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    Theoval got a reaction from JamesGoblin in The Crow Flies (Tavern RP, All Welcome)   
    You could almost hear a 'popping' sound as the large mans head swiveled uncharactaristically fast, denoting his highly inebriated state-cause hes bound to feel that in the morning. A jingling mail coif that lay atop his head, matting the sweat and grime covered hair down beneath it, with little tufts poking out here and there between the rings, probably the most expensive thing on him, and was more notable than his features, was this...picturesque caricature of civility and upstanding morality, stared up at the wry man whom had poked him, his compatriots mimicking his own bedazzled and befuddled look. "Whom'dis Geik? 'Hom'be'you?" Words not being part of this mercenaries current skill set, as the ale flowed probably more freely through his veins than blood currently, as he reeked of the fluid. 
    Much of the whole table smelled like that, like they had been slathered in the concoction and left to sit out in the sun for too long. The one whom was addressed wobbled his head to the side as he tried to look at his friends, not realizing his actions earlier with his little headsnap had taxed what muscle his neck had to keep his head up-creating a somewhat odd sight as his head lulled off to one direction...most likely the injured side.
    "Any'yuu lot know'ai G-g....Geik?" Barely able to form the sentence for half a second, before guffawing gently. The others in turn just shaking their heads and laughing right along with the burly man.
    Even if they knew Geik-or was amongst them, they may not speak about such, considering their current...mental state.
    Slowly turning his upper body to guide his head to look at the wry-stranger, the mercenary gives a missing tooth grin. "Sorry, aye? Na-...No Geik'ere." Suppressing a doddering chuckle.
    At the Door to the Crow Flies Inn.
    With a sudden rush of air, the door is pushed open by another newcomer to the inn, and is just as quickly closed behind the new arrival. A burly physique that barely was able to pass through the portal into the inn, matted black hair, a thick beard that nearly was reaching the beings abdomen, and a forge smock was readily present and the scent of steel and fire came with the being. Once within the cast of firelight from within the inn, it was apparent the being was no normal man-but a Half-Giant. Strange looks aplenty were to be found at first, and the tense feeling could be felt in the air, a palpable electricity around the Half-Giant. A long gait carried the giant blooded fellow to the bar with great ease, with each step, its rough shod boot made the floor creak and the trousers it wore jingle like a series of chains-as all manner of smithing implements were hung off the cloth. One large hand tapping the counter to the bar softly to grab the Keepers attention. "Ale." Is all he said to the keeper, not even waiting for a greeting, setting several coin pieces, a mix of silver...either having no clue as to the coins worth or just not caring for it by how quickly he had deposited it upon the counter.
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    Theoval got a reaction from JamesGoblin in {Ooc} Rp Forum Rules...   
    Did not even know there was a RP section on this site. o,..,o Oooo.
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    Theoval got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Nobody playing?   
    Well, even if they don't take steps towards fixing the issue of being able to have a sustainable "in-game" economy through making crafters/harvesters EK's easier to find, then it is in the players hands to advertise and promote themselves. Currently with how the game is from what everyone is saying, its hard to do that currently and doesn't exactly serve a point...yet. Other than to maybe get your name out there early?
    Seems kinda like it will be back to "LTB"/"LTS" sort of ad's and other things needing to be done by players themselves, for the moment. Could see Reddit being a good place for communicating to players en masse over just forums as well. 
    But it would save a lot of hassle if ACE did put in a means of sorting EK's by specific things you are looking for. This seems like a 'both paths should be tread at the same time' sort of thing, as having both players organizing themselves AND ACE working to make it easier to find EK's you are looking for, it could only lead to working well together I think.
    I'm a newb, so, this just seems like logical sense. Might be I am totally wrong about it. 
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    Theoval got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Nobody playing?   
    I have yet to get the Starter pack, but I am glad to see this thread and see people's responses. Looking forward to getting into this game. Everything in it appeals to me, and when I first heard about the population being uber low-I was a bit worried, now reading this; was very much assuaged.
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    Theoval got a reaction from JamesGoblin in If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!   
    Hello everyone, I am new-signed up and patron'd myself in the last two days. Some backstory on me; huge music fan, gamer most of my life, history buff and overall oddball. Been playing MMO's since I was a kid-but took a long hiatus from them, had a lot of time in WoW, DAoC and EQ back in the old days, and look forward to getting into this one. As this will be my first MMO in about...10 years? That I have actually been interested in playing at least.
    Looking forward to working with everyone and fighting alongside everyone in Crowfall.
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    Theoval reacted to yianni in Leather vs Plate   
    Plate looks way cooler too
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    Theoval reacted to blazzen in Campaign population capacity?   
    I completely agree about the game checking many boxes. No other game on the horizon even comes close for me.
    The goal is for 100 vs. 100 sieges. They will not be instanced or be given a hard cap on numbers however. This is more of a performance optimization goal. 
