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  1. Thanks for the reply, I managed to sort everything out already though I wanted to delete/lock the topic but I could not find an option. Anyway thanks again for your attention
  2. Just like the topic - I'd like to discuss some build options etc. with someone knowledgeable about knights
  3. It's possible to have attribute points eaten if player accumulates them and then spend them by clicking very fast on "+" symbol. Most likely happens when the server does not recognize player reached the cap already and accepts 1 point over the cap before it blocks ability to assign them to already capped stat. Fortunatelly respecing gives back all the points. 1st screenshot presents stats when affected by the bug and 2nd after respecing and adding them at much slower rate. dd
  4. Yeah Im leaning towards the holy shout more and more hmm... By the way what do you think about Retribution (3% dmg bonus per hit parried for 8s). Is it worth dipping into? I've heard some people say its not since you can quite easly get capped on dmg bonus anyway.
  5. So I've been playing for few days and I have some thoughts regarding High and Wood elves and I was wondering what you'd think about my conclusions. First of all I think its a bit odd choice to give Wood Elves teleport and chance for free dodge to High Elves. The latter seems more... "magically gifted" and as such I think teleport would suit them way more, while agile Wood Elves would make way more sense to have chance for a free dodge from time to time. Secondly camouflage I believe could be made a little bit more useful. I mean its still good for some ambushes if you prepare it before prey arrives. However the cool "predator effect" of shimmering siluette before you enter stealth serves only as an eye candy since the nameplate is still visible as normal. I'd suggest to cut nameplate visibility to 1/3 of the normal detection range (based on onlooker perception) unless someone manually target camouflaged (but not yet stealthed) Wood Elf. That would make this ability a little bit more usefull but not overpowered, while providing some counterplay as well since perceptive player will be able to spot characteristic shimmer of the camouflage before Wood Elf enters range at which nameplate is visible as normal. What do you think?
  6. We've got crusader so i thought that healing boost and knockdown on the other morph in one skill sounds like a very good deal, as well as some more additional aoe dmg.
  7. Got it Sounds promising. By the way as you've mentioned the aggro is being held by highest dps in the party, so there is no such a thing as a "tank" really am I right? unless some sort of aggro management comes into place in a form of dps players dealing less damage than they actually can dish out in order for tank to keep aggro on himself?
  8. How would tanky stoneborn do in that regard? Unlike trees and rocks this one can move and even swing an axe The Avatar of Storm build seems pretty interesting. PvE content speaking (including the "Bosses") - assuming no other healer will be around do you think this AD build will dish out enough heals to keep my 3-man party alive long enough for us to kill it?
  9. I think I'd lean more into damage AD with an option to heal my mates a bit as well since all of us gonna roll a different characters - originally planning to go with me as AD, one of them damage and the other one tank/cc. If we fall short on healing we'd have someone go more heal-heavy guy. I also was looking for some lightning action without going stormcaller. Is that possible?
  10. Thanks a lot man that was really helpful! Also I was considering getting devotion since Im playing in a party of 3 (me included) and its always some additional party heal. What do you think? Here's my skill tree: http://crowfalllogs.com/character_planner?race=Elken#6.5_templar_a0-a1-a2-b1-b2-c3-d1-e1-f1-g0-g1-h1-i1 Alternatively I'd go for additional minor slot but im not sure if that's going to be that important.
  11. What other options do you consider interesting alternatives assuming I go battle? Also what disciplines from fire are considered strong for Vindi?
  12. I guess since Vindicators are kinda squishy I think I'd like to make him a little bit more tanky? In that case I suspect Battle would be better?
  13. Joined. Though if anybody else who's using forum and has some knowledge about the topic would happen to be here you're more than welcome to spill the beans here too
  14. So to answer your question Im currently playing in a party of 3 (including me), and we try to accomodate each other. Currently we were playing Paladin (me), Blackguard and Stormcaller but we're aiming to switch around and play with other classes too. I'm not afraid of some challange in terms of mechanics (resource management etc.), especially since Paladin was really straight forward. I've seen by the AD skills description that it requires some thinking and managing resources so it seems like a good call
  15. Hello there. Im thinking about picking domain and so Im wondering if there is any "meta" towards which disciplines are currently considered strongest on vindicators. Any suggestions? Also how big is Rune Caster's barrier? Getting it only once per 20 seconds seems pretty useless if its for example only 500 hp strong.
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