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  1. Here comes a new challenger. Templars.
  2. Started this thread for us as a community to see what everyone's idea is and see if we could help ACE come up with some helpful ideas. My idea is having them start at noon (whatever time zone) and have them rolling every 2 hours, so if there's 12 forts there would be one going live every 2 hours. Guilds will decide what fort is their best option to attack and attempt to siege on their own. If this was to happen it would allow for one DREGS instead of an EU or NA campaign. It would just be one DREG. The best server location would be somewhere on the east coast giving the best ping to west coast and EU players as it gets having one open server. FPS has been an issue and we only get better, but this allows for more content at all hours of the day. I know as a west coaster there are dead periods for the NA and I see that the EU needs a boost to their content. Hopefully this will allow for much smaller windows of not many people being logged in. Now Castles will be a lot harder to arrange if there isn't 12. The best bet here is to divide the number of Castles by hours in the day and have them spread out like that hopefully there is a divisor of 24. For instance 4 castles it would be every 6 hours, or 3 castles then every 8 hours. If there is no divisors of 24 then set some to NA and some to EU still with a 2 hour time offset. I don't think having everything go live at the same time is the best answer as far as in game health and players being on goes.
  3. Or even something like attackers need to set down camps and actually siege a keep/fort cutting off food or whatever you want to make it, thus the keep/fort owners know we need to go out and break the siege if able. If owners are able to break the siege then its over, if not the attackers get to select the time they want to actually take the keep/fort. Or attackers get to select three times, and the defenders get to pick out of those three times which they want and then you have your handshake and fight when that time comes. The whole 1 hour every however many days for the siege to happen isn't a build up or anything it's just log everyone in and lets go for it. Needs to be more build up to someone getting an actual Keep/fort taken from them.
  4. I think the underlining issue is the passive skill tree, I hear a lot of people talking about how this is a PVP game and so forth. But the issue is you need to go out and kill Kings/chiefs and so forth just to pray you get RNG and a decent set of gear, with crafting being horrible at the beginning of the wipes this game just falls short. I don't think they DEVs intended on that, but with passive trees thats what happens. It would be horrible for everyone that signs up to just start passive skill tree and then log off for months just waiting for their trees to be somewhat decent. In a game where the economy should be totally based on community there is to much RNG forcing players to grind mobs for gear/minors instead of allowing the players to go pvp With the addition of Frostweavers they need to take an indepth look at all the other classes and rework almost all of the bottom specs.
  5. All really great points you touched on and I agree. Why is farming minors 10x harder then farming majors? How does that even make sense? I haven't ever been one that enjoys the windowed time pvp. As if there's this magical gate that says on this time and this date you can get attacked, and then the hour is over and suddenly the magical gate is back and you're safe. Good luck on your endeavors in NW as a pre alpha tester all I can really say is that game has taken a HUGE turn for the worst. It was tracking great towards what a lot of people wanted from a pvp full loot game, but then some in the community started posting about getting griefed not being able to hold up to the better players and the DEVS decided to go with them forcing about 75% of us pre alpha players to forsaken the game. Good luck there. I hope crowfall fixes a lot of the things you bring up, because I do enjoy a lot of it and I'm tired of being a wander looking for full loot MMO's that get more correct then they get wrong.
  6. For sure i mean melee with leather is rough first off. I felt like most of their damage came from traps, which were fire/crushing/nature, then you have your choice of slashing/crushing weapons then add poison to all that and that's possibly 5 different types of damage. I'm thinking end game you want to focus 1 damage type to push all gear towards vessel, armor, and weapon to get your final spec instead of splitting it all and possible doing nothing to someone with end game resist.
  7. This and this some more. I would be awesome to see Vandal as a ranged promo class, lets face it thought all the "CC" specs need some heavy reworks.