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    Theoval reacted to Barab in Mithril Warhammers   
    ..There were two undeniable truths in the Realms: It was very easy to overestimate a drow and even easier to underestimate a dwarf. ― R.A. Salvatore, Maestro
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    Theoval reacted to Barab in Mithril Warhammers   
    Gearing up for Albion Online fine beta wipe and test on March 13th. If anyone needs a guild holler as we are heading to the full pvp black zone.
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    Theoval reacted to Barab in Mithril Warhammers   
    I hear ya, this concern is not new to us. Typically our organization, experience of doing this for 20 years, and not fearing defeat overcomes most obstacles ARAC guilds do not have to confront.  
    One of the most disappointing aspects in mmorpgs over the years is that the games are based upon the lore of the game world yet rarely if ever enforced or provide rule sets to encourage players and guilds to exists within said game lore. Why spend money, time, and create the belief in a lore system for your game if you do nothing to bring it to life within the rules of the game universe for which it holds together.  
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    Theoval reacted to Armegeddon in Mithril Warhammers   
    I wish you the best of luck. There is one rather unfortunate dilemma to this current model. Guilds such as yours and Crimson Brotherhood, of House Avari and Court of Evermore(Frostweaver) will more than likely be severely limited holding to one AT for Lore purposes. It will probably be an untenable situation, from a purely competitive standpoint anyway. I liked the Strict RP guilds in SB. Again, good luck!
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    Theoval reacted to Barab in Mithril Warhammers   
    Slay anything without a beard, to the death !!

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    Theoval reacted to makkon in Myrmidon 5.5 statement   
    Yes, another topic. Lets refresh it
    Hopes this will end up in devs mind and refresh the problem. I know what current goal is to fix performance but still - there are already 1+ year no investigating to this class.
    I ended up with conclusion what myrmidon is only class for principial fans atm.
    This mean what he is pretty much useless in team fights compared to any other single class in the end game with current balance (1 year+ skill tree lvling and top end gear from both fighting sides).
    Theses (bolded):
    It seems myrm has no tank potential because of amount of CC around and mechanics which are pretty much based on animation locks which are taking bunch of time to load up. 6 seconds of berserker (not 8 because of animation lock) does not seems to help alot compared for example, to 3k+ heal self (champion). Yes, he can tank like god only if there is no CC around. The situation is aggravated by desyncs and bugs very much. Amount of utility which is possible to get by any other classes is terrible. All basic kits which was builded/reworked/balanced around SP period should be reworked again. Best example here is Druid orbs explosion which was based on what there will be not so much access to CC by druid's. Now they just stacking orbs and do dirty things with 90% chance. Risk vs reward not justified for this class.
    Bad dps potential because of melee which are pretty much based on random buffs. There is only LMB which are doing some DPS atm. From whole basic kit only 2 skills are usefull for DPS - LMB and taste for blood passive. But very random. This class has no burst also.
    Above problem intensified by low amount of synergy builds via disciplines. This class is not flexible like, for example, ranger or assassin.
    No self heal. Right, why he need it, this is team based game. So why all other melee have it? And please, do not tell me what berserker is healing buff. Templar's and champions self heal does not kick ur ass with 5k self hits.
    No escape and harrass potential because no mobility. close to zero dps (except boring LMB spam), zero utility, semi broken half of basic kit, low cc (after root get everyone and rataliate working on all kind of CC). anyway the most laught here is what if they only buff 1-2 basic core skills it become again very powerfull.
    hope we will wait until they fix it.
    Lowest basic kit. Can't fix and wont make new? Lets cut some skills to minotaur instead to make some new mechanics (funny compared to classes with 2 panels). And so come down (see image below)

    Brokend skills for years. May be such topics does not comes out if at least net pull and net charge working correctly. This way I can get in fight with. Some combos still useless and gives nothing except eating time and fury. Some even does not land targets (no effect). All this was listed in bug reports multiple times. And so come down. Well, at least you fix berserker (except crash desync) taste for blood crash damage reduction and give stackable damage multiplier which is pretty much useless because of 6 (lol) seconds and access to leather armor.
    All you did last year with myrmidon - nerfs and broke a lot of skills without fix.
    I can list and list. Call me whiner but this is truth. Did you see alot of this class? No. Why if only 1-2 rangers  with top gear can eat whole raid with multiple healers.
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    Theoval reacted to Armegeddon in Campaign population capacity?   
    This is probably something for the Devs to answer, but..

    As of right now the client isn't optimized for anything approaching 100v100v100. But..that won't happen (optimization) until most of the content is added. Hopefully they will stress 5.6 Test before it gets pushed to live. In the past, anything involving large groups have led to large message spikes.

