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  1. This may seem small but given the lack of abilities you can generally get for non Archery base classes who may pick up the Archery minor or Arcane Archer or Sharp Shooter major, more abilities should be usable on both the range and melee trays for example: An assassin's Blackjack Toss, In The Zone and Disengage, and yes, I believe shooting someone in the back should have its benefits (In the Zone).
  2. The Siege Engineer Major Disc requires the Trait Siege Engineer to equip. I am unable to find anything that bestows such trait. This means, no siege engines/engineers.
  3. Observed bugs: -Guards of the same faction fighting each other inside a keep or at an outpost. -Guards in the Keep ignoring the enemy Guinecians who've tunneled under the wall, walk within a couple meters of them and then kill you as you redeem your pack pigs. -Sun Elves fighting each other. -Slayers who remain in stealth even as they rapid fire. -Myrmidons healing instead of talking damage when their ability wears off.
  4. I think if they are not in a guild, they are missing the point of this highly PvP centric game. Bringing the higher drops to Infected takes away from the guilds who participate in the Dregs.
  5. Yeah, everyone does need to be online through out the Siege if possible. Our Alliance is defending against waves of 30 at a time and we have forts/keeps at all hours of the Siege. Not to mention offensive operations.
  6. So this is starting to be incredibly impractical requiring persons to be active 4hrs a night each night of the siege, all 7 days a week for the Dregs and still accomplish the concept of playing the game for fun and harvesting/gathering in a non pack pig manner.
  7. It appears the Elken trait Quiver proficiency is not functional. I am also unable to equip advanced arrows, physical and elemental.
  8. I have the client logs for this event if you want them.
  9. Not only am I unable to change the PvP or Public status of my EK. I have issue with the parcels not being properly placed or moved and I am having issue sending invitations to my EK, mainly when /ekinvite [insert name] responds player not found despite the player being online.
  10. Infected, The Vicinity, grid# P17 near the lumber mill. The location is too close to the moon temple for non moon faction persons to begin taming a caravan and is also incredibly close to the Kronos Temple. I feel that the 'enemy sanctuary' debuff may have too long of a range.
  11. I am finding that while running caravans, a tamed pig who is stopped while I am at a stop, and the pig is within ~10m, the pig will randomly start walking back to its spawn point. Another bit is even after you retame your pigs, they keep walking back to the spawn point until you whistle.
  12. For purposes of testing Geomancy and Stonemasonry can the test cottages/logdes/parcels be usable for upgrading into larger items? As it stands, we get a Lodge with a Shire too small to house it. Also, can we please get a listing of what each parcel offers by way of tokens, especially if we want to plan in advance to purchase them with Crows.
  13. I am seeing that some of the special crafting gear is available on the TEST server for sale through player vendors. I was curious what drops them -chisel, auger, glasses etc. I also have not seen any mobs titled higher than Elite and if anyone has had luck finding them in Gods Reach if they are available. I suspect if so, they may be linked to the new random spawn mechanics.
  14. Well, this is not exactly a bug but what appears to be an aesthetic/functional issue. The central keep in God's reach; the four corners used to have crafting stations. I see those were phased out EXCEPT the back right corner which had the oven and still has the cupboard for buying food. Now, it appear the oven was accidentally replaced with a blacksmith forge.
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