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  1. Mino immunity to cc from the front (unless they changed it) push back with headbutt . bonus Dex .. That just my opinion though
  2. OH nice to know thanks for the information Is there anyway to have acces to this informations ?
  3. I am talking about quality of life changes . It will matter when you will have to carrie 8 different pack of 500 arrow arround
  4. According to whom ? what makes you say without a doutb that will take 1 month to get hearthwood ? We are getting passive point right now way faster then we will normally get it
  5. Thank you Zatch for your post and opinion. For my position in terms of current range cap. to me 34 seems reasonnable to me more than 50 /60m I think it overkill . Other class needs to be able to cash up. I respectfully I disagree with adding pouch to duelist as I pointed out arrow overload you inventory since they dont stack due to rng and quivers will take a long time before they are possible to craft when game launches I firmly believe it would be a better solution to simply give the effect of the arrow to the bow and get rig of arrow and quiver althoghter rather then transposing the problem to another class as you suggested. As for the CC tied into a disc I would normal agree however this CC is proper to archer and should be part of our base kit it make no sense that archer doesnt have a range cc in their Kit
  6. I have made a Topic about my experience about the archer sometime in December and unfortunately for the archer, the situation did not improve. I did some testing lots of trial and errors. And came up with suggestions I would like to share with other fellow archers. I will start with the recent weapon mastery change, The Bow /Arrow /Quiver and finally, I will discuss the archer talents Bow Mastery and how it affects us As you are all aware now Weapon Mastery has been removed from the game. This did hurt Archer some of will argue that this hit everyone equally which is not true. The reason why this change did affects us more is not because of the armor pen or range loss those are trivia at best. It because before we had 2 major discipline to chose from and now we only have the illusion of 2 majors Choice. Since '' Binding arrow'' our only reliable range CC/kitting kit is now attached to either Sharpshooter Or Arcane Archer. Since we don't have any other reliable range CC/kiting ability. It now Considered a must-have. Now, this would not be soo bad if those Major gave other nice passive/ability The problem is they don't. let us start with Sharpshooter Stats 6.25% damage bonus piercing Good Far-sight 12.50m OK Range Distance Bonus 5M Meaningless (As you know range cap at 34 m and easy to reach I got a suggestion on that later) Abilities/Passives Richochet Not only this skill is bad we already have it in our talent As stated in my previous topic cast time cannot move low dmg only strong on the third hit which you have no control over. All Clear Bad on paper and in practice what can you ask more This kind of passive baffles me as to how did it even made it in game. This passive requires you to have NO ENEMIES IN 30M RADIUS to get a dmg Bonus. ON A 34M RANGE CAP! The average archer shot from 32M ! Its already difficult keeping 1 person with all the gap closers from getting 20 m from you imagine 50 + Seriously who's Idea was this😦 YOU GIVE US 2M/4M PLAYGROUND REALLY? SUGGESTION: Halve the distance 15m Hunker Down Situational got to create The situation to use efficiently I like it personally Create a very small area on the ground increased dmg and armor. Useful to dish out loads of dmg when you know the enemy doesn't have retaliate anymore.The problem as I said and my previous topic no spell to compliment it and keeping rapid fire for it will result in a dps loss Binding arrow Must Have only reliable range cc/kiting kit Snare enemy hit by the ability So basically at the moment there only bind arrow and 6 % piercing that is useful from this MAJOR . Hunker down comes down to opinion and play style, but sharpshooter is basically the most useful of the two because Arcane Archer is way worst. Arcane Archer Stats Elemental Armor Bonus 3% Situational Far sight 6.25 M ok Range Bonus 5M Meaningless (As you know range cap at 34 m and easy to reach I got a suggestion on that later) Abilities/Passives Arcane Barrier Bad 2500 magic or 500 physical which ever comes first beware of auto attack Shield Absorb 2500 elemental or 500 physical. What comes after the ''or'' is what make this spell trash 500dmg is an auto attack and he probably missed you. So you use this spell to shield yourself from a magic burst but if anyone hit you-you lose this shield pointless concept. Suggestion 1500 all