonna stick with practicing Cleric and Templar till something goes positive for Myrm.
  3. Since I am the one scouting out this game for my discord buddies, I can't exactly say its a guild, more of a conglomeration of friends playing together. Whom the majority have now written off considering what I have explained to them, its just not their cup of tea. I'm gonna play it at least, even if they don't. Otherwise, good on you and your guild, seems like y'all treat it like 'spr srs bisnis' to win at this game. Goodluck to your group! Yeah, this is-and was-my worry too. But considering the responses I have gotten, and been able to poke around for info in Albion(Which mirrors some of this game in some ways), I have less worry about it now and have just resigned myself to see what happens once launch rolls around and react to things as they come. Thanks for the reply.
  4. For me its more about fighting in extremely close quarters with a bunch of traps being likely to have around every corner, and the aesthetic of fighting IN a dungeon. A castle interior would be the next best thing though.
  5. Yep, the KS birth date for Crowfall on there is Feb 24, 2015. So five years sounds wayyyyyyy off. Edit: Checked their youtube, and their oldest video is in 2015, Jan 27. And the oldest news article in existance according to google directly talking about it is Jan 28, 2015
  6. Considering that in order to do well in the war, we will need forts (for crafting and the like), I doubt people will ever have no 'reason' to take stuff until the last day...unless they wanna lose. Maybe the dominant group in the fight may become complacent till the end, but in doing so will lose their advantage and be overthrown. Unless there is a huge side-discrepency on how many players are playing on that campaign, let alone the need for taking quarries and other such resources in order to even be able to properly defend a fortress... Now in regard to 'supply lines', I could definitely be behind that. I would not mind being behind the battle lines sending supplies to the front for team mates to make use of, and keep a steady flow of useful materials heading their way.
  7. ITS ONLY GETTING WORSE! Crowfall: The Fight for Apples.
  8. HMMMM. o,..,o HMMMMMMMMM. Intriguing. Nice to see a RP centric guild that harkens back to the old days of MMO's. May swing a app your way once I have time!
  9. Yarh, its a very chill experience right now to try it out, considering there aren't a ton of people running around on the Live servers right now, its easier to get a bunch of stuff tested out in relative safety. XD
  10. Well, since I have had some time to actually craft some things...and seen some others stuff in comparison to the basic gear, yeah, gear is a big thing that does make a difference. But in order to make gear worthy of being considered "better" you kinda have to focus on being a crafter for that gear. And you would need to focus on that specifically at first to get it for yourself or someone else...not to mention you will need ingredients from other professions to really get the 'better' stuff. This is a post from Zatch in a thread yesterday that I posted; gives an idea. Edit: This doesn't mean that mechanical skill is triumph'd by gear, just that there is a difference. From what I have read and others have repeated to me-that you are pretty much on a even ground even IF you are under geared and just good at the game.
  11. THIS. SO MUCH THIS. When I first started in WoW back in the early 00's, it was crazy how many used Raist's name.
  12. You could almost hear a 'popping' sound as the large mans head swiveled uncharactaristically fast, denoting his highly inebriated state-cause hes bound to feel that in the morning. A jingling mail coif that lay atop his head, matting the sweat and grime covered hair down beneath it, with little tufts poking out here and there between the rings, probably the most expensive thing on him, and was more notable than his features, was this...picturesque caricature of civility and upstanding morality, stared up at the wry man whom had poked him, his compatriots mimicking his own bedazzled and befuddled look. "Whom'dis Geik? 'Hom'be'you?" Words not being part of this mercenaries current skill set, as the ale flowed probably more freely through his veins than blood currently, as he reeked of the fluid. Much of the whole table smelled like that, like they had been slathered in the concoction and left to sit out in the sun for too long. The one whom was addressed wobbled his head to the side as he tried to look at his friends, not realizing his actions earlier with his little headsnap had taxed what muscle his neck had to keep his head up-creating a somewhat odd sight as his head lulled off to one direction...most likely the injured side. "Any'yuu lot know'ai G-g....Geik?" Barely able to form the sentence for half a second, before guffawing gently. The others in turn just shaking their heads and laughing right along with the burly man. Even if they knew Geik-or was amongst them, they may not speak about such, considering their current...mental state. Slowly turning his upper body to guide his head to look at the wry-stranger, the mercenary gives a missing tooth grin. "Sorry, aye? Na-...No Geik'ere." Suppressing a doddering chuckle. ~~~~~ At the Door to the Crow Flies Inn. With a sudden rush of air, the door is pushed open by another newcomer to the inn, and is just as quickly closed behind the new arrival. A burly physique that barely was able to pass through the portal into the inn, matted black hair, a thick beard that nearly was reaching the beings abdomen, and a forge smock was readily present and the scent of steel and fire came with the being. Once within the cast of firelight from within the inn, it was apparent the being was no normal man-but a Half-Giant. Strange looks aplenty were to be found at first, and the tense feeling could be felt in the air, a palpable electricity around the Half-Giant. A long gait carried the giant blooded fellow to the bar with great ease, with each step, its rough shod boot made the floor creak and the trousers it wore jingle like a series of chains-as all manner of smithing implements were hung off the cloth. One large hand tapping the counter to the bar softly to grab the Keepers attention. "Ale." Is all he said to the keeper, not even waiting for a greeting, setting several coin pieces, a mix of silver...either having no clue as to the coins worth or just not caring for it by how quickly he had deposited it upon the counter.
