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  1. Hi, With the requirement of finding a scroll for the epic mount plus using the minor discipline "scroll case" (3k gold at the minor disc vendor) to use the respective scroll to craft an epic mount, I think it's pretty weird that epic mounts are still tagged as a non-tradeable item. This has the consequence that everyone in a guild needs at least one character per account that uses the scroll case discipline (again: 3k gold) permanently just to be able to convert epic mount scrolls into epic mounts. In a scenario where the spiritbank is not functional (for example in a no import campaign) this means that every single time u need to (re)craft an epic mount, u would need to delete one of your minor disciplines, spend 3k gold for the scrollcase discipline, craft ur epic mount and then eventually replace that scrollcase minor again with a combat minor discipline. I think the effort needed to find the epic mount scroll combined with the effort to set up a character that is able to convert that scroll into a mount justifies the item to be at least tradeable. Or is it intentional design that every character needs to use a minor discipline slot to basically be able to use an epic mount? Please tell me if i am missunderstanding this mechanic and there is a more efficient way of supplying a guild/multiple accounts with epic mounts.
  2. Just for the record. The account named Fade is not mine and u must have been really unlucky xD
  3. Hi, I've noticed that sometimes I do not lose passives/associated buffs after replacing the respective discipline and the specific passiv. This leads to me having buffs/passives functional (not only a visual bug in buffs column!) from more than two major disciplines. The most recent example: I used Agent Provocateur and Knifegrinder on my Assassin and proceded to replace Knifegrinder with Scarecrow and slotted the passive associated with Scarecrow. After doing so, I noticed that the passive 'long live the fighter' associated to the Knifegrinder discipline was still active in my buff column without being a slotted passive and discipline. I was able to use all spells granted by the disciplines Agent Provocateur and Scarecrow and my auto attacks did apply stackable bleeds from the Knifegrinder passive. The 'long live the fighter' buff from Knifegrinder was only removed after relogging about an hour later. I've noticed this phenomenon about three times and was not able to reproduce it intentionally after the most recent occurence.
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