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  1. Mino immunity to cc from the front (unless they changed it) push back with headbutt . bonus Dex .. That just my opinion though
  2. OH nice to know thanks for the information Is there anyway to have acces to this informations ?
  3. I am talking about quality of life changes . It will matter when you will have to carrie 8 different pack of 500 arrow arround
  4. According to whom ? what makes you say without a doutb that will take 1 month to get hearthwood ? We are getting passive point right now way faster then we will normally get it
  5. Thank you Zatch for your post and opinion. For my position in terms of current range cap. to me 34 seems reasonnable to me more than 50 /60m I think it overkill . Other class needs to be able to cash up. I respectfully I disagree with adding pouch to duelist as I pointed out arrow overload you inventory since they dont stack due to rng and quivers will take a long time before they are possible to craft when game launches I firmly believe it would be a better solution to simply give the effect of the arrow to the bow and get rig of arrow and quiver althoghter rathe
  6. I have made a Topic about my experience about the archer sometime in December and unfortunately for the archer, the situation did not improve. I did some testing lots of trial and errors. And came up with suggestions I would like to share with other fellow archers. I will start with the recent weapon mastery change, The Bow /Arrow /Quiver and finally, I will discuss the archer talents Bow Mastery and how it affects us As you are all aware now Weapon Mastery has been removed from the game. This did hurt Archer some of will argue that this hit everyone equally which is n
  7. I don't think it works against pull either unless it counts as a stun I would be surprised. Big attacks are one thing CC is another let`s not mix both we want to compare apple to apple especially when it comes to a class that needs to keep enemies off it`s back. Also, CC is meant to help stop runners or keep enemies away, chain your combos or even do your big attacks which is why you can`t have big attacks and cc in the same boat Group combat does not matter in that regard you are going to land your CC regardless of animations in group combat In my experience since y
  8. I want to start this topic with a brief background of my gaming experiences. There is one class I always plays and love and it the ranger or archers anything that is a long range that consists in firing an arrow or bullet. I played Everquest, World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy, Blade and soul, Black Desert Online and many Others so you can say I have been around the block and played in a competitive fashion. So when I heard about Crowfall an MMO / throne war simulator that you can win and as an Icing on the cake has a ranger hell sign me in!! I was hooked. I played archer ranger only. I tried al
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