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  1. Good to know! It feels a lot faster than I expected it would be.
  2. I'm pretty sure EKs will still be permanently online when the game is released, but right now it'd be a waste of server resources to keep them up when 99% of the playerbase doesn't even play.
  3. I think basic vessels should be allowed to respec for free, maybe with an hour or so cooldown, you're a noob at that point so yes please, mess around and learn. I do NOT think crafted vessels should be allowed to respec at all though (maybe get a respec whenever they make significant buffs/nerfs), by then you'd have messed around on your basic vessel enough that you figured out what you want to do.
  4. Not a huge issue, but currently if you want to use anything other than right click for a defensive option it really borks up the UI and makes it ugly, because you can't for instance just drag dive roll onto power slot 4 and replace right click with rapid fire. Instead you have to go into the settings, swap right click and 4, and then your right click is on the 4 slot in the ui instead of beside left click. It would be great if we could slot powers wherever we wanted, instead of separating the 0-9 power tray, the offensive action slot, the defensive action slot, the retaliate slot and the ul
  5. The problem is that even when you're a pure pve player, you're still engaged in pvp. You're competing for resources which is why I'm against a traditional instant autoloot button. An autoloot button that keeps the window up and loots things one by one (at like quarter second intervals or something), so you only have to do 1 click, would be a potential middle ground solution - but I kinda think that would be even more annoying than manually looting as fast as you can.
  6. Not specifically demons or goblins, but the beast races already available sound like what you're asking for, unique or rarely playable, and would usually be evil in other games. Minotaurs in particular don't strike me as good guys!
  7. Yes it's absolutely demeaning, I can't stand armchair developers, bunch of stubborn morons with no clue whats going on thinking some really obvious simple thing would fix everything. Feel free to ignore me, I don't expect to change any of your opinions anyways, I'm just blowing off steam xD Being coders and techies and whatnot has pretty much been ruled out by the comments. Frankly I'd be quite surprised if you could even describe what a game engine is. Ah yes, the aforementioned "experience of having heard something about unity once", I'm glad you won't even go i
  8. What a shame you guys aren't leading this project, imagine what an incredible game this could have been with your experience of having heard something about unity once. Instead they just have some old people with more years experience than you've probably been alive and multiple shipped mmos under their belts, do they even know what makes a good game engine? I doubt it.
  9. Do gamers really still think game engines impact player experience instead of developer experience? I mean yes, if they were just using the features of an engine completely stock without customizing anything, sure! If that's your personal experience with game development messing around in unity after school, or if you're only familiar with the lazier indie games out there, I could see how you'd be worried, but these devs have a little more experience than that. Here's a rundown; basically, if an engine's out of the box experience doesn't support something that's required, the devs can make
  10. Imagine having a date with a guy on friday, but you decide to show up on monday, barge into his bathroom to see him taking a dump and saying "wow you're not even trying to make a good first impression."
  11. How is inviting others to your EK any more trouble than inviting others to a practice arena?
  12. Not a priority, more of a post launch suggestion. Crafting in this game isn't really a one man operation, it'd be cool if the "crafted by: Name" portion of items were expanded on, it'd be nice to see it broken down into "raw materials harvested by", "components crafted by" and "finished product crafted by", or something along those lines. This would increase the data size of raw materials, especially if we still want the items from different sources to stack, which obviously we want, but I think it'd be worth it. Secondly, if the above was added, it'd be awesome to give the harvesters an
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