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  1. I bought this game very recently and it is not at all what I expected it to be. That's fine; other people might like it. I am aware that this is pre-alpha and that (hopefully) these things will be repaired, but in its current state, Crowfall is not something I will be playing. I am aware that I cannot get a refund. In that case, I hope you use my money to make the game match the lore you worked so hard on. I appreciate your hard work, but I don't want to spend money to test your game for you, thank you. I bought it hoping to enjoy what was there, because every other MMO on the market has proven to be garbage. What I'm missing right now is mostly polish, to be honest - character customization, in-game story, better models and textures - but you can't deny that, at present, the game's not very fun. For a PVP-focused game with a heavy emphasis on crafting, the combat is jagged and poor and the resource gathering monotonous; for an MMO, not enough people are here yet to make interactions very fun. The game's presentation and environment are nothing like the much more appealing concept art, and the experience is so bare-bones and directionless that I simply see no reason to go on exploring the ugly, empty worlds. Developers: do not give up on this game. I gave you my money; I refuse your offer of a testing environment. Beta testing is a job, and I do not want to pay you for the opportunity to have that job. I have given my contribution; take it, along with the contributions of all the others who have hope in this game, and make something I will come back to once it's done.
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