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  1. I don't know if this is intended or not, so I hope that the emote that gets attached helps me figure it out. The amount of healing from condemnation is a (x+ what)? I tried to scale the healing by doing more damage via elemental break, still got the same number 38. I then stacked 5 sin on the target still only received 38 healing. Finally did the same thing but added Requiem plus elemental break and 5 stack sin and only received 38 healing. Then I jumped on test server and went full spirit and it seemed to have increase the healing. So I guess the bug I'm reporting
  2. <Question> Will there every be a more seamless transition with regard to having to log out, go to the lobby to enter a different server? (god's reach, infected, campaign, *hungerdome) For instance combining God's Reach with infected have a temple/free city as the center point tiles around are "god's reach" so no pvp, but as you get further from "god's reach" it turns into the infected band allowing for pvp with no loot drops? The need to always log out to enter another world band still fills clunky. * if this content becomes real
  3. <Question> With the update of the lobby will we be seeing an updated launcher? (even if its not letting you hit the green button until you have the correct patch) <Question> Non zergable content in the form of arena's, hellgates, hunger domes? <Question> Can we make gathering/crafting non RNG based and get a bar with experience on the disciplines and they level up to the next tier only while equipped? can make them character bound. <Question> We there be a killboard that is attached to the crowfall.com page or in game?
  4. Sanctifier Fervor should be CC immune, but minotaur charge knocks you out of fervor.
  5. Still feels very strange to have Temples as your main hubs. Is there a chance that we can have a free city as the main hub, the place where you meet with others from outside your guild/faction conduct trading and just get your crowfall immersion on. Having free cities in Infected would also be nice.
  6. Thats sanctifier fervor enhancement so the tell sign is when you see me fervoring
  7. Confessor ult is good, until the team has heads up.. They can see you / do damage while your helpess because you cannot do anything until it falls off
  8. Sanctifier, It needs a bit of love/balance, Here's what all the tanks have. Knights - Block, barrier, heal on CC, heals for % of damage while blocking, can increase PDM to 90%. Champion - incredible sustain with the warrior abilities, can heal on CC, heals while being CC'ed, heals at 50% health, heals when uses leap while below 50%, barrier. Templar - Parry (without use of stamina), heals with divine light, heals with holy warrior, heals with devotion, heals while parrying, increase health when it CC's Frostweaver - Frost armor, increases heal
  9. Also can Sanctifiers (confessor promotion) get a shield please?
  10. Confessor ultimate, There is a bug when you use it if you are CC'ed at the same time, you don't get your ultimate and you are stuck in the CC without being able to retaliate out of it.
  11. stealth classes. confessor ultimate are bugged in EK's you can see them in their stealth animation.
  12. So you do lift? just body weight? calisthenics ayyy... you cut cut? you didn't say muscle ups BTW
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