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  1. FIXED I have another computer I use as a server. I installed Crowfall on that computer and it worked, copied that folder to main computer and was able to log in. Not sure what the issue was but this is what fixed it!
  2. Hey guys, I've had multiple back and forth with support and no luck getting rid of this black screen. I have done everything they have suggested, anyone get this specific error? Any help is appreciated. I've tried googling and searching forms for people with this specific error and no luck & have tried any remedy I have found that worked for others. Specs: Intel i7-6700K Radeon RX 480 16GB 16GB G.Skil Ripjaw Ram DDR4 AZUS Z170 Mobo Windows 10 Pro Restart Computer Update GPU Drivers Update C++ Library Update DirectX Updated DotNetFx Deleted Settings CFG Disabled Firewall Allowed specific ports on Firewall Move it to main drive folder Tried repair tool on launcher Tried using direct launch instead of launcher Run as admin Even today I did a full refresh on my computer & updated everything and only put Crowfall on the PC and same error. End result & no response after from support (File is there in the proper folder, modified 5/22/18 4:44pm & 4903kb in size) Your error is really strange. 2018-06-01T11:11:05.449Z WARNING CLIENT - Plugins: Failed to load 'H:/Games/Crowfall/Download/CrowfallClient_Data/Plugins/PK-UnityPlugin.dll' This error is almost always related to not having the "Optional Files" found at crowfall.com/en/client or the latest graphics drivers installed. You have both of these installed it seems, so I'm not sure what we can do to get you running.
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