  8. That would make brig even more all over the place, I tried to really force myself to like it but their dmg type is all over the place.Giving them poison would just increase that issue
  9. I totally agree, I think the lack of when to cc and retaliate because lets face it they are both used on CD destroys the skill ceiling. There's no chain CCing or time sync for groups to try to get someone down when a healer is getting chained cc. Its kind of like tornado is off CD okay throw it out there. Then of course I'm knocked down hit retaliate it's very unrewarding. There is also a lack of Iframes so you cannot out play someones burst.
  10. The biggest thing I think is fixing melee. All of them are in a bad spot. Just created post about it actually And since I want to main Templar I did a bit there too. Besides the very underwhelming feeling that all melee have. There should something to counter the slayer's mobility and Frostguards knockdown spam. I'm against a straight flat nerf but instead give the players a means to counter it. I enjoy a rock, paper, scissors for some nice counter playing / outplaying.
  11. I have the biggest LOVE/hate relationship with the Templar. I love playing the class until I get in pvp and then I'm reminded that I'm at the bottom of that pile in every way. They aren't the best in anything that they are able to do, but they may be the worst at everything that they do. I'm fine with being a decent healer not the best if I'm able to do decent damage and take decent damage. But currently they are the worst in every one of those healing, dps, and tanking. I think the healing could be fixed with making Divine Light not be stationary instead pulsing out of the Templar so its able to move with the Templar. Their mobility is also the worst in game because Parry should be taken and Censure is on a 17 second CD (even though it says 15 seconds). I think if Indictment (one of the Templar talents) was changed instead of giving you a pip on hit it should be reducing the cool down on landed Censure by 50%. I think they still have a few issues with damage and being able to stick to a target that other melee don't have but i think these two changes will be a path towards the correct direction.
  12. With the current meta, melee is in a somewhat odd space. Sure you can play a "tank" (pit fighter) and be effective at debuffing/annoying to the other force. But if you decide to play a melee dps then just get ready to feel underwhelmed. My suggestion is to add a new major discipline something like sanctuary from the rune caster discipline that instead of the resistance increase its more of a arena with wind walls that can't be entered or exited by anyone inside or outside, spells/attacks as well (think Camille "R" from league of legends). Last for 5-8 seconds on a 60-90 second cool down. It should have a passive pip that gives you an increase to final mitigation on attack, increasing by 1% stacking up to 3-8%. Or it could be a more offensive passive pip increasing all armor penetration by 1% stacking up to 3-8% or it could be 1% lifesteal stacking up to 3-8%. The passive effect would be doubled while inside of the arena. Maybe even giving two of those passive pips in the discipline instead of just one. The final move on the discipline would be an attack that first attack is forward, second frontal cone, last aoe spin snare attack, that gives max stack on the passive pips with a 20 second CD on the aoe spin. The attack would increase the passive pip to max stack (not the doubling effect unless used inside of the "arena") I don't think there is a catch all with fixing melee but I do think melee has a hard time in big fights and I understand that all classes have a preferred roll and place where they want to fight. But I do think with disciplines kind of like the one I'm theory crafting should allow for small windows for melee to be able to get in and try to disrupt a range ball.
  13. Exactly thanks for making my points, he's a CASUAL player and you need that part of the community for a MMO to succeed. He's not following any of the information, he casually goes into a game WHENEVER and does his thing and then broadcast out to his base. Casuals don't have time and/or the information they just log in and need guidance (normally from a general chat).
  14. Don't put that horrible idea on us, server stability, performance, and optimization need 1000% of the attention right now, unfortunately you get 1 maybe 2 looks from the casual MMO community and as much as it pains me to say you need casuals just as much as hardcore. They will log in and then you get this reaction from the casuals and the game is done and over.
  15. This is totally correct! I don't know how they are going to do balancing without messing with number caps. I truly hope they don't do a "zerg debuff" to fix the issue with the core issue which is the ceiling is so low that a "casual player" that is good at games can be up to par with someone "hardcore." Now with the time gates on things it may take a bit more effort for the better player. I think a lot of people will hit skill ceiling before they even get close to their skill cap. IE if someone is a 2000+ wow 3s player (only using it as a reference) they will hit the skill ceiling, and may be near 75% of their actual skill cap of what they can do as a player.
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