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  1. Rich..... You are a bloviating self absorbed try hard. Honestly, I think you do this for kicks... Kind of like "Click Bait". You sir, have to be a miserable custard to have the post count you do simply spewing the same old poorly made dergs..... so.. Please dear sir, don't confuse my "existence" with your pitiful piss-poor version of "attention starved dog" syndrome.. Look in the mirror and express those sincere condolences to the miserable custard that deserves them. I just want to know how to delete yor tired ass. You are an annoyance.
  2. Is there an option to absocustardingloutely block a CUSTARDWIT so i do not see their posts anymore? <hint "free real estate">
  3. True, regardless of "numbers", if you want fights, they are not hard to find... unless you don't know where to go. We had big fights on dregs last night that ranged from 70 to 100+ people.. had a blast. oh and one bit of advice in parting.. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  4. Start on page 79 and work your way up... https://devtrackers.gg/crowfall?page=79
  5. Well.... "technically" one person could have everything. It would just take a lot of time. With the amount of character slots, with two accounts, you could do everything (including dual boxing to take down motherlodes)! Crafting and exploration discs are now removable. Now you would honestly have to be a custard masochist to attempt it (mainly having to farm the metric custardton of gold to run up your discs and belts), but it could be done... HAVE AT IT BOYS!!!! #CFGOALS
  6. Agreed wholeheartedly. My statement was a rediculous example as well.
  7. Ive seen two heralds and a chief in one camp......good luck clearing that custarder!
  8. Well, I think there was a fatal flaw, ACE listened to an echo chamber for years, thinking it was a representative of the entire player base. Think of the "Focus Group" in SB, and how it detrimentally steered the game. Well, guess what.. years of the proletariat screaming was ignored... and we have ... this..
  9. Well..... I don't really know what to say to this.. other than you are new to the game. Number one, look for viable fixes... coded bonusus or penalties are not viable considering the size of the team, their budget and the stream of current development... that's just a fact. What they could do, is form a large spiderweb... I'm talking 20-30 shards to spread the population out. That is available tech, even at 200 per shard as long as thy can scale it up with shard count. If you build it, they will come. If it remains current, you will bleed population. The small guy, even if he isn't going to win, needs a place where they can at least feel they can belong.. "Feel ownership". There is none of that currently. Nor will there ever be under the current paradigm. ACE needs to rectify this major flaw before it kills the game. This game cannot thrive, or survive long term given the current format. I could be wrong though...
  10. How about they make a larger map with more camps that isn't so easy to dominate?
  11. They are going to kill their own game....well..what's left of it..
  12. You're usually better than this... Reality vs. Design flaw are two different things. ACE has largely poorly made dergs the bed on this launch. But hey, if they are aiming for a 500 man player base, they are doing a hell of a job.
  13. Or just make a custard bigger mapset.. custard ACE poorly made dergs the bed on this one..
  14. @mdonley Puhleeze look at drop rates for stone harvesting runes.. I've hit over 200, I haven't got one. I have two other guildmates that have experienced the same issue. I have a half giant, intermediates with starting rune. EDIT: both in Skypoint and Dregs.. all nodes over R5.
  15. No poorly made dergs, and even if it were true.. there are ways to mitigate/stop that. But .. i guess they spent all the extra dev money designing rediculous new forum badges....
  16. I'll wait until there are 60 people on per server and try again....
  17. 6 years of development and over 40 million... sir, you could not be more wrong....
  18. When you build a game too small for 6 years and rush it to market....
  19. I have fiber, 1.2 gig down with 45 up..80 bucks a month in internet bill... I have a 6800XT Radeon Card with 32 gb 3200 DDR4 ram.. AMD 5800X CPU......over 3K in my rig... And.. I can't get this to run.. HOUSTON>>> WE HAVE A custard PROBLEM!!!!
  20. Amazing job, and well put together. They should pin this.
  21. My larger point was that with a big map and free building, more guilds would have a base of operations, or piece of the pie so to speak. Shards cwould become more regionalized, locations could actually become more strategic geographically as far as terrain defense or harvesting/gathering advantages. You'd still have to defend them, but the current format (availability of meaningful keeps, forts are largely worthless) does not lend itself to large scale conquest... just my opinion. Think old SB.
  22. Full loot given the current crafting/harvesting dynamics is a custard no-go..
  23. Large map + free building = Success.. Sooner they get it in the better..
  24. Amen.. please ....for God's sake, If you actually play the game, these cap bonuses are worthless.. ACE might as well eliminate them....
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