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  1. After playing a bit and having a choice between Race>Class>Disciplines it feels like that when you are stuck with one role there isn't that much of an actual choice. Everything is putted down to 1-2 viable and competitive options it almost feels like wow back in the days when there was pretty much only one viable choice between Race>class>talents for the position that you want to main.Currently i feel like the only option of Ranger is being a Woold Elf and the only option for Assassin is Fae. If there is a bigger choice between skills and class specialisation i think there would be more viable options for the races, for example there could be a debuff assassin, burst assassin ( going in with some dmg and going out ) and smth more tanky which can fight in the frontline and for Ranger may be smth like a Sniper( bing dmg with charging long distance skills), Kite ( fast skills with low dmg and mobility ) and Mele options for playing the class. The only that can make a difference between each character now are the skill points on level up which could end in someone going for a Dexterity Templar for example
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