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  1. @soulein - maybe bring more artillery next time? I mean, the ballistas are intended as a defensive weapon, what would you expect? It was near 10v1 when Order's Keep, lasting near 40min and repelling not just 1 but at least 3 waves before our defeat. A fun fight I would say but it was very sad to see former allies opt to bow to -W- and not go for a more even ground fight.
  2. The adventure pack comes with a Hamlet Parcel and a Manor House. The description of either is not spelled out in any location until you get into game. Upon which you discover that the Hamlet Parcel does not have a token space large enough for the Manor House. This seems to be a bit of a draw back to having this bundled together. Are there any plans on changing the Parcel token options or the Manor House token size?
  3. There currently is a working auto run button, by default for me it is the Num lock. That said - we can't type and auto run which is a pain.
  4. Yeah, this would be an excellent option. Characters who are not in Campaigns but are in EKs should require an UNLOCK similar to those in Campaigns exiting the Campaign.
  5. I am not sure if this is reported, I have not seen it in the known bugs of the release notes. Flag markers for outposts and camps are not accurate and can be incredibly misleading and difficult to peg down. Suggestion, in addition to correcting flag locations, a neutral banner would be appreciated for unclaimed camps/outposts.
  6. The transition from day/night results in mob kills disappearing. Also, some seem to disappear after being looted or dying for no apparent reason.
  7. It just occurred to me as I am traveling out of town on holiday that I will be gone for longer than 4 days. I would like to keep my skills current. Are their plans to create a mobile app to allow us to allocate skill points?
  8. I would like to suggest that a nominal increase the Imports/Exports for this campaign as many were led to believe that this campaign may not include import options but export options. Persons such as myself exhausted exports on a character only to discover import ability and then be unable to export my Epic Mount because there were no Exports left on the character. I am sure I am not the only one with this issue. Hopefully this is something that can be done by the end of day because I am sure many are leaving on holiday this eve.
  9. Suggestion: Lets make it so that enemy factions cannot crash a KEEP outside of a Siege Window. Admittedly the raid party couldn't attack the tree yet but they did get to the top with about ~20min before the window opens -meaning they will melt the Tree within a couple minutes of the window opening. There was also no siege equipment used in their invasion. Gotta give them props for theory testing.
  10. I am finding that the Beneficial harvest sound effects and visual effects keep popping during normal harvesting at an excessive rate and no benefit granted. Also, found a bug regarding character creation, it appears to have tried to load both the male and female Fae at the same time. I'd post a picture of it but I don't understand why I am limited to existing attachments or a URL.
  11. Female Fae Assassin, with two different vessels, one Purple (level 30), one Blue (level 20) -cannot activate the Stealth Mode. Issue was discovered prior to today but is persisting. Yes I have unlocked the talent, I can even fill out the Stealth bar with both passive and activated abilities. No changes to my keyboard mapping has been made. From the Survival bar, I tap V and it shows the current tray refreshing. I tried in Combat mode and as expected, it did not engage Stealth. I am able to use my Q combat ability which does place me into stealth.
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