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    Law Enforcement, weight lifting, collegiate and professional football, local live music with friends and an ice cold beer (or a vodka tonic)! Oh, and gaming when I get the chance!
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  1. I don't see a wide path ahead for success.... The idea was great,.. BUT.. the engine choice, community development (PAN), the rich boy forums (perception, reality doesn't matter to the great unwashed) Koster' grind, Blair... Unfortunately this will be a failure... a custard culmination of 6 years of bad decisions....JFC.... I'll look back and hate to think what this game could have been....
  2. well, .. I can remember when you couldn't switch factions until the next campaign....so it used to be that way..... so why couldn't it now? Though , TBH, everyone will glom onto the strongest faction after a cycle or two.... seen this episode before...it'll be laughable! Rerun from literally 3 years ago.... People will gripe at ACE about how overbalanced factions are killing "Shadow"..
  3. This. I have to reboot my comp every 4-6 hours or so, at least playing this game (Radeon 6800XT, Ryzen 5800X, 32 GB 3200 DDR 4. MSI X570 board, 1.2 GB internet)......I think there is some type of memory leak that adversely affects some more than others.. I can average 40-50 fps with a 120-150 man seige.. but if i don't restart my comp ever 4-6 hours.. I'll die in PvP or PvE because.. out of the custard blue...none of my powers or movement work... I sit there like a custard pinata taking it in the face like a porn star asking for seconds!! This is literally the ONLY game I have to do this with. I play Mortal II and can play forever at "cinematic" and average over 100fps.......forever... One day.. this game will not suck, at least performance wise.. maybe...
  4. They couldn't handle everyone on one dregs server, even with a 250 cap. Or I should say you can, but get ready for the ultra competative zone locks during seige times...
  5. I love CF, or the Idea of it. But honestly... hope is dwindling. I just don't trust the team to prosecute the vision. At best I see it being sold off and becoming a P2W micro-trans sweet pea. I love Mortal Online II. Just waiting for housing and keeps. If you haven't tried it, I highly suggest it
  6. The Seige tonight was a poorly made dergs show. Hope it get's better. We had groups of people that could not release and many more that could not queue in... I mean nothing of this as an excuse or disparage the efforts of the winning side, But server performance here custard sucks. PSS... you will not get this kind of load test on "kill the devs on test".
  7. Was good fun. Performance sucked (server wise). No excuses.. good game..
  8. larger zone caps doesn't mean the continuation of smaller maps does it...?
  9. This dev team is truly clueless at times... Have more zones like Skypoint... more camps... and kill the heralds and kings.. I would argue chief max. But it gives the "great unwashed" a place to farm the runes they need, at the punushing drop rate that they are doled out of course.... It's a midground. custard the NPE, everyone hates it. Just make one server and name it NPE! That way those that want it have it... Create 4 servers with larger maps and more mob camps, with more zones like Skypoint and then people can feeel comfortable easing themselves in. It;s not rocket science... just play your own damned game..
  10. Thank you sir... Problem solved.. BTW, for those that have been around long enough.. I haven't done that (Block/ignore) since custard VikingNail.. 🤣
  11. Rich..... You are a bloviating self absorbed try hard. Honestly, I think you do this for kicks... Kind of like "Click Bait". You sir, have to be a miserable custard to have the post count you do simply spewing the same old poorly made dergs..... so.. Please dear sir, don't confuse my "existence" with your pitiful piss-poor version of "attention starved dog" syndrome.. Look in the mirror and express those sincere condolences to the miserable custard that deserves them. I just want to know how to delete yor tired ass. You are an annoyance.
  12. Is there an option to absocustardingloutely block a CUSTARDWIT so i do not see their posts anymore? <hint "free real estate">
  13. True, regardless of "numbers", if you want fights, they are not hard to find... unless you don't know where to go. We had big fights on dregs last night that ranged from 70 to 100+ people.. had a blast. oh and one bit of advice in parting.. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  14. Start on page 79 and work your way up... https://devtrackers.gg/crowfall?page=79
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