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  1. You guys crack me up. The situation is not as black and white as some of you may think. ACE is using Unity true, but that doesn't mean they're handcuffed by the limitations of the engine. We don't know what parts of the engine they're using and how they're using it. A game engine only becomes a limitation when you are stuck to the confines of what its capable of doing. For example, maybe you needed a specific algorithm that solves a problem in a precise way. If you're not able augment the current engine with your own unique code, then you're stuck in a box until Unity adds that speci
  2. This is my first playtest. I chose balance because of the description lol. They'll get to it at some point. Faction balance will be an issue for another day. It's not a terribly difficult problem to solve.
  3. Ultimately, you're going to have to accept that there will always be zergs in MMORPGs that offer PvP as the front-line content of choice. A zerg only becomes a problem when the game's design only offers a join or lose choice. As far as I can tell, Crowfall has more outlets for finding meaning in PvP beyond the simple choices. And even if they don't, it's not a large task to get there. As I mentioned before, with a concept as simple as friendly-fire and full-loot PvP in place, you have just created an alternate meaning to PvP that has nothing to do with your faction's success in the cam
  4. It's important to understand that the imbalances that can come from a three faction system begin and end with the game's underlying design. It's not that the 3 faction system doesn't work, it just doesn't apply well when its not carefully implemented. There's not a single solution to this problem, it must be addressed in multiple ways. Here are a few: Friendly-fire - There is one truism with zergs - they're impossible to micro. With friendly-fire enabled, ability spam is a problem shared by all, not just the side that's outnumbered. Obviously, this can be taken advantage of...so
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