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    Law Enforcement, weight lifting, collegiate and professional football, local live music with friends and an ice cold beer (or a vodka tonic)! Oh, and gaming when I get the chance!
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  1. Basically STFU and ask for cookies somewhere else?
  2. Thank you... though this shouldn't be needed...
  3. As real campaigns arrive, so will the stories. I don't mean that as a slight, just as the truth. "Forumbane" was just as big a part of Shadowbane as the game ever was. Server wars of attrition that lasted literally months...It was organic, derived out of angst, animosity and (for some) hatred. Melnibone, Sapling of Death..The Fall of Mordkessell is still legendary for those that remember. The Bane on pleasure (an 18 hour seige) was epic. Prescripted or prescribed lore cannot replicate it. We don't have that now, but hopefully we will.... So far it's been boredom, complacency, sporadic interest .. and the "Try Hards" . When it arrives, if done well, there wil be no need to solicit stories.They wil be delivered. Deliver.
  4. True.. Thanks for ... communicating. That being said.. whoever made the executive decision to change "SH1T" to "poorly made dergs" gets a huge thumbs up!!!!
  5. Sure, in a vacuum, create a "3rd" server. You'd have live, test build and test live. Forget sacrafice. remove any calls and recode a structure or branch to auto_max_lvl_30. White vessel only, free everything, from runes to resources (meat to ore). God's reach only. Or we could we could go with your suggestion.. Either would would take time, recoding and resources to make something that most people .. the vast majority will never use... at a cost. Though I do not know the cost to keep the servers up, or the man hours to dump towards something so trivial, it would, given JTodd's current announcement, pull resources away from what really needs to be developed.... Could it be done, sure. Will it be done? Never. We can continue in an academic excercise of arguement point/counter point...but i don't see the use.. Not... gonna... happen...
  6. I guess we check back in April... not happening this week by the sounds of it.
  7. 12 million, though significant, is nota "game changer" to a studio given 60+ employees and operating costs and overhead. Regardless, if I'm breaking out the wallet, there are better things to go to the mat for than respec on white vessels..
  8. Mind plays tricks.. I "misread" "promo"...
  9. Or.. you could look at it as a way to get people in to get a "first look" and start setting up their EKs.... or you could just subscribe to "dull"
  10. This. Even if the world is not ready, allowing people to start training (I have seven accounts), log into an ek, look over the new changes, log in a Frostweaver and bacically just hooligan around would not change expectations or deliver a "broken launch". If they are willling to spin up EKs and training i see no real harm. The regular worlds are dead.
  11. I get it, you are obviously new. You are right, I have been here since launch. At face value, allowing respecs of white vessels I could go all in on.... but.. with a limited budget for development, this is literally not going to happen. That being said, if you are new, almost everyone that is established tells new players to find a guild for this exact reason. Crowfall is a game of community, ...partnerships, goals ...symbiosis. You can and will not be everything, at least not for a very, very long time. A lot of your angst would be solved by joining a community. There are those that are still active in this "dead period". If you have your own clan, there are communities that will bring your whole group in to teach you the ropes. People are always looking to form contacts, network, lay the groundwork for alliances. This game will skew to numbers. I highly suggest you find a community. If you do, I feel your concerns will be lessened..
  12. <Sigh> I miss shade as a race, Well... at least we have guinea pigs......☚ī¸. If they would have at least chosen wererat or rat and not a "furry" I would have been happy... I stilll refuse to play Guinecian to this day....
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