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  1. The night settles in as I approach Fort Davinshire. A handful of guards line its broken walls. It is obvious that the fort had seen better days but this is war. This is what the Hunger leads to, decay, collapse and an imbalance among the gods. I draw my bow and aim it at the guard above and decisively pierce his heart. I slip through a hole in the wall, making careful use of the shadows and start slitting the throats of the watchmen one by one. Soundless and swiftly I move from shadow to shadow. I enter the the throne room and plant the banner of The Earth Mother. I give silent prayer to Cybele that I still breathe and to Yaga that she may write the whispers of my victims.
  2. OK, say I have elemental pen on the slashing weapon and elemental pen on the quiver. When using the bow, will it add the elemental pen from the melee weapon?
  3. What about a Weapon such as an Axe which has an elemental penetration? If equipped as a main hand, will it perform Slashing damage or Elemental damage?
  4. Dabbling with Arcane archer and using an elemental quiver. I matched the same element to the bow for penetration. I then notice that the bow itself states it does Piercing Damage. I cannot find much that tells what abilities, effects and some weapons damage type are.
  5. The Inventory/character sheet screen is now a pain to remove when looting bodies or chests. It no longer drops when you move and you cannot turn your vision or attack with it up. It also requires pressing "I" to remove it instead of a simpler button in reach as the "F" key which is what usually brings up the Inventory/character sheet.
  6. @soulein - maybe bring more artillery next time? I mean, the ballistas are intended as a defensive weapon, what would you expect? It was near 10v1 when Order's Keep, lasting near 40min and repelling not just 1 but at least 3 waves before our defeat. A fun fight I would say but it was very sad to see former allies opt to bow to -W- and not go for a more even ground fight.
  7. The adventure pack comes with a Hamlet Parcel and a Manor House. The description of either is not spelled out in any location until you get into game. Upon which you discover that the Hamlet Parcel does not have a token space large enough for the Manor House. This seems to be a bit of a draw back to having this bundled together. Are there any plans on changing the Parcel token options or the Manor House token size?
  8. There currently is a working auto run button, by default for me it is the Num lock. That said - we can't type and auto run which is a pain.
  9. Yeah, this would be an excellent option. Characters who are not in Campaigns but are in EKs should require an UNLOCK similar to those in Campaigns exiting the Campaign.
  10. It just occurred to me as I am traveling out of town on holiday that I will be gone for longer than 4 days. I would like to keep my skills current. Are their plans to create a mobile app to allow us to allocate skill points?
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