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  1. Thank you for the quick reply. Alright, that makes sense. I tried to promote a member via the webpage but nothing happened - I get a message they could not be promoted past Member. We tested it out in game - them coming to my EK that I renamed to the guild's name but they could not place anything or trade the walls, etc. We are excited and we know it still all in the works. I will keep watching for updates. Thanks again!
  2. " restricted to personal or guild kingdom " from the main article. Are guild kingdoms in testing yet? This might be covered in another thread - I have not looked. I would love to see guild's features you have in mind. Again, keep up the good work!! I already purchased the guild expansion pack but do not see a place to add it to game yet.
  3. Wonderful tool .. anyway you could also add an " Invite to Guild " option? Right now the only way I know to invite folks is via the webpage out of the game. Thanks in advance.
  4. Rising Phoenix has been around for many a year on various worlds. Some worlds are active, while others are dormant. We welcome all classes and levels - be it fighter or crafter. We are excited about exploring these lands and it looks like all play styles would be a nice fit. Our doors are open - come in and warm yourself by the fire and let's see if we are a fit. To learn more about us - http://www.rpge.net is our main hub of information. We also have Facebook page: Facebook Page To chat with us - we use Discord: Discord Link
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