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    Fayde reacted to Yumx in Warstory: The Kansas City Shuffle   
    After being pushed back from our initial attack, we had to come up with something else.
    Well played to everyone involved.
    We are recruiting!
    Looking for 2x flex players and 2 support players!
    Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
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    Fayde reacted to Makuza in 5.100 Snap Test Bug Reports for 8/15/19 and 8/16/19   
    Still the same issues with heals get blocked by enemies and groundtargets stuck to everything (friend/foe)
    The 3rd Orb has a huge delay now. The visual appears after you already placed 2 new ones from the next combo.
    The Orbs stay visualwise longer than they should. The visual is there for 90 seconds, while you can only pick them up until the 60 second-mark
    Rapidfire with the perk (Archertree) 'Amazing Rapidity' increases the shootcount to 9 instead of 10
    Bowchargespeed....to prove my feelings about that, I had to make a video to compare and actuall measure it. Iam not sure if its intended to work like it does, but the chargespeedreduction (with a cap of 100%) reduces only the chargespeed of 1 second (the bowcharge takes 2 seconds). That means 50% Bowchargespeedreduction would leave you with a chargetime of 1.5seconds. 
    In the video you can see 
    topleft: Without bowchargespeed-mod
    topright: With Hastequiver 18% Haste
    bottomleft: With Spellboundbow 17.25% Haste
    bottemright: Hastequiver 18% + Spellboundbow 17.25% = 35.25% Haste
    needless to say that iam rendering in 30frames, which leaves a kinda inaccurate number on it by cutting the different vids, but I think its obviously enough
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    Fayde reacted to Yumx in Life and Death of a Vanguard - By Hithar   
    "A short montage made to celebrate latest Crowfall campaigns and all its participants." - Hithar

    Enjoy @Hithars amazing work with an awesome montage of clips and an insight into our guild Vanguard, from the past few campaigns.

    Vanguard Guild Thread
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    Fayde got a reaction from Makuza in The old 'quiver's dmg suck' topic   
    There is a bug related to the target dummies' mitigations.
    For some reason target dummies have 50 mitigation towards all damage types BUT piercing dmg (0 Piercing Mitigation).
    That's why you observe a damage decrease by factor 2, simply reflecting the 50% Crushing Mitigation towards your Crushing Quiver versus 0% Piercing Mitigation versus your Piercing Arrows.
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    Fayde reacted to Soulreaver in #Warstory - As fall draws close.   
    Fall is near, soon the chilling grasp “of the Hunger” will take a hold of us all – again.   I’m abruptly interrupted in my trail of thoughts, by the ill-omened sound of catapults crashing against the castle walls.  Shouts cut through the chilling air of enemies’ position, of “Balance” approach.  I ruffle my wings and take position on the North West tower bridge where yet again forced to fight within the confinements of the Keep walls.  Yet again in the outskirts of the fight my services will be needed.

    From the shadows I watch “Balance” make haste up the ramps of the inner walls, cursing the eager builders of the guild – esthetics over practicality – “Why do they persist to rebuild those inner walkways”.  My Caltrops are placed to slow as many of them as possible in their push for the “Tree of Life”.  The first Ballista goes up – my first target appears.  A mere breath later they charge, fortunately we had anticipated this action.  I stop them in their tracks so their push can be met with fire and might.  Wreaking havoc in their attempt to cross the bridge.  An unfortunate soul is tossed down from the bridge, separated from the group it’s a chance I can’t let pass by.  As my blades come crushing down on his armor, he’s fortunate enough to retreat to the ramp of his allies – comforted once more by the shadows.  Shadows providing the safety till I can once more strike.
    “Balance” pushes once more, as they cross the bridge I advance on the ballista, knowing for the defense to last it must be removed.  I hear the sound of metal behind me, as unleash a flurry of attacks on the siege weapon – its demise is immediate, and its operator is not soon to escape.  Knowing others will follow, I make my way to the “Tree of Life”
    The random fights of a siege occur, right until I see yet another ballista placed.  Making my way through the walkways I quickly move to my allies’ aid.  The rain of fire from the Ballistas must stop, just as I get there our rangers are able to take it down, yet it’s operator – she’s still alive.... for now.
    She drop down from the wall being completely cut off from her allies, something that also spelled her ultimate doom.  The call is made for the Tree of Life, and with her blood on my blades, I make my way to my allies’ side.
    As I enter the room, the aura from the Tree of Life lingers, I swiftly give chase to two that have been cut off from their group.  I know that fire of one of our Confessors will aid me in this fight, so I leave the comforts of stealth and let the fury of my blades rain down on the unaware champion.  He tries to recover, but as others before him – the death of toxins gets the better of him in the end.
    Voices call through the air of “Balance” doing a final retreat, a call I answer.  All that have survived engage to drive them out of the keep, fights that persistently push them on the retreat.  Knowing that we had downed enough of their forces, leaving them in the “shroud of death”, time was on our side now.  The push was made complete as we cut them off from their ability to kill our tree..  In the end, the “Banetree” fell, as did the further attempts from “Balance”.
    They will be back... and we will be waiting.
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    Fayde reacted to Yumx in [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]   
    Another epic sunday evening on the EU server, this time it ended in a huge open field fight!
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    Fayde reacted to Yumx in Warstory: The Brawl of Jasp - 3 Faction Fight   
    In the end of the siege window all 3 factions ended up in the same map.
    It lead to a long mobile 3 way fight.

    Good fights everyone!

    We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players!
    Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    Fayde reacted to pamintandrei in The Great Ambush   
    This was my first war story ,so sorry if its not that good or if i made grammar mistakes.
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    Fayde reacted to Yumx in Warstory: Operation Laventhorpe Citadel - Against All Odds   
    The first evening in the Trial of Maeve.
    We decided to leave our keeps undefended, and instead chose the overwhelming odds of sieging the Order factions main keep as only 5 people.

    Enjoy the 4 different point of view video!

    We are still recruiting, looking for 1 full support player, and 4x flex players!
    Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    Fayde got a reaction from moneda in 5.8.6 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 04/10/19   
    With the requirement of finding a scroll for the epic mount plus using the minor discipline "scroll case" (3k gold at the minor disc vendor) to use the respective scroll to craft an epic mount, I think it's pretty weird that epic mounts are still tagged as a non-tradeable item.
    This has the consequence that everyone in a guild needs at least one character per account that uses the scroll case discipline (again: 3k gold) permanently just to be able to convert epic mount scrolls into epic mounts. In a scenario where the spiritbank is not functional (for example in a no import campaign) this means that every single time u need to (re)craft an epic mount, u would need to delete one of your minor disciplines, spend 3k gold for the scrollcase discipline, craft ur epic mount and then eventually replace that scrollcase minor again with a combat minor discipline.

    I think the effort needed to find the epic mount scroll combined with the effort to set up a character that is able to convert that scroll into a mount justifies the item to be at least tradeable. Or is it intentional design that every character needs to use a minor discipline slot to basically be able to use an epic mount?

    Please tell me if i am missunderstanding this mechanic and there is a more efficient way of supplying a guild/multiple accounts with epic mounts.

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