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  1. Hopefully this is the right place for this. Did a search and what not to try to make sure this hasn't been repeated recently. Either way some of my personal feedback: Was playing for a few hours for the first time in a year or so. Game has made leaps and bounds and honestly fun as hell. There is a lot of zooming in, subtle screen shake, and blur that while by it self isn't even noticeable. However the more you play the faster your bandaging to go back to fighting. Eventually it just kinda made me sick and worn out. I turned off the blur, but sadly the screen shake eventually did me in. Definitely need sliders or at least options to chill with the camera movement including the zooming in. If the goal is to limit vision or something there needs to be a better solution than the snapping vision back and forth between trays.
  2. oh man a GvG system like that would be killer especially with the EKs. Hell with the new system couldn't they connect 2 EK's to a neutral objective(s)? And just have guilds go at it 1v1 for ranking. Definitely tons of possibilities I personally haven't thought of yet. Just hard to see that coming soon with so much to work on already though.
  3. Hiya! Two no lifers lookin for a guild of similar people. First is me, 28 year old male who works from home, been playing mmo's since I was 12. I usually play from 4pm EST to at least 10pm EST. I probably won't dive completely into crowfall until soft launch, but would love to get to know people before then. To me that means playing crowfall regularly and playing other games till that point. The other no lifer is a 20yr old in a similar position and mindset. Who will probably come with me, but If there are any requirements I'd like him to meet them on his own. Currently we mostly play warframe, but hit me up with what you guys play and we will work with you to join in regularly to get to know you Just message me @ Zaorise#7535 in discord to continue/start the conversation.
  4. Good points! I love it. Thanks for the solid feedback. On a personal level I'd still like to see it, but now I can better understand the argument.
  5. Why not have something that feels more direct? If it minimally affects game play, but eventually makes a difference that feels rewarding as well. I get what your saying just thought it'd be cool idea to throw out there
  6. I meant calling Vessels Vassels so I don't look completely dumb The passive training is perfect. It's that feel good log in and progress without doing anything feeling. Gets people logging in. I get that you always have to get gear which is great as well. That includes the vessels though. Like I mentioned earlier, most of us have been to that point where we have our vessels/alts leveled and geared. Your home/residence/EK is where you want it. You got that dank gear (including the vessels). Where do you go from there? I'm not talking hundreds of hours in, but like 2000+. Using your league example: You've put the time in. Learned the basics of the game and champions. You know all the roles well, and your particular lane very well. (Not me btw I suck at league for the record. Gold4life) So you start climbing the ranks in ranked to keep challenging yourself, or maybe you play 1000s of games of ARAM/soloQ. Maybe you even become a one-trick. Crowfall is a hair different though. As far as I know there is no ranking system to "climb". After months of campaigns (even with the different rule sets) I will bet a fortune(2$) there will be a sense of burnout for a part of the population. GW2 added alliance points I think it was called. ESO added in champion levels. League removed their level cap eventually to reward players who put in more time as well with aesthetics. Planetside 2 is actually the better comparison, but they have certs and passives that are incredibly slow to earn without double xp. I guess a way to reword my thoughts for crowfall would be: "What physical progression could we make occur to your crow that would be a consequence of continuous play while not becoming the focus or necessary?"
  7. Ha! I might try to make vassal a thing next Interesting I had no idea they had all that planned! Personally I'm sad that vessals stick around a bit more. I liked when they went away with the campaign. Still good news over all for me. My big concern is at some point your going to be max level, your walking in that dank armor, your EK is going to be "perfect", and there will be a sense of "How do I get better from here?". I mean, don't get me wrong the reason I love crowfall is because there is no traditional grinding or permanent levels. In that same breath though I worry about getting to that point, even if it takes months and months you will hit that point. I think other than the 5 minutes to log on and spend your points a player in that situation would be left wanting. I know I would be.
  8. Hey all! Kinda new to actually posting in the forums and what not. So hoping I did enough research before coming here. Currently what it feels like to me is you have this cool system that makes you want to log in, and even participate in collecting/crafting/fighting. However, there is no sense of progress post each campaign. To me this means that aside from getting gear or items to put in your spirit bank there isn't all that much going on. I'm assuming there are rewards for actually winning the war and maybe joining out numbered sides to turn the tide of the war. At some point (most of us GW2 players have been there) your sitting pretty with almost the best gear, you've bested the best mobs, and you've fought in the war for hours. I haven't really found a good answer what you do at this point. I guess you could go participate in another campaign for rewards to add, but why not give us something to grind/fight for. My idea is pretty simple and maybe not the answer, but maybe it opens a dialogue about it. I don't want levels, nor a way to over power an opponent. However, at the end of a campaign why not add a moment where your vassal you spent maybe a month or two with, is converted? All that xp you earned on that vassal could go to your main "body" offering a chance to go beyond the limits of the hardcap. Now before you bite my head off lets take a moment. In FFXI you had a system like this. You'd grind at max level to basically get micro progression. It's not much, I think an example would be like 5hp for a campaign, or 5 campaigns to increase a base stat by 1. Yes it had an impact, but it was so small most of the time it was hard to even tell. I mean your spending so much time with a vassal I just think it would feel really rewarding to say at the end of the campaign your stronger thanks to the time you put in. Thanks for reading hope to see a good conversation about it!
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