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  1. Puddles404, reporting in from the darkness. Looking forward to getting into it with you all. Australia (GMT+9.5).
  2. There was a statement from an ArtCrafter that "they(direct quote: we) are the crows" That would imply that the players are not The Crows that Fall, rather the Developers are. I do much prefer the imagery of the players as scavenger birds falling on the carcasses of dying worlds though.
  3. I'm not taking any orders from anyone on no apps. You want something made, you find a player to make it for you, in-game.
  4. Why are you talking about PvE in a PvP discussion? Aggro is a PvE mechanic and has nothing to do with the conversation. In terms of PvP tanking mechanics, you could use Taunt skills to debuff a target (hard to do with no defined "tab targetting" as such), you could also utilise Zone of Control/Aura mechanics to provide allied buffs/opposed debuffs. You could also combine that with a not pathetic damage output and some knockbacks/knockdowns/disarms etc in addition to high health and mitigation. For a PvP tank to work, they'd need to bring something to the fight that negatively impacts a high enough portion of the fight to warrant them being a priority. Health links and mitigation swaps would also do this, but i don't know if that's really something they are going to include after the statements about health in combat.
  5. My other favourite trap is not a trap, but a monster. Did you know that Mimic's aren't just chests, they can look like almost anything......of almost any size......or shape......they can even mimic living things (to a degree - no talking and have to be attached to the body of the mimic - Aberrations are FUN!) p.s. abandoned covered wagon on the side of the road. The party will never, EVER suspect that it's actually an overgrown Mimic. Also once a Mimic hits a certain size they can Swallow Whole(Ex) most PCs.... Also, read the Manifesto, i like the giblets you've cut.
  6. Grease spell ramp, into room with Geli cube/other slimes of your choice.
  7. I recall reading somewhere that you need to skill up to a certain degree to qualify for the promotion classes. What they haven't said anywhere is if there is a limit on promotion classes. Is it a one-time only evolution or can you collect multiple promotions? I suspect the latter, so the dedicated crafter may end up being a precious flower, and i suspect that some recipes may be gated behind Racial Archetypes (which gives me a gigantic throbbing sad).
  8. Same meaning, different letters i think.
  9. Gear will be important, but only to a certain point. You =/= your Gear. Your stats and levels are You, your Gear goes away when you die and when you join a new world.
  10. I'm guessing there will be a difference in resources available across the different rulesets. If the resources don't interest you, guess it's time to open an Inn.
  11. I'm fine with people having their opinions about things, but too often discussions don't happen because people seem to have their thinkings stuck in a rut. They've said from the outset it's going to be different, so why wouldn't their definition of a "Tank" different? Why not have a different tank? Why not have a tank that, yes is lower on the damage but has different aspects that balance out his threat level? Why not make them function more like an actual tank and have him serve a similar purpose on the battlefield, instead of just as a vanilla damage soak (which does work in PvP, just visit an EVE online ship loadout discussion to find out how) or a taunt/aggro magnet.
  12. I think engineers the world over just did a disbelief poop.
  13. I do like how the discussions roll around here. "Tanks don't work cos PvE PFFFFFFFFFFFFFT" "Then do them differently " "But PvE GRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRP" "There are other ways you could do Tanking that would work" "PvE HUUUUUUUUUUUR"
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