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  1. I notice when I'm playing my Guinecean Duelist that the Rapier noise when swinging sounds very "airy." My suggestion is to improve upon the sounds when your vessel actually hits a target with a rapier because as of right now it feels and sounds like everything around this weapon is a whiff. Making it feel like you're hitting a target might make this class "feel" more powerful.
  2. Druids to get +skill to gardening, confirmed by the druid master himself.
  3. Hey everyone, I would like to make a suggestion to implement a button (such as left-alt) that would allow a player to bring up the mouse cursor on the default UI. This would be useful to maybe highlight certain features, such as buffs, in order to read a tooltip that would be associated with the object you're hovering over. While most buffs and debuffs can be found in the menus after some digging, this would allow on the fly information if we're curious about what a debuff/buff does to our vessel. I am enjoying the game and am impressed with ACE's attention to the player-important items! Keep up the great work guys and gals! dioko
  4. dioko

    Streamer Mode

    I agree, I'll keep my posse at range and when I see the stream snipers coming, they'll jump out of the shadows. But yeah, I agree.. once the world gets larger its going to be interesting to see how people keep up -- may just have to make sure they can't see server selection!
  5. dioko

    Streamer Mode

    Haha, this is great. "Donate, Don't Snipe" would be a great phrase to put there too!
  6. dioko

    Streamer Mode

    We respect your opinion and you are entitled to that! Thanks for helping clarify that they would be removing this UI feature in the future -- that was the main point of my suggestion thread. Hope to see you around!
  7. dioko

    Streamer Mode

    I'm aware their concern is not my production value -- hence why I stated that I figured it was for testing. I knew that this was important to capture important data when screen caps are taken, my main point was just to allow us an option to remove it like your second paragraph states. Appreciate your feedback, apologize if mentioning production value struck a nerve. I definitely think its necessary to have it enabled at all times now. Just thinking down the road when we do go live, it would be nice to hide those little boxes from those pesky stream snipers . Also, thanks for the greeting! dioko
  8. Hey there! I have been streaming Crowfall now for about a week and have been enjoying the heck out of the game thus far. For a pre-alpha, I have to say that this game is in a lot better shape than most games are at their launch these days. So keep up the good work, dev team! One thing I have noticed is that we have this nice little "feature" that is in the upper right quadrant of our screen that shows our coordinates, server IP, etc. While I know this might be something to help pinpoint bugs and other things that we may run across in the early stages of this game, I was wondering if this is going to be a staple to the game or if we will eventually be able to disable it. My suggestion comes in the form of creating a streamer mode that might remove some of these types of features in order to keep player positioning and other important aspects of information secret. I know that as a streamer you are broadcasting your game and will always be susceptible to being stream sniped. However, to help out a streamer and keep our production value on par (i.e, not having to throw a huge banner up over this information) it would be great to have an option to where we can disable this, as well as other sensitive information. Look forward to having a discussion regarding some of these things! dioko
  9. In Game Player Name: dioko Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): 7:30pm - 11:00 pm EST What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Currently playing a ranger and "finding my way" into crafting so I'm undecided there. I just want to be a great contributor to the overall cause!
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