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  1. Forcing people, or creating an designed filter/barrier is a bad idea. People need to be able to play where they wish. The problem, at least as I see it, is the chokepoint on resources. The guild I play with, The UnDeAd Legion, is pretty well organized, skilled in logistics and character building. We have crafters, gatherers, PvPers, we've all been here a long time. We get it. Unfortunately, on the best of nights, we roll out with 15, as the entire guild has not bought in to CF yet. But that isn't the problem...If everyone else was like that, it wouldn't matter. But they are not This is not a salt/cry/tears post. But.. The reality is, the two largest, well organized guilds (that are largely geared to the teeth), have chosen to band together in what was already a strong faction standing alone... and that's fine. The problem is, most of the rest of the population is undergeared and "newish". Balance controls all three forts.. good for them. They also control largely the adventure zones whenever they want. When they are not doing that, they RPK and farm the farmers in those zones. Hey, it is what it is. No hate. My problem is the lack of high end resources is a barrier to the smaller guy getting geared given the size of the current mapset.. Look at Chaos. Iron is the single driving force behind armor. There is 1 R6 and 1 R7 motherlode in the adventure zone, There are 5 single nodes outside our Keep that Balance owns. Resources should take effort to come by, but they do not need to be that scarce.
  2. Look at the map? Two factions are largely under geared (Chaos and Order). One isn't. Good thing there is very little high end iron in the game, right?. This campaign is already over. It will take Order and Chaos a while to catch up. Maybe next campaign.
  3. But what happens if/when you lose..... and you bring both forces to one tree?
  4. Just do a patch and make the Chaos Keep R10 and every other zone no more than 4. Fights right? custard stupid arguments.... Procedural generation is probably to blame, at least I'm guessing. But...Things need to be somewhat equitable. If this is going to be the model, just eliminate resources around keeps? Make everyone funnel to one adventure zone... right? Hey... Just take it.... right? Fights!?... custard yeah! This really needs to be addressed until they open the map up. Just my opinion
  5. harsh reality.... This game, though fashioned after SB, is not meant for the "average" SB player. "Old" SB players maybe... as in.... at launch, well..... maybe. The skill, admitadly.. is way higher here. The effort?....again, way higher here. It's a different game, and a different avenue to what we had. The only edge I have ever argued is that old SB players may have is the ability to endure through the sense of loss. The ability to come back. That, unfortunately, is trumped by most "old" SB players lack of effort to give or produce given the current game mechanics. I played SB from launch and worked on an emulated project with Brent aka "Murray Slaughter". So no one can sell me on how I don't understand what Shadowbane was, or what it became. The only value in SB was we all remembered it fondly... nostalgia. That has been destroyed. If you look at the wreck of both emulated projects, can you argue? Now, not because of the effort of the teams that recreated it, it's commendable, .. the effort. But, how do we remember the game as it used to be? It is a shell. If you honestly want to come here, and argue the virtues of a stack fight/no collision/tab target game, and tell every other gamer(that has no other frame of reference) that SB was the paragon of PvP gaming .. well.. you are custard delusional. If you custard believe that... PvP gaming has passed you by. It just makes everyone that ever played there look bad. If you disagree? Have fun! here's links. http://www.magicbane.com/ https://shadowbaneemulator.com/
  6. It depends on how rules are established. Lets take the Dregs ruleset for example (Guild Vs. Guild, no faction). There are, at least as planned for now, supposed to be zero import and export only at campaign end. So EKs do nothing for that rule set. A free city, in this instance woud open up a viable place for people to sell/trade wares without being ganked. In my opinion, a free city is needed in the Dregs. I actually would not mind solo players having the ability to "Tag" to a free city in the Dregs. They had that functionality in Shadowbane. The main free city (At first Khar Th'sekt, and then Sea Dog's Rest in later iterations) became a Trade/Social hub as well as a landing spot for mercs and solo rune hunters.
  7. I've got a 2080, R7 2700X and a fiber connection...locked up and died. Point is....... "First official live campaign" doesn't need to launch.. anytime soon..
  8. This. Here is reality. A wipe is not going to make things fair. The same guilds that make vessels, farm resources and craft gear will dominate the collection of resources until they are dominant again. Look at this recent push after wipe. I don't need to tell anyone that is active how hard it is to get quality Iron. It's in short supply. Its the high end resources that make the difference. So by some people's reasoning, should we enforce "one account" per person to make it "fair" as well. I call hogwash. One could argue, that if there is not a wipe, these high resource areas would be more (though not completely) "open" to new players coming in. Anyone can gather the mats to craft and equip whites to at least be competative. If anyone think all the "new people coming in" are going to have 5 accounts as I do, or 10.. or 32 (seeTark), then you are custard delusional. If you think they will have the organization and logistics down, then you are custard delusional. There is a reason some people (or guilds per se) get and amass gear quickly, and it has been explained by some of the more enlightened members in this thread. By the time the new people "get it", the established will be.... reestablished. Wipe or no wipe, poorly made socks will change little. By not wiping, we may actually have an in-game economy that is actually up and running again where people could actually buy, sell, trade and barter. That, IMHO, would actually help the new player.... a lot more than a wipe would. Ps. Leveling Purple vessels sucks it!
  9. Good fights tonight! Great group of guys here.
  10. To be fair.. you didn't hold the tree... and you (Balance) got wiped from the keep....by Order.. But absolutely.. fun times!
  11. I run an Ryzen 2700X and a RTX 2080, and I still have bad frames in the large keep fights. As far as the braziers go, I've never noticed an issue... but..I can remember before I upgraded my processor, The hunger crystals absolutely destroyed my frames. As the seasons progressed, the land was littered with because noone bothered taking them down.
  12. Then start early. It will be the same once live hits. It's hard enough that two weeks in it will become a wasteland (due to people not logging in once fall hits). The first few weeks will be fun, after that... not so much. Why compound this with wipes?
  13. There are no wooden planks or lacing sinew in forts... so ... so much for armor and shield crafting.
  14. It would run. But..... I would pdo this to make it better. Intel Core i5-8400 if you want to spend a little more or AMD Ryzen 3 2200G if you don't. The AMD chip is actually cheaper and a better performing chip. If you can afford 200.00 for s processor, go with the i5-8400. The AMD Ryzen 3 chip goes for 100.00 and offers better performance than the Intel G5400. Here's a link, skip to numbers 4 and 7 on the list. https://www.pcgamer.com/best-cpu-for-gaming/ Also, go with a 1060 over the 1050ti. It is a clearly superior card. You can get a 1060 3gb card for basically the same price. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/pKX2FT/evga-geforce-gtx-1060-3gb-sc-gaming-video-card-03g-p4-6162 If you can though spend the extra to get the 6gb version. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/pbL7YJ/evga-geforce-gtx-1060-6gb-gaming-video-card-06g-p4-6161-kr Good luck!
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