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  1. The harvesting mini game for skinning really needs work. The target that pops up that needs to be clicked is almost never even on the dead animals hit box let alone on the body itself. When you mouse over to it and click inside it it does the 'whiff' animation and doesnt even skin the animal or do damage.
  2. Has anyone worked out how much basic stats equate to a single crafting rank or experimentation rank? Also wondering if its easy to hit the rank 100 cap on each crafting/experimentation or if the +10 racials to them are super important?
  3. Please add a keybind option to cycle through the chat channel tabs. I set TAB as keybind for Inventory for most games, mostly cause I always hit it if my finger twitches so it helps me to keep an eye on inventory and close again after, but even setting TAB as Inventory in Crowfall it would still cycle through the chat tabs every time i needed to craft or check inventory or other menu it brings up.
  4. This is a good idea maybe not a form for a certain player to fill but like a bulletin board attached to the Auction House where all players can post stuff they need crafted and price willing to pay as well as info on whether they are friend or foe so crafters on any team know what to make if they accept the price and if they want to aid if they are enemies. Also maybe a barter function where they can barter back and forth over a few days till they settle on price.
  5. There needs to be a reward system in place aside from the winning rewards for the winners of a previous campaign to entice them into joining a different faction. A certain amount of gold would be good or maybe a special 'hero' faction banner you could equip for the duration of the campaign to give buffs for faction members. This would give the some of the population a sort of faction rotation and then maybe once a certain faction gets a certain percentage of more players than the lowest populated faction add another gold reward to 'hire' players to join the lowest faction.
  6. They definitely need to add a 'combat' toggle that switches from one combat stance to another be it melee and ranged, melee and stealth, or life and death so you can hit ONE key to toggle back and forth without accidently hitting wrong tray key or going into harvesting during battle.
  7. I know that methods of selling or trading extra skill points are still being tossed around and I thought that a Market to trade in game currency for skill points would be a better idea than selling skill tomes. Basically add a system much like a Trade market for Premium currency in other games but for skill points. Players could sell any amount of skill points for a certain amount of in game currency based off of how many players are buying vs selling so that there is one big pool of skill points with fluctuating price instead of an Auction house style with skill tomes of varying value that sometimes gets flooded with posts and then dry spells where no one is selling. A skill point pool will allow new players to always be able to buy skill points for in game currency without having to wait for a sell post and veteran players to be able to sell and get in game currency without waiting for a buyer. It will also be easier than having to build up enough skill points to make a tome of a certain amount.
  8. Yeah Animator is a good one didn't think about that.
  9. While gravedigging for parts to create a LIVING vessel or body is fine I feel that the skill Necromancy is misleading. When people think of Necromancy the first thing they associate it with is being able to command hordes of undead, in essence corrupting life NOT bestowing it. I think that skill tree should be changed to something else like Vesselology (or study of vessels), I couldn't actually find anything on what the 'study of vessels or containers' is called, but it is clearer about what the skill is for. I know that the vessels are basically homunculi but the study of that is Alchemy and you already have that as separate skill lol. Basically anything about studying how to contain life with a vessel would be better than how to control a vessel without life...
  10. Thank you! I did a websearch for the 2FA 632# something or other and all that came up were questionable sites. WinAuth had really good reviews and it works (even though the timer is kinda short to input code lol).
  11. Some people are concerned there is nothing to do after capping a vessal other than a never ending replacement of gear and I thought maybe the team at Crowfall could use an idea from the Disgaea series: the Item World. Basically you could 'enter' a world within an item or piece of gear and power it up by defeating bosses and clearing areas. I think this would be a great way to spend time end game to push your power just that extra mile, you could boost weapon damage, other stats, alter damage type, maybe even add or repair durability to the gear! All while enjoyably defeating increasingly powerful bosses either solo or maybe even with a party for higher rarity gear. You could even add this 'world' to the Crowfall universe as the outermost ring as the farthest reaches of space or 'Unknown'
  12. Something that Disgaea did so that you have something to do when your character just cant progress any higher was introduce an 'Item World' where you could enter an item or piece of gear and defeat bosses and other mobs to level and power up the item/gear. I'm sure the Crowfall team has better legal team than me to figure out how they could apply this without 'ripping off' Disgaea(not sure if taking an idea from one game is illegal) but this would be a great way of boosting gear and maybe repairing or adding durability!
  13. Some people don't have mobile phones to use 2FA and the windows one says its not compatible with my device...
  14. Having the username displayed in chat and above characters is completely unsecure and just asking for deviants to hack accounts. If the displayed name is not going to be our character name then what is the point in making us name them? We should be able to have our user login AND a displayed name....
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