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  1. I was also directed to this thread by a friend so I'll give my thoughts. I do want to say that I did quit a couple years ago so I'm sort of speaking from a snapshot experience - My number 1 reason is burnout. I feel like I wasted 6 years of my life just waiting for this game. I think I've been patient enough to give the team enough time to give a playable game, however the performance was super uncomfortable and laggy even 6 years after its conception. I understand that its an alpha, a beta and whatnot -I agree with a lot of durens assessment on lack of players, this was
  2. https://imgur.com/ipL8ejp When I click the button nothing happens...
  3. Just a quick PSA, There will be much more activity in these upcoming weeks, and especially so with guild functionality.
  4. Updated: New artwork for the site :), Spring one to come soon + additional works.
  5. Guild leadership is back from our trip, and we are ready to resume activities
  6. For anyone that still has questions about us after reading our initial recruitment post, feel free to stop by our Discord to have a chat. https://discord.gg/aWY2BP And for those who stop by, make sure to request a guest tag . -Cuddles
  7. Announcement Guild Leadership will be out this weekend for an event. If you submit an application between November 3rd - November 5th, you might not receive and answer until the following Monday. Thank you
  8. Sorry for the delay, Our guild name reservation should be up and running now :). Long name: Sugoi Short name: -Sugoi- Quick PSA: There is a guild out there trying to impersonate us. When searching for us, look for me as the guild leader.
  9. It's been a while since I last posted :), Aside from our small practice on the side, more frequent activity will be apparent once real content is put in
  10. It has come to our attention that there are people impersonating Sugoi members. If you notice a user with a Sugoi members name saying something rude, suspicious, or unbecoming of a Sugoi member, please let me know, and I will resolve the issue myself :). To make absolutely sure whether or not a statement was made by a member of Sugoi, you may ask me directly and I will verify the user or statement for you. The same goes for any rumors that may be floating around these forums or in other areas, If there are any concerns about the guild, feel free to reach out to me and I will explain what our g
  11. Effective today, 6/6/17. we will be re-introducing the Kohai rank back into our guild structure. Members that fall into this rank will be on a probation period for the 15-45 days before they officially enroll :).
  12. Recruitment status switching to 1 in the next week . If you're looking to apply with us do it soon!
  13. Looks like there needs to be a couple more balance passes. Looking forward to the playable game.
  14. Looks like the reveal from last week brought in a couple new guilds and players, look forward to seeing a more active testing environment :3
  15. What determines which tray discipline abilities can be put into trays such as the life and death druid tray?
  16. In this up coming test, will you be opening up testing to more backers of lower access levels?
  17. How often does this get recycled? I did get an applicant that referenced the news posting once so I'd like to get another round whenever possible
  18. Seems like the wonky tests have slowed posting down. Bumping for good measure
  19. The very bright white background in a dark room is blinding. Is it possible to change it to a darker shade of gray or to just reverse the black and white.
  20. Hey Chromus :3 A lot of the inner workings of our guild can be found on our website. To be an official seller within this guild we have to get you registered in our spreadsheets. The details can be found on our website, you can request permissions at sugoigaming.enjin.com and click on the Alliance permission request link. Our EK markets will be governed by trade deals and open trading will be allowed between Neutral guilds and upwards. The specifics of Crafting, and Banking can be found on our website as well. More details will follow as the game comes to completion :3.
  21. Purchases were made today :3. Thanks to everyone who have applied so far.
  22. Sugoi recruitment will soon be going into restricted. If you're looking to join up with the top guild in testing, now is your chance!
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