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    Law Enforcement, weight lifting, collegiate and professional football, local live music with friends and an ice cold beer (or a vodka tonic)! Oh, and gaming when I get the chance!
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  1. Yeah.. smart guy.. When you get drubbed by stealth gank groups 6 Vs 1 .. or.. "Unkle Bob" breaks your collective to the point of butt ass naked at a siege ... as a guild 40 v 20 .... then.. dear custard sir....I might ask that you then come back with your snappy dialoguge ......otherwise.. STFU.
  2. Yeah... this... Now to preface this, I came from Mortal Online, played it for 2.5 years until territory control changes ruined the game. I'm currently in the MORTAL II aplha. Full loot and inventory drop on death..But gear is easy to come by and craft.. so a suggestion.... How about the ACE team tests the collective time it takes to farm all the mats and craft time with failures to make gear. Once you get a clear handle on that grind, go out and get killed once or twice and see what you have left. Gear Drop on death is only viable when gear is easy to come by and/or crafting is not
  3. Well, it shouldn't matter. The fact that that game (a twenty year old re-release of a game that failed) will have significantly more people playing it than crowfall should be the biggest concern.
  4. I actually worked on te emulator doing design work when Brent had the "Play to Crush" project. I put in hundreds of hours in design....I say that to say....old game is old... I don't know why people still play it.
  5. This more than anything.. 8 to 10 man groups. Ability to convert resources at a 10 to 1 scale. (100 white = 10 Green, 100 Green = 10 Blue etc.) Eliminate keep/fort resource production. Make captured Guard Towers produce resources and reduce the number of them.. Think the Shadowbane Mine System...
  6. I hate talking about SB, because people roll their eyes.. but.. The starting trait specialization and manipulation of stat points was amazing. If they can find a way.. do it for sure.
  7. Too bad 4+ years was wasted... Oner of my biggest gripes. I know, I know.. "Development".. The present "community" is a prime example of lack of "development" over 5 years. Kudos to ACE for pulling that trigger. They need to be more engaged.
  8. So did I. Though I doidn't like the MOBA feel of it, so I held offf until Big World. I've been here since it was a countdown timer.
  9. Not trying to pile on.... and as a qualifier, I'm sold on the game (I have 8 accounts, a KS Amber and purchased assets.. I'm invested "somewhat"). But...Alpha.. beta, wtf ever metric you wish to use... for a game that is realistically in this "level of development", or lack there of aftrer 5 years and 30+ million..It's a really.....reaaaaaaly poor showing. There is almst NO community development, minimal to poor communication and a sub-par product. I am looking at alternatives, largely because I think that it will be Shadowbane 2.0.. in the worst of ways. Pushed to market broken for the
  10. Reminds me of OPP tags... Good stuff though, and good luck!
  11. you're a pain in the ass, but mad respect, you do what you do well! Hats off!
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