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    Law Enforcement, weight lifting, collegiate and professional football, local live music with friends and an ice cold beer (or a vodka tonic)! Oh, and gaming when I get the chance!
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  1. THey just should have reskinned Shadowbane..... Todd just custard failed twice.
  2. Just waiting until mid january unfortunately...(Mortal II Online). I'm just stuck here out of habit.. Literally.. I'm the only person from a guild that at one time could form up 30 regulaarly.....Sayonara bitches! No matter what anyone wants to think, the game is dead. Certain guilds helped kill what the devs couldn't accomplish on their own... This game isn't coming back unless they sell it and another company comes in to fix it...
  3. Not in it's current form.. no. Could it become a monetized success.. yes. I was going to mention "grind fest" but they saddled us with that already.. I'll be pushing into Mortal II come mid January anyway.
  4. Dear sir.. I have followed this game since it was a countdown timer with nothing more than "Play to Crush" on the screen. I played Shadowbane, then went to Mortal Online (i didn't appreciate Darkfall as most hard corps did). That being said, i have 7 accounts and around 1800 invested. I "was" a believer". It's become patently obvious that they have abandoned this project. I'm sure at some level there is a "for sale" sign on it. Let's hope the right company comes in to save it, because right now brother it's DoA. I honestly believe they pushed it to market too soon because they needed to get a jump on NW and they couldn't wait (due to capital constraints) to let the market cool until February or March. Just my speculation of course. At this point in population, without subscriptions (I pay for one VIP out of 7 accounts), i am not convinced that there is enough new people purchasing this game or paying for VIP to make this project viable, even to to support a skeleton crew. I wish i was wrong, but the only path I see forward is for them to find a Studio willing to flip it. EDIT: I pay for no VIP, I mis spoke. I got 6 years worth with my kickstarter amber...see where this is going.
  5. There is currently almost no revenue stream, unfortunately. Count the days folks.
  6. They(ACE) have no custard idea what they are doing, that's why. By ACE's reasoning, after the WB zerg takes every fort and keep on this dead game, the'll just put up one zone next campaign......if they can keep the lights on...
  7. Listen, I just chuckled.. It's just a matter of time before the left wing SJW crowd gets hold of ACE's naming convention for "Guineas". I honestly don't know how they have gotten away with it for so long.. fitting they are in Austin...but @ACE-Tiggs, you may want to bring this to your groups attention. If this was New world, .. with a "Guinea" and your naming convention, your company would get black balled... This game is dead enough that it hasn't ever gained attention...but who the custard did this .. well.... most of the "enlightened" won't believe it wasn't done on purpose. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Guineas
  8. If WB wants to come to Mortal Online mid January.. let me know..😁
  9. @Sloppy.. Sir.. you custard nailed it. #5 was the killer for me.. #MADVAPER was in a certain guilds pocket, and you had devs that didn't play their own custard game that took the words of custard attorneys and librarians..
  10. My god.. actual communication.... I'm beiing a smart ass, but really, I truly do apreciate it. Community management and Communication in this game failed, been here since launch. Ask the Dev team how well the "insiders forum" served them...I would argue it ruined the game.
  11. I get it, my entire guild, except for a handful, is playing NW. I'm waiting for Mortal II in January. Unfortunately, ACE poorly made dergs the bed on this launch. My feaar is that they do not have the manpower nor funding to develop the game further. The only path forward for this game that I see is a ACE selling out. Then of course, you have no Idea where the new studio/developer will take it.
  12. Of course he's WB, Jah plays this game of semantics.. word play.. He's "Well Read". of course. I don't know why he bothers.. They'll be happy to destroy the game just to say they won. But hey, they have alliance mates that form an unstoppable zerg. Guess the echo chamber they created on the "Rich Boy Forums" paid off...
  13. Court of Evermore! Haven't heard that one in a while.. I played in GoA back in the day.. House Avari, Sundered Guard, AT... of course there was UDL, EQ and DHL!!!
  14. Wizard 101 UNCHAINED!!
  15. Anyone that does not understand this reasoning is ignorant..(not stupid, just.. ignorant). Sooooo.. I waive my magic wand, we have no AoE caps...SWEET! It's announced of course, so, all the people that can already form up 200 peeps adjust... the same juggernauts with the epics and legendarys.. So.. some people think.. that given the gear and vessel level disparity, they will be able to win.. when it matters... FALSE! You'll see a new META, where those guilds will be hitting your 40 unlimited AoE's with triangulated 120's and wipining you off the battlefield before you can blink.. waiting to respawn.. Oh, BTW, melee at that point will cease to exist entirely.. This is just common sense, anyone that believes otherwise is delusional.
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