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    Law Enforcement, weight lifting, collegiate and professional football, local live music with friends and an ice cold beer (or a vodka tonic)! Oh, and gaming when I get the chance!
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  1. you're a pain in the ass, but mad respect, you do what you do well! Hats off!
  2. Looking for peeps to beat back the zerg... Jump on in for the big win!!!
  3. My thoughts exactly. I'm honestly baffeled ... literally dumbfounded at the disconnect.... As far as the original post, I have this to say...At this point, to be honest, given lack of updates, dev interaction, and with no real direction of any kind regarding any semblance of community development or meaningful involvement.... after five years.. to see this post?!.... You seem ... lost frankly. You scream, by this post. that you do not even remotely know the game you wish to "promote" (if you can even use that term given the collective effort) otr the community invested. I'm honestly not trying to be rude here, but i have never seen such a lackluster job by a project this far along in development. Hire someone that plays the game.. please. I don't want warning points please (or a ban)... but this is horrible.. honestly. Delete topic please and start over.
  4. Communication is not a forte with this group, for good or bad. I've often said that ACE seems "detached" from the community. You can argue either way, the importance or the dismissal.. but... Five years and no appreciable community speaks volumes. We have what I wuld consider a good product and no one plays it.... five years into development.
  5. Front lines.. overblown panic... my spouse, along with a lot of others have lost their jobs.... Is this the new normal? Every 3 to 4 years we are going to shut down the world? Before you answer.. think about the repercussions..
  6. Basically STFU and ask for cookies somewhere else?
  7. Thank you... though this shouldn't be needed...
  8. As real campaigns arrive, so will the stories. I don't mean that as a slight, just as the truth. "Forumbane" was just as big a part of Shadowbane as the game ever was. Server wars of attrition that lasted literally months...It was organic, derived out of angst, animosity and (for some) hatred. Melnibone, Sapling of Death..The Fall of Mordkessell is still legendary for those that remember. The Bane on pleasure (an 18 hour seige) was epic. Prescripted or prescribed lore cannot replicate it. We don't have that now, but hopefully we will.... So far it's been boredom, complacency, sporadic interest .. and the "Try Hards" . When it arrives, if done well, there wil be no need to solicit stories.They wil be delivered. Deliver.
  9. True.. Thanks for ... communicating. That being said.. whoever made the executive decision to change "SH1T" to "poorly made dergs" gets a huge thumbs up!!!!
  10. Sure, in a vacuum, create a "3rd" server. You'd have live, test build and test live. Forget sacrafice. remove any calls and recode a structure or branch to auto_max_lvl_30. White vessel only, free everything, from runes to resources (meat to ore). God's reach only. Or we could we could go with your suggestion.. Either would would take time, recoding and resources to make something that most people .. the vast majority will never use... at a cost. Though I do not know the cost to keep the servers up, or the man hours to dump towards something so trivial, it would, given JTodd's current announcement, pull resources away from what really needs to be developed.... Could it be done, sure. Will it be done? Never. We can continue in an academic excercise of arguement point/counter point...but i don't see the use.. Not... gonna... happen...
  11. I guess we check back in April... not happening this week by the sounds of it.
  12. 12 million, though significant, is nota "game changer" to a studio given 60+ employees and operating costs and overhead. Regardless, if I'm breaking out the wallet, there are better things to go to the mat for than respec on white vessels..
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