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  1. I think a better fix would be to remove the import embargo on items that are not used in Keep/Castle construction but still keep it on Gold, possibly also Dust, They have already prohibited the selling of embargoed goods in a campaign.
  2. I understand many things with the updates to the embargo system. The objective is to keep persons from importing everything they need to jumpstart their conquest and claiming of Keeps, Castles and more. I then just remembered that I was granted siege engines, not just those but also parts for MKII engines which require a building in a keep to construct. The same type of building one would find in a Campaign Keep or Castle. Given that Sieges really are not a thing in the Infected, what purpose do the siege engines provide as a reward for those winning the Power Divine Favor category
  3. If all 37 participants had been counted, even with those of a score of 0 in The Glory category, the top 25% score would actually be 0. the top 20% would be 0.8 and the top 5% would be 8.2.* This means that all persons would have scored the top 35% card Patron Reward or better even if they have a score of 0. This is also a problem because it could rewards those who do not perform work. Purposed Rule implementation: If you scored in the top % bracket AND have a score equal to, or greater than 1, then you are rewarded. *[Edit: In Reference to Glory category on the EU Reislyn Campaign th
  4. After doing math (admittedly bad math at first) with regards to the recent EU campaign, Reislyn. I received a message from ACE regarding how the Reward Cards for Divine favor are scored: "... It's calculated as a ranked percentile, just like our victory cards. Similar to our other victory cards, we don't count guilds that didn't participate. So, if a guild has 0 on glory across the board they would not qualify...." -Jack Kirby Ok Now, here is the issue. The scaling of the rewards. If more Guilds had taken effort and scored a singular point [1] (admittedly only a few cards all
  5. "Constitution now affects Organic Mitigations, which is protection against Earth, Disease, and Poison damage. " Should Earth have been replaced with Nature for damage type?
  6. Yeah, having gone through several previous wipes I knew that, I just did not know if the campaign rewards which were a newer mechanic had tags similar to the "purchase" items that also got reset.
  7. Will the 6.4 wipe include campaign rewards from previously complete campaigns, specifically UNCLAIMED rewards?
  8. To submit a guild application, it must be through the official Crowfall website: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=infernal If you have any questions for me, message me on Discord: Drifter22840#6956
  9. Infernal Gamers recruiting for our Crowfall Chapter: Infernal has been playing pre Alpha Crowfall since 2017. The Infernal Gaming Community has roots in many games, two of our larger successes were in the early version of Archage and currently in BDO. We are dominantly US based but welcome anyone to join us. English is our language of choice. We are mercantile, crafters and gatherers producing quality goods and tools used by all. We do manage an independent EK mall, and typically can offer free vendor space. With anticipation of 6.4 picking up play pace, we are openi
  10. Since we know it is going to be a full wipe. Why do we not take advantage of it and have a 0 import campaign but have a ton of exports, 200 or so. In order to bring more persons into the same campaign, also run the campaign for a month like this current one. Then, as a show of versatility, you could start a second campaign with more traditional import/exports a week or two after the 0 import option starts. This can let you see how persons cluster in the different campaigns and zones in the early stages of the game.
  11. I am unable to ID this item which I had received as a campaign reward. Myself and others I know also have not received the item in our inventory after claiming the prize.
  12. For purposes of testing Geomancy and Stonemasonry can the test cottages/logdes/parcels be usable for upgrading into larger items? As it stands, we get a Lodge with a Shire too small to house it. Also, can we please get a listing of what each parcel offers by way of tokens, especially if we want to plan in advance to purchase them with Crows.
  13. I am seeing that some of the special crafting gear is available on the TEST server for sale through player vendors. I was curious what drops them -chisel, auger, glasses etc. I also have not seen any mobs titled higher than Elite and if anyone has had luck finding them in Gods Reach if they are available. I suspect if so, they may be linked to the new random spawn mechanics.
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