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  1. I'm not sure why any MMO (massively multiplayer online) would want to stay small and niche. For a PvP game you need players to fight against and looking at the number of people playing and watching the game only a couple weeks after beta has been released should be alarming. If they wanted low pop with good fights they could have just created a game with arena's & battlegrounds. Currently the game feels like a running simulator...
  2. It's supposed to be an MMO RPG with a strong focus on pvp element and games built purely for pvp end up being very niche with low populations (Have a look at the beta, there are currently 50 people watching Crowfall streams which is a far cry from when the beta started). A denser mob population will make the world feel more alive and individual loot would prevent one person in your group from getting everything that drops. #1 Ek's are a terrible way to buy/sell gear. If they could link them all into a searchable data base that would help some #2 Without some for of active skill syste
  3. 1/ Global auction house 2/ Active skill system 3/ Anti zerg system 4/ Greater mob density & improved AI behavior 5/ Allowing respecs 6/ More bank space 7/ Individual loot (& loot all)
  4. I would like to see active skills (the more you do something the better you get) along with the passive skill tree which allows people who don't have as much time to play to stay somewhat relevant. They also need to increase the point gain, it seems god awfully slow...
  5. "Passive training is awful. I'm not sure what purpose passive training serves now that we have loot drops. Personally I think they just should ditch the passive training system, but that might be unrealistic considering how much time and effort has gone into it" I would like to see active skill increases (the more you do something the better you get at it) along with the passive skill increases, which allows people who don't play as often to stay somewhat relevant.
  6. If you belong to a large guild = Good If you belong to a small, med guild = Bad The large guilds dominate all the camps and equipment which only makes things worse when they become easily geared while others struggle to do the same...
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