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  1. Although , i have a problem not in test server but maybe cross -related i'm in crow form in  East coast server , died to spyders trying to get repairs for castle haha <NooB. but anyways not getting an indicator at statue to revive . i relogged i even uninstalled an reloaded , an tried repair ...i'm aware some of these techniques will not do a thing but i tried ...please help . same name in forums as in account .ty 


  2. Please read an not taken in by the Title : so i played around with a few classes an notice some have 3 ability bars as in the case of DRUID ...'im curious the feelers out there to my thinking an thoughts that clerics should have 3 as well .. my thought on this having a harvest bar , an HEALZ , buff  bar as cleric should an a dps bar  .Cleric/healers need to farm gold /xp also ...a quality o life thing i think ..later evolving into a better class support overall .

  3. so not my first ride on the rodeo , as i'm crafting /A.K.A chopping an running from node to node , an using dodge ability  the action as in front of a tree will use this as the case , the action to chop wouldn't apply , so knowing as a former tester swapping bars would fix this an it did has an continues to work ...will this get fixed an some answers to why , a bugged folder perhaps i'm kinda in the dark on this event taking place.

  4. So I'm new but not new to mmo an games so i was able threw veteran player assist get started an in process use some abilities .

    Ghoul March for starters the AOE in question , unless i had the Crosshairs high nuff  the ghoul march soldiers in instance at BH would ride off a few feet an into the ground  , that's my pathways for the AOE discussion ...does this address an issue an need a fix .

    about the rapid fire abilities , bow ability not sure the name rapid fires many arrows at once , yet same as the aoe an no damage occurred for the npc , also tested on the test dummy , possibly another pathway or recognizing the effects issue.

    an rapid fire II the multi - fire ball throw for confessor , i wont go long on this same issue as the arrow rapid fire ability.

    ty , please leave it here maybe i can get an action in playstyle to correct or maybe you Developers can find a reconcile

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