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  1. I don't like the whole walled process of having to grind up every little thing in order to be PvP ready. I gave up halfway through. I don't want to drop this game in my trash bin just yet, but it's getting damn near close with the direction they're currently pushing. Regardless of whether or not this is an Alpha, community feedback is important, but only a privileged few are able to speak for the masses, and they're spouting stuff that we don't want to hear while the devs slurp it up like it's their last supper. I've already said what I needed to say, but I'll say it again. They're trying to push PvE onto us when there's not enough mobs to actually give this game a PvE base. They want people to level up, when there's no real way to level up outside of crafting a stupid Disc first. Which is honestly a PITA and shouldn't be a thing in order to actually enjoy the game. Well sorry, this isn't a "game" yet. I might be flamed by the loyal fans who fight over the table scraps ACE drops for them to tear up. The point being, their "progression" introduction is shoddy, unrefined and draconian at best.
  2. Nice bait. Try harder next time. What Hamon said, it keeps powercreep down and honestly I'd be more open to the idea if players got experience killing other players and not mindlessly farming mobs that honestly have no real sense of a hitbox. Also if we have no influence, what's the point of us even backing then? But my previous statement stands, that leveling in most MMORPGs, this one included is Draconian. The only game I know of right now that pulls this off correctly and gets players on the fast track to PvP is Black Desert Online. Which I don't think Crowfall is trying to mimic, I could be wrong.
  3. Not Not sure what "Whinge" is. If you can't have a conversation with someone on this board without actually insulting them, then I suggest you find someone else to talk to. I haven't insulted you or made rude comments towards you. I'd appreciate it if you did the same and showed civility. Others here may not like you, but I don't sit in their camp. Also check your name. Furthermore, leveling in most MMORPG's at this point is quite draconian in the regard that you are working for chickenfeed experience. Crowfall had my interest since it had no leveling in it at the time, but this is still in development and not a full game, so I get what I pay for, but I'm also going to speak with my wallet here and say this isn't something the players as a whole should be forcefed, I don't think we asked for this, unless there was a stream I missed where the developers put up a poll asking whether or not we wanted a leveling system. Also, you used the term "exploit" if it's an exploit, should it not be fixed or was that not the word intended to be used to structure your argument? If anything, killing other players should net that much experience to encourage skirmishes, not fancy walkabouts and leisurely strolls, which is what Crowfall is right now. By the time the development has reached its peak, I don't think much of the playerbase is going to be too enthused to actually stick it out, but we'll see. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.
  4. I mean if this is the kind of response we're getting from someone who supposed to be a development partner, it clearly shows taking criticism isn't your strong suite and your position as a development partner should be re-considered. You're obviously being sarcastic in an attempt to be humorous to the devs and to get a good laugh among your peers via Discord or other social media. So how about we stop acting childish and have an actual conversation. If you didn't understand my point, I'll water it down. Leveling Systems as a whole does not fit well into Crowfall's mold in my opinion. Players shouldn't be pidgeonholed into having to grind to 5 and then do that first hour of grinding just so they can max out. There are not enough PvE mobs on the map to justify this kind of system right now. PvE is not the focus of the game outside of just materials. If Crowfall goes this route, then make mobs another resource to fight over and give higher experience. Players who have 0 interest in the crafting aspect aren't going to like this. I'm guessing you expect them to beg over chat for frames. 5 Years in development and this is the best we could come up with for progression.
  5. Leveling is a poor design choice for Crowfall. Players shouldn't be forced into leveling, when this isn't a PvE based game. Resources are the main "PvE" component that we're fighting for. I've said it once before in the 5.8 Gripes thread, leveling in Crowfall is poorly designed, since it doesn't fit. Opening up Disc to allow player experimentation is fine. But locking skills away behind them is very bad. New players (like myself) come in and are confused and have no real clue on what to do. What do you want players initial reaction to be when they first get into the game? "Let me see what I need to grind first." or "What do my skills do." Having to grind to Level 5 for a major disc then craft Stonemason just so you can make frames to turn in to sacrifice is ridiculous and I'd rather be spending my time working on my craft then going out of my way to skirt/cheese a poorly implemented leveling system. Not to mention the monster respawn time is quite long in some instances and there's far too much open space where mobs SHOULD be placed for leveling that aren't. It's one of the main reasons why I personally pledged for this game, no leveling system. Being able to hop into the action or start your ideal craft should be on your list of priorities. Not having to go through the same leveling bullpunch every time you make a new character. "If you don't like leveling, Crowfall isn't the game for you." - No. People get tired of doing the same systematic nonsense they've been doing for well over a decade in any MMORPG. This isn't World of Warcraft, this isn't FFXIV, this isnt' Blade 'n Soul/TERA, etc etc. We're Crowfall, a PvP Throne War MMO.To throw leveling into the mix of stuff we already have to do on our bucket list, feels like a lazy development choice and otherwise tacked on. You can tell it wasn't 100% thought out due to how poorly the exp rates are and how it frustrates players into having to look for alternative ways to cheat the system (i.e Frames) Every stream I've gone to has told me the same thing for leveling. Nightbot: Fastest way to 30: Get to level 5, to open your first Major Discipline slot. Then farm ~100 non-basic ore and ~100 non-basic trees. Craft yourself the Stonemason discipline and go to the Stonemason table in a keep. Use the ore to craft carpentry nails, and then those with wood to make Architect Frames. They sacrifice for 800 xp per. Use gold to fill in the gaps so you aren't using frames to get the last 100 xp for a level or something.... Step 2: Profit This shouldn't be the norm.
  6. From what I can see, being a Necromancer is a bit of a timesink. You do put time and effort into getting your vessels up and ready for whatever it is your guild is doing. To have to redo that every campaign, is a bit of an annoyance. Question, has the concept of breaking down vessels back into basic components and putting them away in your bank and then re-building them during the next camp come up? I think that would take some of the edge off the issue.
  7. You're missing the point entirely. It can be equipped, that's fine. But either the icon for the equipped one should vanish for the time it's equipped or we should have some kind of indicator.
  8. There should be some form of indication on which item you have equipped in your inventory. Weapon or Tool. https://prnt.sc/jruux2 - Without any indicator https://prnt.sc/jruvh1 - A quick indicator.
  9. Seeing how crafting is going to be a big part of the game, I'm gonna suggest some kind of crafting bag that doesn't vanish when you die. I get this is a PvP MMO, but I imagine running back and forth to base just to deposit stuff is going to get a little tedious. Anyways, that's it. Thoughts? It could also be apart of VIP.
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