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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Pyroxius. I recently decided to get into this game looking at the big progress it has made and the different kind of MMO genre it is in has peeked my intrest. For the past few years I have been looking for mmorpg that break the "WoW formula" but do not give up on progress like for example gw2 did. My last MMO I played is BDO. But since all the changes to the pvp made there and the enormous increase in pay for convenience/borderline pay to win aspects kinda moved my attention to other games. I hope to find this epic pvp experience and group oriented progression here in crowfall when it fully releases. To add my 2 cents to the game I decided to enter the early acces and try to provide as much usefull feedback as I can to help make this game the best it can be I guess. I also have a youtube channel, but im barely posting stuff on there anymore since work/life gets in the way of it alot. Anyways see you guys in game and on the forums! PS: Still looking for a guild in EU region!
  2. LFG Region:EU age:21 New to crowfall and looking for a guild to start with after the wipe! I have played MMORPG/PvP games all my life. Games like WoW, GW1/GW2, OSRS, DAOC, Albion online, and most recently BDO. Also Alot of moba games like LoL, Dota2 and Hots. I prefer semi hardcore gameplay, I have a life I have to maintain outside of games and I do not wanna give up that for an mmorpg. But I do love to be competative and can play alot during the weekdays. I have hardcore pvp/raiding experience from other games including groupleading and shotcalling in BDO and GW2 PvP. And dont mind a grind or a challenge. I am looking for friendly players that are in my time zone that can show me around the game and have the same kind of mindset as I do, but dont have the seas of time to be a full hardcore player. Discord: pyroxius#5462
  3. Looks very good to me, glad I decided to back the game!
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