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  1. ACE Q&A for October - Official Discussion Thread

    To adress the "Resource Vendors". You guys have it half right. Sure, it allows ease of access and availability to craft. But... given the wipes(timesink to retrain to make harvesting worth a custard, and please...... I understand where the game is at this point), plus the RNG for crafters, you have killed dedicated harvestors with time sink involved and the threshold to get colored mats at any descent return. It sounds like you realize you made resources too cheap. Good Game! I can harvest 40K gold in an hour at Nasty Nick.....Think of the resoiurces I can buy... and spam.. on a crafter to get good rolls for gear. The blues and greens however, currently, can take a giant poorly made socks on combine making it worse than a white weapon if i am unlucky. Time wasted. If you want to make harvesters coveted, you're poorly made socksting the bed. 80 to 90% of the yield you get is whites, and given RNG, why bother as a harvester (on ore at least). Why not just go back to allowing people to make advanced weapons out of basic materials? As of now, the only way you get good resources is going out for Mother Lodes. Solo harvesters are marginalized now. Don't get me wrong, You've given a crutch that will eventually be evened out through time... you are creating false expectations. Why initiate that change? I like to PvP.... but.. If/when no one else is on I have ground out hours on nodes for little return on colored mats due to the training level you have implemented. Given the seasons.. it only compounds. People do not log in. That being said, it will catch up, so it's all good right?... unless.... you decide to wipe for 5.8. Long story short, I think the introduction of basic mat vendors will be a detriment to the game. I hope it's only for testing purposes. Overall I think ACE is doing a great job.
  2. Or... just go back to letting people make advanced gear with basic resources (slag weapons) and eliminate the need for a vendor. If they allowed armor to be made with slag/cobblestone/knotwood it may be poor, but given it could be gathered in an EK or Safehold, it wouldn't wreck harvesting.
  3. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    This. Rearrange the tree. Have Control Mitigations and bonuses spin off into singular threads. Have Stats spin off into singular threads. Make it where you have to only one pip to move forward through the chain, but make it scale, say 5, 11, 18, 25, 41, bonus back for investing in the last pip. Require only a percentage (say 50%) to train the Mastery Pip. Same goes with Harvesting, why should I be forced to have to four pip dust drop or inventory? At this point one has "forced" choices... as you are forced to train things you don't want(at least initially). You always will have the ability to go back to "fill in". But right now... as slow as it is... if I am forced to train/4 pip a craft and harvesting line.. that is just piss poor design.
  4. Whatchoo Listenin To?
  5. Probably not coming back up... I'd imagine the office is closed at this point.
  6. Is the test server down? Getting "Generic/Unknown HTTP Error"
  7. Refining solutions as a team forum: healing

    This may or may not be a problem... but...regardless of possible "rework".. Given the armor mitigations changes, and lack of large scale fights, it would be foolish in my opinion to make changes to the current healing system. Let's see a 20 vs. 20 with skilled/focused/spec groups in coms fight it out. I don't want to skew towards nerf at the current state just to see people get CC lockdown ROFLStomped when the game builds pop. In otherwords, it's honestly too early to tell. I don't want to see them scale healing to 5 v 5 when that is not where this game is heading.
  8. Disciplines rune question

    This will eventually change. The original plan IIRC, that is always subject to change, was to have majors drop off of Named NPCs or "Thralls"... but in order to "capture" the discipline, one would need to have a soul gem (harvested from ore nodes) in your inventory. for example: You are traipsing along the countryside... you stumble across "Taelmar the Spider", which you recognize as the Black Mask Major Disc Dropper. You don't really need it, but you know that there is demand for it on the open market. You engage and overcome Taelimar and attempt to capture the thrall. If you have a soul gem, you get the major rune. If you don't, you are out of gas. Soul gems of course vary in color from poor to legendary (grey to orange). I think the original plan was to have these major discipline runes improve incrementaly depencing on soul gem color.. but that too may be subject to change. TLDR ; This will not be the case when the game goes live.
  9. Lets Talk About Runegates

    I was thinking about exactly that earlier. It would be a a cool concept if they could encorporate something like that
  10. Make sure to log in to Test if you are able this afternoon to check out 5.7. Given your last post, I Think you'll be even more surprised.
  11. 5.7 and the Confessor?

  12. Stuttering problem

    The Frames are vastly improved on 5.7 Test. I was at between 15 to 35 on 5.6 depending on where I was at. On test last night I probably averaged around 70. There are still some spots where it dips into the 30s, but there are also spots I hit over 100 FPS. Overall, much improvement, and I expect it to be optimized much more as development progresses. I think, given your set up, you'll be much happier when 5.7 hits, or they open up testing to all backers. That being said, I'm anxious see how it holds up under a 20 v 20.
  13. Pick up the banner !

    Well done!
  14. Goodbye, 5.6!

    Good stuff...I chortled mightily at the "Juvenile" bit. Well done.