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  1. In my opinion, it doesn't make any sense to recommend for new players to familiarize themselves with obsolete gameplay mechanics (e.g. the survival tray system) or old game graphics at this very moment. "Smoother and more predictable gameplay experience" just isn't a valid argument with a development gap between Live and Test environment this big. It's not like the Test server has major downtimes from constant patching that would lead to an inferior gameplay experience. In fact, New players ask why the (live client) servers are empty and get directed to the Test environment client on a daily basis. I really think you should temporarily direct new players to the TEST environment until you transition the 5.110 build to the Live client. That would almost certainly produce less confusion than that announcement. Also, I am curious how attaining or passing level 10 will give you any insight into the basic gameplay mechanics. You will find yourself with roughly two abilities on your hotbar and have killed about seven mobs. But hopefully people haven't noticed the survival tray before they transition to the test environment :)
  2. I am pretty confident that i can rule out all of those potential causes. I had fruitful AND blank runs with old potions. I had blank runs without the use of connoisseur/or foreman. The only thing I wanna bring up for further observation is the following: For at least one of our blank runs, party members couldn't see the icon for the potion buff on the carrier in the party frames, while the carrier himself could see it in his buff bar.
  3. Can confirm that the game completely bugs out after taking a runegate while Bard songs are active. Relogging does not resolve this issue, even logging into another account will sustain this bug. Only restarting the client gets rid of it.
  4. We have experienced blank runs before dregs were released, which makes me very sceptical about the tool origin theory. Also, we have experienced blank runs with tools without any secondary stat on them. We have originally thought that gem/mineral chance tools might affect the issue during a snapshot before dregs but have scrapped that idea meanwhile.
  5. With very high statistical confidence, there must be a bug with Mineral/Gem Harvesting potions. Despite the Mineral/Gem Harvesting potion correctly lifting the relevant stat in the character details tab, it sometimes doesn't translate into real harvesting chance. We have experienced multiple "Full blank runs", meaning that we haven't seen a single mineral or gem drop in the entire duration of a potion (30 minutes). The difference in mineral or gem loot between successful runs and blank runs is so big, and the calculated probability of a blank run is so statisically implausible that there has to be a bug that makes the potion ineffective despite showing the correct lift of harvesting chance in the character details tab. That said, we are fully aware of the Motherload mechanics and the determination of the character whose harvesting statistics are applied to the node and have been tracking the node damage distribution via combatlog parsers. So far, we haven't been able to reproduce the bug intentionally and do not know what causes the potion to be ineffective. This bug has been experienced in this specific snapshot 5.110 4/27/20 and also in earlier snapshots of 5.110. Unfortunately we can't rule out that this bug has been around in 5.100 already, since our advanced passive training would have masked the bug in the way that we would have had an adequate mineral/gem harvesting chance even with the potion being ineffective.
  6. Disagree on the replacement of toxin application chance rings. VERY critical to Cutthroats.
  7. Druid LMB Orbs do not despawn after use (ever). Potential contributor to performance issues!
  8. In the current live patch there are passives that can be slotted exclusively to the survival tray (for example passives sourcing from exploration disciplines). After removal of the survival tray and simultaneous removal of passive slots/passive cap, how will those passives work? Will passive abilities be activated or deactivated based on being IC/OOC? Relevant Example: Slotting the exploration discipline Connoisseur grants the passive Glycolysis, which only goes into the survival tray passive slots. On current live patch, this is already a useful discipline/passive in combat, since it allows players to regain stamina by weaving into survival tray and consuming apples. In a scenario where all passives are active independent of IC/OOC in addition to a neat Consumables slot, it would be possible to spam apples to regain stamina in combat (tray) and potentially even during Block/Parry, given that Connoisseur remains unchanged.
  9. Hi Mortavius, This thread is specifically about feedback on the German localization/translation of the Crowfall client. Playtest bug reports related to the current patch belong Here. As far as I know, the camouflage ability of the major discipline Illusionist is disabled on all classes with a class-native stealth tray (Duelist, Assassin and Ranger). The camouflage mechanic (Illusionist discipline and Wood elf racial ability) works in a way that you are only hidden once your character turns "purplish". During the transparent phase you are not actually invisible to other players, but only your name and healthbar are. For Uniform Mail and Uniform Plate minor disciplines to apply their respective buffs, the passive has to be slotted in a combat tray and your character has to be in that combat tray. The buff usually doesn't apply instantly, your character needs to be in the tray the passive is slotted in for a few seconds. I am assuming that you equipped your character exclusively and completely with the correct armor type, meaning a full plate set when using uniform plate and full set of mail when using uniform mail, respectively.
  10. Usually, wipes come with a purchase reset. You will find items that you have imported from the in-game purchase menu back there, ready for import.
  11. There is a bug related to the target dummies' mitigations. For some reason target dummies have 50 mitigation towards all damage types BUT piercing dmg (0 Piercing Mitigation). That's why you observe a damage decrease by factor 2, simply reflecting the 50% Crushing Mitigation towards your Crushing Quiver versus 0% Piercing Mitigation versus your Piercing Arrows.
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