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  1. Hey, Normal Mount Movement Speed: 135% Epic Mount Movement Speed: 150% You'll notice the difference when chasing someone with a normal mount
  2. Differences in the location of the Keep's respawn statues relative to the center of the map (keep orientation) result in the respawn statues NOT being active up to the same point in time. Keep Respawn statues are supposed to be active and available for respawning until the end of Fall, 12 minutes left in the HD match. The respawn statue of the West Keep specifically is inactivated by the hunger sphere 90 seconds too early! In addition, It looked like the Hunger sphere was not centered, but the center of the sphere should not move in Fall already? Screenshot 1: West Keep, 13 min 36 secon
  3. In my opinion, both the race choice and the talent build are 100% optimal. Naiad and Phantom armor are both my go-to first pick choices for Major and minor disciplines for this specific Race/Talent build. Transcendent Warrior Major and Resurrection minor disciplines are the only two aspects of the build where I can see very minor potential for improvement (e.g. Toughness instead of Resurrection, as already suggested). As it is, the build is very competitive and minor tweaks would be entirely preference based.
  4. God's reach allows to slot Dodge and Block into Melee and ranged tray, respectively. The Centaur dodge is very powerful and being able to choose between dodging and blocking on a Centaur Cleric by tray swapping (without needing to hotswap dodge/block into your ability bar on demand) is very strong.
  5. Naiad covers some of the Inquisitors weaknesses and is an often underestimated major discipline. Empirically Fountain of Life has shown to be the strongest discipline healing ability in the game for the last 2-3 years.
  6. Sun Worshipper's ability got changed from soothing winds to Chainheal
  7. Weapon finesse doesn't stack with highelf racial, slightly inefficient choice. Toughness for Resurrection would be a slight improvement. Third minor would make it impossible to take all stat bundles, and no minor is better than those for the Inquisitor.
  8. In my opinion, it doesn't make any sense to recommend for new players to familiarize themselves with obsolete gameplay mechanics (e.g. the survival tray system) or old game graphics at this very moment. "Smoother and more predictable gameplay experience" just isn't a valid argument with a development gap between Live and Test environment this big. It's not like the Test server has major downtimes from constant patching that would lead to an inferior gameplay experience. In fact, New players ask why the (live client) servers are empty and get directed to the Test environment client on a dai
  9. In the current live patch there are passives that can be slotted exclusively to the survival tray (for example passives sourcing from exploration disciplines). After removal of the survival tray and simultaneous removal of passive slots/passive cap, how will those passives work? Will passive abilities be activated or deactivated based on being IC/OOC? Relevant Example: Slotting the exploration discipline Connoisseur grants the passive Glycolysis, which only goes into the survival tray passive slots. On current live patch, this is already a useful discipline/passive in combat, since it a
  10. Usually, wipes come with a purchase reset. You will find items that you have imported from the in-game purchase menu back there, ready for import.
  11. There is a bug related to the target dummies' mitigations. For some reason target dummies have 50 mitigation towards all damage types BUT piercing dmg (0 Piercing Mitigation). That's why you observe a damage decrease by factor 2, simply reflecting the 50% Crushing Mitigation towards your Crushing Quiver versus 0% Piercing Mitigation versus your Piercing Arrows.
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