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  1. Fort siege is borked. Cannot add resources to Brookhurst walls. I then took Bastions (from Chaos to Order) hollow. Filled the entire bar to max capture... still has Chaos Banners with Chaos Guards.
  2. Marauding rpk clans of old. a story and a question

    I too came from SB. Participated in multiple server wars, from launch to close. I think you may be missing something though. I don't believe what you plan will work here, that you understand the scope of what it will take to be successful, at least in the Dregs, or Guild vs. Guild campaigns. This game, in large part, is based on a lot of Shadowbanes principles. It varies in a couple of very important ways. In the dregs... there will be no imports. you must build everything. You will be working against a ticking clock as the seasons progress, the hunger sets in and resources become scarce. Everything from ore to food will be in demand. Logistics will play a large part in a guilds success. Gathering resources via gank squad will not be a reliable or efficient way to obtain these needed resources. Guilds will have an inherent need to have people that farm leather and meat, wood and apples, ore and stone. Guilds will NEED to have every crafter in the book to feed the thralls, create blueprints and pump out the best gear and vessels from factories. I don't see guilds selling gear in the Dregs, what is the point... to equip others that you will compete against? You will need towns with thralls and factories to compete. Resources feed the war machine. Point is, a PvP guild (which we definitely are) won't survive without dedicated crafters and harvesters. Regardless, Welcome! and Good Luck!

    I wouldn't want it to look like that... but yeah... we need a "Green Skin". From Shadownbane "Grobold", which was their take. It would be a "small race". but it would be an alt to rats. Think "Goblin" and less "lizard"... though SB's "Lizard Men" would be cool as well.
  4. What Minors are you guys using? (Rangers)

    Though I have never played ranger, it seems like Plate Proficiency and Sturdy would be two good ones to have. Plate chest for resists and leather helm, gloves and boots for damage bonus. Maybe Demons Pact for extra passsive slot?
  5. Touché. You are correct, I didn't think of that!
  6. It will all wash out. Anyone that has played for any length of time, and Srathor should know this, white resources basically become worthless over time. Or to me they were. Now you have two options, you can take those stacks of white iron, spruce, granite et al. and choose to make lower tier weapons and armor to sell in your EK or create parcels with them. Creating them should be time consuming, otherwise no one would purchase them.. right? ACE is not in the business of charity and Crowfall, as a project, is not an altruistic endeavor.. they have stakeholders. That being said, given the amount of resources needed to create parcels, campaign exports may have to be revisited.
  7. Chat Recommendations

    They will. I used to kill Shadowbane Global Chat due to juvenile poorly made socks talk and macro spam from people trying to sell poorly made socks.
  8. deja vu experience

    I know that this was tongue in cheek, but a little background. Lets look at Shadowbane. There were 22 Classes 12 Races 45 Discipline runes The game degenerated to Minotaur Warriors/Dwarf Priests/Aelfborn Bards for literally all engagements (At the highest level if you wanted to compete to win). Solo small scale were almost always Aracoix(Think Birdmen) Thieves or scout stealthers. 90% of race/class combinations were never played. I know everything can not be equal, but.... skewing balance too far removes alot of pieces, flavor, variety or WTF ever you wish to call it off of the field of play. Basically, it sucks. And I don't agree, I detest Elken almost as bad as the thought of playing Guinea pigs (which I absolutely reefuse to do)
  9. deja vu experience

    Except Nethari.. they are not good for anything. Apologizing for the rant in advance! Given what Elken brings, you could argue they are the best for Cleric, Confessor, Knight and Ranger. I know there needs to be balance passes, but ...damn. And Blair, during P-A5L actually talked about giving Elken Pole Mace/Axe? Good grief! I want to play Cleric and Confesssor but don't want to play Elken, but feel like I am being forced into it due to balance issues.... Range, Trailmaster, Gestalt, Head Butt vs. Nethari's "Call Flames".. That's no choice at all, especially when considering custom stat vessels. The extra 30 int means nothing. They need to give Nethari the same bonus slots Humans currently have, then it would be viable.
  10. The outage has been since early afternoon yesterday as far as I can tell.
  11. I think it has something to do, or an issue with monetary transactions in the EU IIRC.
  12. Agreed. Communication could be a lot better, that's for sure. I didn't even realize that testing access had been expanded to Beta 1 "Pioneer Pack" until I randomly tried to log on an alt account on a whim. That said... I am taking it the servers are still down with no idea if/when they will come online?
  13. Ugggggghhh! I know I should have switched training... Don't suppose we could get an ETA on when... or if it's coming back up today?
  14. Campaign population capacity?

    This is probably something for the Devs to answer, but.. As of right now the client isn't optimized for anything approaching 100v100v100. But..that won't happen (optimization) until most of the content is added. Hopefully they will stress 5.6 Test before it gets pushed to live. In the past, anything involving large groups have led to large message spikes. Edit: JTC has stated that ACE is shooting for between 1500 to 2K players per server, so I would "assume" that they plan on optimizing for large scale seiges.