dmg There already a hard counter to shields anyway The way of the Trail You run 15% faster out of combat !!! yay wait no point in having this take over any precious passives slots unless you plan to run away from battles all the time. Multi-Shot Aoe in a cone low dmg more for pve farming Binding arrow Must Have only reliable range cc/kiting kit Snare enemy hit by the ability Basically, a defensive Major that currently doesn't offer much in term of defense. Let not forget you are forced to use it if you want to use fire or ice arrow Bow /Arrow /Quiver When I first Started I really liked the concept of different arrows and effect depending on the type of arrow used. This gave you the feeling of being able to personalize your character further by having a specific utility in combat base of the arrow used. Slow /Fire, Bleed, Stun, execute. The first Issue I ran in was that I had to create lots and lots and lots of arrows. That had all different rng so they could not stack. The Current Fix to that is to have a quiver. The problem with this current so-called fix is simple you need heartwood so it will take a loooooong time before people start harvesting heartwood during the official launch. Considering we are getting more point then we should. Bag space is limited not to mention the lasting you want is make constant back and forth just to get arrows and make your entire party wait for you or not be here for your group just to get them that ridiculous. Now on to fire and ice arrow the idea behind those were most likely to make some sort of magic archer. The problem? Not viable. Why? Your Bow deals physical piercing dmg and your arrow elemental you have pass through physical and magical armor which make physical archer far superior to magical. The Suggestion to this problem is simple duelist right now do not use ammo for their pistol why should we? Remove all arrow and quivers. This will make bows more unique Fire Bow Deals Fire dmg, X chance afflict burn Ice Bow Deal Ice dmg, X chance to slow Execute Bow Physical dmg, ON x % enemy hp x% chance to deal Extra dmg Piercing Bow Physical dmg, x% chance to afflict bleed This way you go through only one type of resistance, which make elemental more viable you still have a personalized archer and without the hassle of having arrow taking precious space Archer Talent The main problem I have with archer when you unlock the talent it really just the same and some talent are either you useless but forced to take or don't make much sense for the class that I unlocked. For now, I will focus 2 of them Namely: Target Practice and Withering Barrage Target Practice: At 3 point increase range by 9m. This talent just doesn't feel right and a let down for a talent that is that far down the tree. I unlocked Archer, not an assassin having a long range and mastery of my bow it is a given. Suggestion Merge this talent with Military Training when you unlock Archer it is much more natural to deal more dmg with the bow and have increased range 9m right from the get-go then have as an option is ridiculous. I would go as far as to say make it range cap. Some will argue it would be too much but considering the amount of gap closer currently in the game: pull, jump, net, charge, Dash glide( which I believe are totally fine) I don't I really don't see the issue Replace it with atk power , or crit Withering Barrage: This talent could be useful the major problem when you use barrage you can't cancel it the only real way to use this talent efficiently would to poke cancel channeling just to debuff it impossible right now without wasting a much-needed dodge which is why it not used. Suggestion we have no range kitting kit replace it by ''Binding Arrow'' we should not be forced to take Arcane Archer or Sharpshooter to have a kitting ability as an archer it makes sense then we have one in our a kit These are my suggestions Again Feel free to leave your constructive criticism they important and as usual, keep it civilized. I would like to hear your opinions and suggestions for the archer
  7. I don't think it works against pull either unless it counts as a stun I would be surprised. Big attacks are one thing CC is another let`s not mix both we want to compare apple to apple especially when it comes to a class that needs to keep enemies off it`s back. Also, CC is meant to help stop runners or keep enemies away, chain your combos or even do your big attacks which is why you can`t have big attacks and cc in the same boat Group combat does not matter in that regard you are going to land your CC regardless of animations in group combat In my experience since you will generally want to hit as many key targets as possible to improve the odds of your team to win the fight.