  13. Did not even know there was a RP section on this site. o,..,o Oooo.
  14. Love Dragons of Autumn Twilight, that has got to be my favorite of all of them I have collected. The closest too it would have to be Hopes Flame, as it was the one which originally got me into collecting them. +1
  15. Interesting link. XD Haha. On the question: 6,000+ miles to see my ex (before she was the ex! :P). That is the furthest distance I have traveled. Haha. Would have to say that seeing the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands is definitely something people need to see at least once. Its absolutely beautiful. And Disney World has got to be one of the 'happier' places out there, but the ice cream is way too expensive to be the 'happiest!' *Innocent whistling* Hm, I collect Fantasy and Sci-Fi books from Resale shops, ranging from Dragonlance, to Forgotten Realms, to 1-Off series and things like the Phoenix Unchained (Enduring Flame series). And then Sci-Fi, Battletech to Aliens, to the original Starship troopers, to Armor (That is such a great book) and so on. A lot more 1-Offs and miniseries in this group to mention.
  16. I think this ties in also to your earlier post about the house, they are getting closer and closer to things being complete-and only need to really spot test specific things at a time now, may be why the 'snap' tests are so snappy.
  17. Always have preferred games that focus on play interaction over NPC's and quests. Where you may get super basic stuff from crafting for yourself, or buying from a vendor, but to get better things you needed to work with someone to get them. Be it through monster hunting or through crafting. That social dynamic I felt has been missing from MMO's for a long time, at least in general.
  18. Just from reading the forums a bit and looking at the active members (and searching for threads about player population), it seems like a really healthy game. An has a lot of the same sort of crowd this game is really meant to cater too. I may give it a whirl even as well to see what its like, since it seems there is a 7day free trial! That is good to hear actually, quite a lot to be honest!
  19. Actually never even heard of that game. Will google it.
  20. Guess then this fits more of a niche crowd, more like MWO does for robot sims. That is not necessarily a bad thing. I know I won't be able to pitch this game much then to most of my discord buds or coworkers, it doesn't fit what they would want. This game then is meant to appeal to a different mindset than what is usually considered the 'norm' in the mmo industry. Kind of refreshing, looking at it that way. Depends on if you luck into killing someone whom WAS a crafter and had hold of a weapon you can use, or a plethora of other variables, but yes, the win conditions make sense. What then is the benefit of winning a campaign outside of transferring gear/items out from said campaign then to make the win worth it? Ofcourse bragging rights is a given. "WE WON YOU LOST! YAH!" kinda dealio. This is actually really useful as a sort of graph to see the differences. Interesting. And reinforces my own choices, but also means that even IF you are a crafter and are not spec'd in combat-you can have a good advantage with powerful gear alone of your own making to give you a slight edge in that manner. That was a smart move on ACE's part to make the differences so great between crafters and non-crafters basic weaponry. That is a very useful perspective...kinda eases some of my own thoughts on this a bit more. Their really trying to create a symbiotic relationship between the players themselves in order to create a ecosystem in earnest. And I agree, the first campaign I believe will be a...fairly drawn out one. Probably will be one of the more grueling ones for everybody till some semblance of power is built up, and the economy settles. May take several of them even to actually get to a 'situation normal' for the economy. That is good to hear! Means that it may not be as much a wait, and as harsh a 'your choices are your grave' feel to it then. Thank you guys for your responses and info, btw!
  21. AOT: An Odd Thought. Subject: Too Many Soldiers, Not Enough Coal Miners. So, gals, guys, I assume this topic has been tread or covered in some manner...somewhere in this games alpha history, at least, I can only hope it has in some manner; because I see a future problem on the horizon the more I think about this. Sadly I have been unable to find anything about it. And this thought process has been sparked by a single sentence in a single thread; "Right now, skills are training at a 10x rate. When it drops to 1x, things will change dramatically. " @ Is that really the case? Are we training at 10x the rate? Does this also apply to even basic skills? Or is it just the ones higher in the skill trees? If so, there is bound to be some extreme issues coming down the pipeline. Not in the usual bug-manner; but that of player choice. Whom here can say they have EVER played an MMO that had more healers and support members (Harvesters, Crafters) than combat focused classes or jobs? What even incentive is there for the crafters? Are we hoping campaigns that benefit and directly are affected by crafters/harvesters because of win conditions, would fix this issue? (Hopefully the later is not the answer, as it will mean the small numbers being spread out further) The war on self-sufficiency will help this issue, sure, but we are going to see such a huge focus disparity at the beginning, that its going to create a massive demand with so few to fill it, that will be ONLY feast or famine for whatever side gets the majority of the players whom WILL take those thankless classes/functions. Thus we have the Captain / Coal Miner issue. You got more than enough people to fight, but not enough people to outfit those people TO fight, and it creates a vacuum that either gets filled by someone whom doesn't want to do that (making the experience unfun and more than likely to hurt player retention) or those whom already do it, gimp (even if argued its only a 'tiny' difference) themselves from playing any other way for months and months due to the skills coming so slowly. This is a PvP game, people are gonna wanna be doing THAT over spending time hacking up flora and fauna in general. Am I just kinda overthinking this or has this been addressed in some manner and I have been unable to find anything about it? This all becomes moot in time though for players that stay, since over time people will unlock more and more on their crow. But the beginning may be...very rough due to this, and hurt the population to such an extent that it BECOMES a bigger problem than it actually is in turn. People like to complain and negativity sticks far more than positive things, just take a look at all the 'pay to win' stuff still floating around about CF (simple youtube search brings up a lot of stuff). Had even a coworker go "oh, you mean you are in the alpha for that pay to win game?" when I talked about this topic to him even before posting here.
  22. Personally, would be neat to see "Skirmish" style worlds where you can go in with five (6v6) to eleven (12v12) other players and have a mini-war of your own. Maybe some crazy game types along with it, for fun and flavor. But this seems like something that would be great after full launch, when they have gotten their base game down moreso to me. Since its already a hurdle in their way.
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