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  1. About time you recruited more people. Great crafters and pvp'ers, just need more of them!
  2. Glad that we got uDa to play this as they are some of the best players I've had the chance to play with. Can't wait raise the uDa flag and wreck some of these very familiar names from Darkfall.
  3. It's pretty lame, but the general populous tends to favor the boring safe route anytime there is any form of risk. I feel that zerging will always be a problem until there is a real reason not to. We need skills that do more damage the more people it hits or cause a disease debuff if there are more than 30 people in close proximity. You won't get people to stop just because they are getting less rewards.
  4. I don't like the major heals. This creates a necessity to have a healer with you in any fight and pretty much requires every fight to focus fire enemies one by one. I'm not looking for this to be a game where people sit around saying "I wish we could go out for a raid on the mines or whatever, but there's no point in raiding anything, we don't have a healer and will all die instantly." In UO every had the opportunity to have skills to heal themselves and that worked out nicely.
  5. You are probably going to be in the Dregs for 99% of your time. What does it matter to you if there is optional PvP in an area you won't ever be? It's not like the EK is a campaign world that everyone will flock to for carebear rule sets or an instance that you can avoid PvP at. It's like if Call of Duty made a permanent world where you can show off your medals and if it were possible, to buy/sell weapons. Just because you can't kill other players there doesn't change anything about the matches where you will be playing 99% of the time. People need to stop looking at this game as if
  6. I don't see why skill progression needs to be fast and that we need to max out characters in 1-2 months. Let me just throw out an example that I made up. Say they are using the 1-175 skill progression levels that is broken down into 6 tiers, 1-35, 36-70, 71-105, 106-140, 140-174, and 175. Each tier could represent a bonus to your skill, 1=10%, 2=35%, 3=45%, 4=50% 5=53%, 6=55%. Now say each tier takes a different amount of time to achieve. The first could take 1 day, the 2nd 3 days, the 3rd 1 week, the 4th 2 weeks, the 5th 3 weeks. This would give a long progression time, but n
  7. In a PvP game how would this not spam on your screen?
  8. Shared bank in a game like this could be difficult. If it is anywhere except Eternal Kingdoms, it could ruin most of the game. You could easily get resources on one character and transfer them to a different faction that is otherwise having an incredibly hard time getting them. If it was across servers, then that defeats the purpose of import rules.
  9. You sure post a lot for disliking the game so much. The game is still very very new to development and could potentially change based on feedback and suggestions. You might get better results by giving constructive criticism instead of posts like this. I'm sure the developers would even encourage it.
  10. How long should the last? As long as the game is still fun! And they don’t all have to be the same duration. Some Campaigns could last 1 week, or 1 month. or 6 months. or 1 year.Because each Campaign is marching towards an end condition, this means that the World doesn’t have to be static anymore. We can break the Campaign into different “phases”, and adjust the rules of the game change during each phase. We can allow the players to fundamentally change the world, without fear of the long term problems this might create.I believe these points answer your last 2 scenarios and I think in y
  11. I liked the UO system, but it didn't have sieges. The nice thing about a large world with hardly any teleportation like early darkfall was that when a siege happened you didn't get every single player the server coming to the siege, at least not in the beginning of the game. Maybe it had nothing to do with the mass travel options later, but it just got annoying that every siege had the entire server show up for 1 of the 2 sides or just to pick off people and loot the bodies.
  12. If people get in the game and find out that it actually isn't very difficult to get gear and resources, it probably won't be an issue to start over with all your skills, but no items. My fear with reset day one is the same issue every MMO has, just getting to log into the damn server. I would disagree on the months. Even if the campaign lasts a year, when someone clearly wins then it gets boring, fast. I won't spend months gloating if I win nor will I spend months waiting to start over while getting butchered by the winners. People will have plenty of chances to dethrone the winni
  13. We don't know exactly what the import/export rules are necessarily for. They could be only for people joining after quitting mid way through another conquest or for exporting to Eternal Kingdoms. Considering the quote "Phase 1 is Spring. The Campaign map is hidden by fog of war. You are dropped (typically naked) into an unknown, deadly environment." That sure doesn't sound like you start with anything significant. Not necessarily true. Many people had no hope of getting anything back. Their alliance failed, they couldn't siege to get it back and everything was taken, so they couldn'
  14. I think this concern would be valid if nothing changed when the game reset except giving resources to the winners. However, with the maps changing the group that won last time could have just gotten a really nice starting spot and claimed a great location very quickly. Or with new rulesets another group might play much better because that fits their play style more. Also, people can change their strategies. If one group won with ease, maybe the rest of the server will form bigger alliances to combat them. There are also people that would get bored winning so easily and break off of the
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