  8. I want to start this topic with a brief background of my gaming experiences. There is one class I always plays and love and it the ranger or archers anything that is a long range that consists in firing an arrow or bullet. I played Everquest, World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy, Blade and soul, Black Desert Online and many Others so you can say I have been around the block and played in a competitive fashion. So when I heard about Crowfall an MMO / throne war simulator that you can win and as an Icing on the cake has a ranger hell sign me in!! I was hooked. I played archer ranger only. I tried all races and after a couple of campaign, I felt I needed to talk about my experience as a ranger is in this game. Now Before I start with the meat of the subject I want to stress what I will be saying is in no shape or form an attack or an insult to the devs in any way nor will I support such behavior. It a Critics that is constructive. Also if you agree please like so that it will attract the devs attention and help us get a better subclass in the end. If you don't your opinion is valuable as well write down your own opinion as well just keep it civilized. Note this topic is solely on archer sub/class Nothing else. My experience with the class So far 5.8 The beginning is fairly slow you have little to no spell a simple charge shot but almost all ranger /archer start that way. For the start the class feels right but as you level there is very little development the problem with Archer is simple It feels Boring and Redundant as time goes you realize it's not engaging when you unlock the sub /class you do not feel like You've become better in what you have decided to improve which is in this case archery it just the same! It feel shallow lacking and double shot does not help in that regard to actually make some decent dmg you have to charge up a shot for 4 to 5 sec which makes it unbelievably boring after a while and even after all that the result leaves little to be desired. Especially in a class that relies on kitting positioning to create your opportunity for the Big Bam. Which leads to the other point of my experience No crunch No crunch NO crunch meaning there is no powerful spell to give you the satisfaction to fire strong attack that punishes your enemies with careful planning. You need a snipe attack charge attack that takes time to cast (4 to 5-sec charge up) Or anything really. All you have as a good dmg spell is Rapid fire. This spell is, in my opinion, one of the few spells you nailed BUT this is where it gets dirty since it is the only good damaging ability worth having it's also our biggest weakness considering it is a channel so any interruption and you've just shot down 60% of the dmg and I am being kind here because in actuality it more like 80%. This would be acceptable if you had some decent kitting ability which lead to my final point what I call ''Esthetic over Practicality '' Esthetic over Practicality The Syndrome I like to call ''Esthetic over Practicality'' as most of you have already guessed it: It is when an action has an animation that is so long it reduce the effectiveness or simply make it flat out pointless. Because we all know esthetic is so much better than gameplay feeling and practicality right! As long as I look cool everything ok. Binding arrow falls in this category so well it could be the very definition of Esthetic over Practicality. To explain myself better allow me to put you in a situation, you are fighting the ranger. So far so good you're running at him. He, on the other hand, is attacking you every 3 to5 sec with a regular attack. He used afterward an attack that fire rapidly at you but your closing in fast. (NOW let's pretend we don't know archer) you are at about 6 to 5 Meter from him and all of a sudden he assumes a crouching position and appear to be charging an attack. Like any normal person, your very first reaction will be to dodge and quick! That is the problem the animation in itself take soo long by the times it finally fires spamming clicking that left mouse button. You have the time to go make yourself a cappuccino take a sip and it still has not fired the damned spell. It just a huge red flag screaming move out of the way on a small area of effect that takes too much time to fire. Simple is better Practicality over Esthetic always. Esthetic is good when it is done right, in this case, it not. Suppressed shot fall this is category too same issue same animation. Half-elf ''spin step'' also fall in this category I will explain on that later when I will give my ranking on class and explain why I gave such a rank with my experience playing each of them. Barrage: is in this category because you can only cancel it by using a dodge. See talent withering barrage