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  1. Imagine having a date with a guy on friday, but you decide to show up on monday, barge into his bathroom to see him taking a dump and saying "wow you're not even trying to make a good first impression."
  2. How is inviting others to your EK any more trouble than inviting others to a practice arena?
  3. Not a priority, more of a post launch suggestion. Crafting in this game isn't really a one man operation, it'd be cool if the "crafted by: Name" portion of items were expanded on, it'd be nice to see it broken down into "raw materials harvested by", "components crafted by" and "finished product crafted by", or something along those lines. This would increase the data size of raw materials, especially if we still want the items from different sources to stack, which obviously we want, but I think it'd be worth it. Secondly, if the above was added, it'd be awesome to give the harvesters and crafters some love on the leaderboards, by giving them a % of the score gained by players using their equipment or potions/food. Nothing huge, just a fraction of a percent of the score gained would be cool and really add up to show just how much of an impact certain crafters and harvesters are having.
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