    Edit: JTC has stated that ACE is shooting for between 1500 to 2K players per server, so I would "assume" that they plan on optimizing for large scale seiges. 
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    Theoval reacted to Barab in Crafting Skill Bonus Change for Fae and Stoneborn   
    Sit down, grab out your notepad and pencil, and take down some notes. Class is in session. 
    1. Stoneborn are the oldest of all races. Their ancient age and infinite amount of time forging worlds would grant them vast experience in all crafting, 
    2. Stoneborn are enchanted creatures. What better race to master runemaking than the enchanted crafters of Kronos 
    3. Stoneborn were created to complete the great work of servicing the worlds. What race would be better equipped to master the various crafts over the one race created by the Gods to forge, meld, and carve out the worlds they serve. 
    4. Stoneborn are made of raw earth and tree. Why wouldn't they be master of the elements that create their being ?
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    Theoval got a reaction from Noc. in Oathsworn [NA] PvP-RP   
    Intriguing. Nice to see a RP centric guild that harkens back to the old days of MMO's. May swing a app your way once I have time!
  17. Haha
    Theoval got a reaction from Vuris in Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system   
    Crowfall: The Fight for Apples. 
  18. Haha
    Theoval got a reaction from Vuris in Disciplines should be tied to the Sacrifice system   
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    Theoval got a reaction from JamesGoblin in What are you looking forward to most in Crowfall?   
    Crafting and harvesting for my buddies when their not online, and then helping out with fights when they are online.
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    Theoval reacted to Arkade in 2 Weeks In.   
    Fortunately there isn't a shred of truth in that statement. Just because they are targeting end of the year for soft launch doesn't mean that they are launching by the end of the year, no matter what. 
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    Theoval reacted to Kraahk in 2 Weeks In.   
    First of all, welcome and thanks for the feedback. ACE will surely take it serious.
    As for me - i can't. At least not currently.
    It's always interesting when people list their ... let's call it CV; sometimes as a precursory proof of being right. Thats absolutely OK - nothing wrong with it in general. But in such a case (plus: in my opinion) the following arguments have to be enlighted by competence, too. So that's the first thing I look at. Is there real expertise?
    And this search unfortunately already stopped with the first point of criticism. 
    The tests are not being charged for. If you bought a backer bundle (2015-2017) you were backing the development of the later game. If you bought or buy a pre-sale bundle (2018+), you bought or buy the later game before it's release. Someone who is experienced should know this. The access to the early tests is a gratification. And though the level of this gratification (=test access level) is based on your personal financial contribution prior to launch, the value itself is calculated with $0 in every singl bundle. It's free. What you bought is the later game and items for the later game. That you can also already can test parts of it is nothing more but a free bonus. You are not getting charged for it at all!
    So at this point you already lost me regarding your points of critique (not that it would matter, but just saying) ... which (in my point of view) only leaves one solid point:
    For that is indeed an interesting question. Why are we bothering - even if we are disappointed? Usually this tells us that (in case we bother to communicate it) it works quite the opposite way and we are disappointed because we bother. We wouldn't be disappointed if we wouldn't care. For in such a case - why should we? And the more we care, the more intense our disappointment can become.
    And that is where the wheat seperates from the chaff. Do we only complain, feel personally attacked, get engulfed in disapointment? Do we, maybe, even get aggressive, hate them all and the whole world and swear to follow the path of endless unforgiving war? Or are we able to transform this energy - which is made out of passion (or at least above average interest) - into something constructive that supports us in changing the future in a positive way?
    We all have our moments of disappointment. Most of us can't control it all the time. I surely can't and definitely have proven this a lot of times. xD But I think it is important to understand that the base of disappointment is passion. And that we can learn to use this energy for something better than just to blow off steam. For in the end, that's only hot air. And what things become in the end - that is what really matters.
    With this in mind ... 
    Have fun, good luck
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    Theoval reacted to Hunt in 2 Weeks In.   
    He meant in dog years
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    Theoval reacted to Outlawone in 2 Weeks In.   
    lol old school alpha none would have got in you had to put in application and show what you were a part of in the past and actally post bugs and there was no fun in it at all it was a lot different than it was today please know what your talking about .
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    Theoval reacted to miraluna in Character Creator only has grey hair options?   
    Not many of the cosmetic customizations are actually in-game yet - usually each race is added to testing with only one default.
    We'll get more working choices eventually! For now, you can try human female to see if hairstyle/color is working for you (I know that combo has some available options)
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    Theoval reacted to miraluna in AOT: Too Many Soldiers, Not Enough Coal Miners.   
    It will only be a problem if they don't get the balance right. There are definitely players that enjoy full time crafting or harvesting in games where it's possible. However,  if the CF playerbase focus is split like 50% combat/30% crafting/20% harvesting (example I made up!) then that 20% needs to be able to supply the other 80% or the game loop won't work well.
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