that debuff the enemy. Archer spell My opinion base of experience Play this class Rapid fire: No changes needed we need another damaging spell so we aren't stuck using only this every time it is off cd. Hunker Down: This spell has nothing to complement it as I pointed out rapid fire is the only dmg spell you have it no worth hanging on to it because otherwise all your doing is double shot (auto-attack basically) which translate in a significant drop in dmg. Barrage: The spell is okay but you should be able to press the spell again to cancel the channeling rather than force to use a dodge just to cancel the spell for the debuff. Ricochet: For lack of better word ''Garbage'' Considering the low dmg the fact that you have to be immobile and the requirement for it to be effective there is no better description for it. Flare Arrow: I don't feel this spell need any change however I would prefer it to be vision buff which would make sense considering ranger are in essence trackers but I digress I like the way it is atm. Explosive Trap: You have to switch to melee tray on a global cd by that time the person chasing you already knows what happening and is already preparing to move around it add to the fact that it very easy to go around it which makes this spell useless. I suggest explosive arrow (spell 30sec cd) you fire a shot that knockback players in the area of impact a much-needed Cc to help us kite which every range class needs Archer stake: should be baseline instant cast it pointless to take 3 sec to cast only to run out of it 0.5 sec later beside it takes so much times to cast. (Treant Wood Stake)Baseline Suppressed Shot: Too slow no need for fancy animation that takes this long make it faster (instant) Simple is better. Binding arrow: I already explained opinion on this spell it to slow it does not need a fancy animation make it simple and faster Bow and Arrows! I love the concept of having different arrows that accomplish different effect it great I am not a fan of proc rate on some of them. Fire Arrow: Proc rate is low Proc rate should be raised or simply always burn Ice Arrow: Proc rate is similar but considering the effect it's understandable Piercing arrow: Proc rate is low. Proc rate should be raised or simply always apply bleed Crushing Arrow: Proc rate is similar but considering the effect it's understandable Slashing Arrow: Proc rate is low Proc rate should be raised considering it such a niche situation Bow For bow for ranger, I am not a fan of being forced into a Major Disp that gives nothing beneficial to the class because you already have the spell just to get a better bow so you can fire exotic arrow. Why Punish the class? Races After trying every ranger races I will put a rank from Best to worst and explain why in my experience /Opinion why X race is better than Y. As a ranger you need mobility and a good kite kit to survive I am basing my choice on that. 1. Elken Not a big fan of being a deer Unfortunately I cannot deny the use of Elken because of the state of the archer at the moment We lack cc arrow binding is not enough. So a knockdown is very useful when an enemy is too close for comfort Stealth visibility (GESTALT)which can be used to literally replace flare arrow A decent a fast dodge ability. No pointlessly long animation attached 10M A decent hp base 2. Minotaur A Decent hp Pool Immunity to all stun effect on the front this is huge Bloodthirst give a fighting chance (double-edged sword) charge A decent a fast dodge ability. No pointlessly long animation attached 12M 3. Wood Elf Camouflage The best dodge racial 18 M Great to help to kite or escape 4.Human Passive slot bonus Powerslot bonus 3% dmg taken reduction cloak 10% dmg buff 12 sec NOthing to help CC thus why ranked 4 doesn't matter the dmg you do 5 HALF-ELF I really want to put Half-elf to rank one but I cant this class dodge has the Esthetic over Practicality syndrome Spin Step 10 meter dodge just like Elken and human But the animation.... you press dodge wait for it dive wait for it to roll (since it rolling you can't ready a spell like other races) wait for it to stand up (tap your foot look at the clock) oh ok you are ready to go. BY the time the animation is finished the enemy had time to stroll his way back to you. The animation needs to be faster or simply increase the distance to 15M Highest base stat dmg for ranger +60 dex +1 power tray cloak Nothing to help CC + long animation attached which hinder more then helps This is my general experience with Archer so far 5.8 Edit: A lot of people have been asking me why I don't talk about '' Call of Fire''. I invite you to read the passive. Anything that forces you to stand still for basically 3 whole spells/skill isn't worth even mentioning.
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