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  1. Is there talk about inter-connecting the worlds? IE No God's Reach, Infected, Campaign... Just 1 bigger world that is persistent (for one in game year, so all seasons cycle) where you are able to que for Hunger Dome inside there? The splitting of the community feels really terrible in CF.
  2. Please combine God's Reach, The Infected, Campaign worlds... make the world one big oasis of zones the further you get from a free city the better the loot becomes the tougher the mobs also get. Crowfall is seriously LACKING the immersion aspect to the MMO genre.
  3. I feel like there was some major traction for Crowfall, streamers with decent numbers were starting to show. We had a dreg's (even though it was very short time wise) that was allowing a lot of us to scratch the itch. Then 6.5 was announced on test and BOOM. Artcraft goes silent. What's going on? Is there just so much effort going towards fixing the 6.5 bugs? Is there no chance that we will get another dregs on 6.4 while you guys work on it? I hope there isn't ever this period of more then 1 maybe 2 days of no campaigns (biggest reason I dislike the whole split server idea) because without cam
  4. <Question> Will there every be a more seamless transition with regard to having to log out, go to the lobby to enter a different server? (god's reach, infected, campaign, *hungerdome) For instance combining God's Reach with infected have a temple/free city as the center point tiles around are "god's reach" so no pvp, but as you get further from "god's reach" it turns into the infected band allowing for pvp with no loot drops? The need to always log out to enter another world band still fills clunky. * if this content becomes real
  5. <Question> With the update of the lobby will we be seeing an updated launcher? (even if its not letting you hit the green button until you have the correct patch) <Question> Non zergable content in the form of arena's, hellgates, hunger domes? <Question> Can we make gathering/crafting non RNG based and get a bar with experience on the disciplines and they level up to the next tier only while equipped? can make them character bound. <Question> We there be a killboard that is attached to the crowfall.com page or in game?
  6. So you do lift? just body weight? calisthenics ayyy... you cut cut? you didn't say muscle ups BTW
  7. The top clip from Crowfall... https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame/clip/ScrumptiousSwissMeatloafCoolStoryBro clearly there is a desire of arenas/pvp ranks/pvp titles in some fashion. Please you did the same thing about this to this topic and ignored, matter a fact blair said when it came to the question's part of the stream "lets hurry along here" or something to that effect, which doesn't feel good as one of the 200+ people that sat for 55 mins through you guys talking about patch notes that most players can read on their own
  8. Yes, they are instanced dungeons of sorts. With lets say 8 different access points. But only two would be connected at a time. For instance point A is connected with point B - Z totally at random. So this would be one way to not allow players to do exactly that and "team up" to just split the loot. It would also be connected to the score board and give some sort of negative penalty (even if its W-L-D rating) I feel like when players see a scoring system they will tend towards not wanting to have a lot of draws because normally people don't like doing "shadier things" when everyone can see. Plu
  9. Been throwing this idea around in discord would love the community input on this. The name Murder (group of crows) Domes (ode to hunger dome) So now that I explained the name lets get to the actual idea. So instead of having the typical queue system for an arena, you can have "murder domes" randomly spawned around zones in campaign with 2 maybe 3 being randomly connected (players wouldn't know which ones are connected). So inside of these "murder domes" there would be npc's placed around with 5 to 8 chiefs placed as a "trigger" of sorts. Once all the chiefs are killed t
  10. <Question> Why can't players trade/group up with people not in their guild/alliance inside campaign? <Question> Arena / BG's with a ranking / title system is there any plans on adding it to the game? <Question> Is there a way that our EK's can be linked to a NPC or mechanic that would allow us to travel to our EK's without having to return to the lobby?
  11. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (things you feel we're doing great on for TEST only). Changes to lobby (good/bad) It's a huge QoL change because its much nicer on the eyes Crowpedia (this is a huge step for QoL changes) Vessel change and more permanent character changes Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about 6.400 on TEST (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? 100% protection for harvesters? we asked
  12. As much as it seems like a good idea to have the community create it and be the driving force for this type of idea. It will always be received at a greater rate with an in game mechanic for it. Spamming and getting enough attention on player driven content like this is hard especially if a dregs or other things are happening (imports/exports). If there was a dev created system there would be MUCH higher attention on an "arena" of sorts, with rewards especially if it can be done in campaign
  13. <Question> As someone that played more then 8 hours a day from late alpha into early beta (I cannot do it to myself anyone) the amount of end game content is COMPLETELY LACKLUSTER. The only thing there really was is siege (this has changed with active progression for gathering/crafting) But when do you think there will be a more active system towards combat? Why are you only creating gates for harvesting/crafting? Why isn't there a few small hurdles for combat gates even if they are minimal advantages? It feels like the leveling system needs to be completely removed from the
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