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  1. In the current live patch there are passives that can be slotted exclusively to the survival tray (for example passives sourcing from exploration disciplines). After removal of the survival tray and simultaneous removal of passive slots/passive cap, how will those passives work? Will passive abilities be activated or deactivated based on being IC/OOC? Relevant Example: Slotting the exploration discipline Connoisseur grants the passive Glycolysis, which only goes into the survival tray passive slots. On current live patch, this is already a useful discipline/passive in combat, since it allows players to regain stamina by weaving into survival tray and consuming apples. In a scenario where all passives are active independent of IC/OOC in addition to a neat Consumables slot, it would be possible to spam apples to regain stamina in combat (tray) and potentially even during Block/Parry, given that Connoisseur remains unchanged.
  2. Hi Mortavius, This thread is specifically about feedback on the German localization/translation of the Crowfall client. Playtest bug reports related to the current patch belong Here. As far as I know, the camouflage ability of the major discipline Illusionist is disabled on all classes with a class-native stealth tray (Duelist, Assassin and Ranger). The camouflage mechanic (Illusionist discipline and Wood elf racial ability) works in a way that you are only hidden once your character turns "purplish". During the transparent phase you are not actually invisible to other players, but only your name and healthbar are. For Uniform Mail and Uniform Plate minor disciplines to apply their respective buffs, the passive has to be slotted in a combat tray and your character has to be in that combat tray. The buff usually doesn't apply instantly, your character needs to be in the tray the passive is slotted in for a few seconds. I am assuming that you equipped your character exclusively and completely with the correct armor type, meaning a full plate set when using uniform plate and full set of mail when using uniform mail, respectively.
  3. Usually, wipes come with a purchase reset. You will find items that you have imported from the in-game purchase menu back there, ready for import.
  4. There is a bug related to the target dummies' mitigations. For some reason target dummies have 50 mitigation towards all damage types BUT piercing dmg (0 Piercing Mitigation). That's why you observe a damage decrease by factor 2, simply reflecting the 50% Crushing Mitigation towards your Crushing Quiver versus 0% Piercing Mitigation versus your Piercing Arrows.
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