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  1. This was an awesome post that put a lot into perspective for me, thank you for taking the time to lay out the info. I'm completely new to Crowfall in general, have done no research. Literally watched a video and a stream and decided to give it a shot. Sometimes I forget that this is pre-alpha and the population is not what it's actually going to be on release or soft launch. I'm sure with a larger population it will be a lot more engaging and as you mentioned it will allow different options for players. I.e. if we don't want to harvent and craft, we can pay others for gear, etc...
  2. I've only just purchased it today and it seems it is too heavily focused on harvesting/gathering/crafting. I need to give it more time before I properly say that though.
  3. I absolutely love PvP and world PvP. However, I enjoy having to either PvP to get the gear for it or at least grind something. Harvesting for hours in order to get better gear and skills for PvP... not feeling that.
  4. I have no clue how to find another fort. I have to look into things a bit more. My question is, the whole main objective is to harvest? No world bosses to fight over, etc...?
  5. I haven't taken time to read through this whole thread, but I just downloaded the game today and hopped on. At first glance through the streams I have seen, it looks like Crowfall would be an action packed game. However, for 3-4 hours today, all I did was smash trees and mash on silver/cold/marble, etc... and collect materials. I had zero interaction with any NPCs or other players which lead me to feel like it was an endless grind. How long does this go on for? It's tedious and overall boring to just chop down trees for hours this early on. There's literally 0 interaction.
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