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  1. I haven't seen a single ad for Crowfall. I'm in NA. Might be different for people in other regions. Dunno.
  2. What does that have to do with anything I just said? Marketing means nothing if you miss the window of opportunity for the game to launch. Crowfall is going up against some pretty well developed games right now. Pantheon is chugging along nicely, Ashes of Creation showed off their actual MMO gameplay demo last year, and it shocked everyone with how well it was doing. I don't know anything right now about Camelot Unchained. New World is "okay" but it's still in a better spot than CF is currently. People are also excited about Corepunk now too, there are MMO's on the horizon and each one is goin
  3. I really hate to say it, but Crowfall will be dead on arrival. They haven't done much to really address player feedback and the game is going in a direction that most don't want it to go in. I personally didn't get any joy out of the game this month or last month. So I think I might just cut my losses and wait on Pantheon to come out. I might even be willing to go back to Albion Online. Crowfall is just falling apart at the seams and it's just really sad to watch. APE, you and I need to game together sometime, I'd really like to have a conversation with you over future MMO's. You seem like som
  4. The only way PvE is going to work for this game is if there's dungeons. I come from a game called Zodiac Online (GraalOnline) very old old old game. OLD! Anyway, the way it works is there's open world PvP. You can be killed as soon as you step out of the hub area (OSL). However if you are under Level 60, you gain what's called Novice Protection and it last 60 seconds. Long enough for you to get out of a PvP hot-spot. There are dungeons scattered all over the map. The way it works is this, players group up, go into the dungeons and farm for PvP gear. Here is how our gear system works. A
  5. This is nice and all, but what are you doing to keep players actively engaged?
  6. I'm going to make this into a signature and use it, if that's okay with you.
  7. I'd rather not have guilds own whole cities, or we'll see zerg nonsense happening non-stop. Anyone who's played Albion Online will know what I am talking about, the first 3-4 months it was nothing but Echoes of Silence running everything into the ground. Don't need that again here on CF. Because then it just turns into a straight up mud-stomp. It won't be a fight, it will just be who can bring the biggest amount of people into their guild and just hold the area for as long as possible throwing zerg after zerg after zerg. Smaller guilds will get snuffed out and we might have 1-2 guilds tops own
  8. I gave up on inputting ideas for Crowfall as I'm not an investor, and as they say, money talks, poorly made dergs walks. So I feel my opinions are just piss in the wind, without money to back up my words. The passive tree is just a bad idea. I don't want to have to wait to in order to help people. I thought Crowfall was supposed to be an Instant-Action MMO, where you made your character, did a small amount of grinding for gear then go in and tear things up. Now it's turned into this grindy blob that I no longer recognize. I got my $50 out of the game, I'm gonna playtest it this weekend, if I
  9. Be more elaborate and show proof of your claim and maybe, just maybe the devs will look into it. Either that or just git gud. Lol.
  10. I'm returning to Crowfall after a year. Would love to get into a guild. I might pursue skinning. We'll see. Anyways, glad to meet you all. I'm on Discord if anyone is interested in chatting. I'm wanting to become a crafter as well.
  11. Piggybacking, I would like a guild to call home. Lol.
  12. No. I'll help fund part of it. Not the entire thing.
  13. Lol. I'm not gonna fund the entirety of a guild. Not happening. Had to do the same thing in Albion with 0 pay off. That a yikes from me.
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