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  1. Isn't it also possible to buy materials from others?
  2. I'm glad that production focused people will actually have a role in the game. And from what I read of the new economy FAQ, it seems they'll be important from start of the game to the end of the game. Really getting tired of streamlined MMORPGs or the fakes that claim to be sandbox but put restrictions on the production side while giving equipment out through the use of NPC quests. Really hated how it was pointless to raise a crafting skill while raising the character or it was "better to wait till endgame" before crafting or similar type of play. On another note, I do hope that you guys don't reveal EVERYTHING about the game through these updates. Part of the fun of RPGs is supposed to be exploration and discovering hidden things. I understand that people like me that enjoy finding things on our own instead of being led by the hand is a minority though so if it doesn't happen, whatever. Same thing I've been doing with most other games and move on~
  3. I'm liking what I'm seeing in the FAQs section. It really looks like a very interesting system. I hope they stick with it and/or flesh it out. Also hoping that luck will play an element in it. Even if my luck is usually bad, I always found it fun to be able to crank out something great randomly by using the same materials. Also like this bit, " the AFK auto reply will be your only friend."
  4. I've been a bit busy for the past few weeks after pledging so I haven't been able to follow all the updates. But I was curious about what the production/crafting system is like. Has any information on it been released yet? Is there going to be a production system in play or is it all going to be NPC driven? Please and thank you for anyone able to give more info on this.
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