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  1. Hello Everyone!

    "Hail and Well Met!" "Soft launch" is expected later this year. Playing now in what is a "pre-alpha" or unfinished environment, depending on your expections, can be enjoyable. I love it. Just know that they are ramping up development, there will be bugs, and there will be lags due to MSG spikes "IF" the current live servers hit pops overe 60 and large PvP engagements happen. ACE has tried to mitigate this by opening more servers to spread out the farmers. Good luck!
  2. When Fae?

    I guess Stoneborn will be the last.... ugh...

    Yeah, pretty much. Even in it's current state, No game has "felt this good" to me since Shadowbane.
  4. Asking

    One thing to consider though, I opted for the 79.00 package. It's 30 bucks more, but it grants VIP throughout testing.You do not burn the month until it goes live. Just something to ponder. Good luck!
  5. New Player Experience

    You're more than welcome. They had "Weapon Racks" when 5.4 was on test, which you could interact with and place all basic gear and weapons into your inventory. I'm assuming they took it out because you could spam the rack to obtain gear for vessel levels at the sacraficial brazier. Again, find a community, unless you are just absolutely averse to the idea. It makes it a lot easier due to availability of gear, and really breadth of knowledge in general. The curve is shortened greatly.
  6. New Player Experience

    I would honestly just wait until the project is further in development. The brutal fact is, unfortunately, that if you are not willing to at least put in the time. You would need to: Create basic armor and a basic weapon Turn that basic weapon in to an Intermediate weapon (create crafting potions, farm dust and use colored resources for better results) You would then go out to find PvP You would more than likely die..... a lot. Become frustrated because others have invested time to craft quality and become proficient at PvP. Log out and make another post. I'm not being snarky, it's just the honest truth. It isn't going to be easier going forward to obtain gear. It sure as hell will not be at launch. I would recommend finding a Guild or community as well. Most guilds get quality gear to their contributing members, at least we do. Good luck.
  7. Server lagging?

    This. I have AT&T Gigapower. I get around 750 down and 900+ up, and yeah.... It's not you.
  8. Soft launch

    No, there is no hard date set yet, hopefully by years end.
  9. How do I join a guild.

    Guild tags in and of themselves are not active yet. If you have the entitlement, you can create one to reserve it. Edit: in the case that I have misunderstood this, send a message to the contact in the guild recruitment post of the guild you are interested in..
  10. How are you balancing campaigns?

    Agreed. My point was to say that "some" may relish the idea of repping a certain faction. Also, lets say I had a small guild, 15 to 20 (of which I could form up 8 to 10 usually). I really enjoy cooperating with you in a campaign. I may find myself on opposite sides in the next campaign, which would be unfortunate (assuming that ACE did assign guild rosters to random factions for the sake of balance (no pun intended)). So again, you are 100% correct. Balancing the campaign is priority one. Just stating some things that some players may not particularly care for.
  11. EU Tyranny BIG FIGHT!

    Sounds like a great idea if server latency would cooperate.
  12. This is the major reason I am good with the concept. From a design standpoint it is a lot easier as well, not having to create more recipes. It gives many people a reason to be out in the world that does not exist currently.
  13. How are you balancing campaigns?

    Though I won't be playing there, the only concern with the 3 faction/DAoC model will be people, or guilds, jumping in on the strongest percieved faction to "win" at campaign. Look at the way it is currently. In my experience at least, the population trends highest for Chaos, then Order with Balance pulling up the rear. I'm not going to debate the tug of war mechanic, as I will think that will change. It's too easy of a win condition for that faction (basically shifting all your numbers on to the "losing" side until they, of course, are no longer "losing") I wouldn't want everyone jumping to the percieved strongest faction, just for the sake of winning easy and "phat lootz" at campaign end. It cant be a random generation of faction assignment, because it would split up guild/community members. Maybe if guilds had to register for campaigns with a number of slots for players, providing a preference to faction. Ace could then assign the factions with roughly equal numbers, though the desired faction may not be achieved or designated. This of course would hamper "faction identity". I guess there is no good answer.
  14. Did they mention..... Stoneborn?
  15. How are you balancing campaigns?

    Sure, it's possible. There are some very large "Gaming Communities". Whether they show here in those numbers, who knows. An alliance would be needed, and absolutely do-able. What the mechanics will be, again, who knows. Remember though, that doesn't mean the 200 man guild can't have allies as well! I think this will only be an issue in the Dregs, or non-faction rulesets. I've seen many server wars in Shadowbane, that's about what I would expect it to take.