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  1. Not worth it at the moment and I don't think it ever will be worth it. Just kinda tired of CF. We'll see how I feel in 6 months from now.
  2. Sad to say, this game is going to be dead on arrival. Literal years of development going into this game will be for nothing, since it seems the devs don't really listen to the community and are just doing what they want. Leveling was a huge mistake and it's why I dropped CF altogether. If I wanted this to be another typical MMORPG I'd go play FFXIV for leveling, now that CF has introduced it as a stumbling block, I just don't care to play this game any more. Amazon's New World is coming out as well, along with Ashes of Creation. Not to mention people are leaving World of Warcraft in literal mass exodus to go play FFXIV since their new expansion drops this Fall. If anything I would say that CF should've used the rest of this year to flesh this game out, then MAYBE push for a soft beta next year. From the way it's looking now, CF is going to fly under the radar and with zero advertising, it's not looking well. With how CF was originally made I was all for getting right into the action, but because game devs/publishers want to squeeze as much money out as possible, they've prolonged the process by adding leveling which is just nothing but an annoying timesink. "But Rhapsody, you can grind to max level in a few hours." Those few hours could've been used learning my class, getting into PvP, planning assaults with a guild and just having fun with the game. Instead it's being sidelined by a monotonous grind we've seen in every other MMORPG. Edit: What is this god awful badge above my PFP. That wasn't here last time.
  3. I kept this to myself, but how about a weather system that actively tries to kill everyone in the game. That's interesting. Just my 0.02
  4. I haven't seen a single ad for Crowfall. I'm in NA. Might be different for people in other regions. Dunno.
  5. What does that have to do with anything I just said? Marketing means nothing if you miss the window of opportunity for the game to launch. Crowfall is going up against some pretty well developed games right now. Pantheon is chugging along nicely, Ashes of Creation showed off their actual MMO gameplay demo last year, and it shocked everyone with how well it was doing. I don't know anything right now about Camelot Unchained. New World is "okay" but it's still in a better spot than CF is currently. People are also excited about Corepunk now too, there are MMO's on the horizon and each one is going to suck up a good number of people, Crowfall hasn't bothered to even advertise a tiny bit for their beta to bring in testers. The way Crowfall is now, people will come in, play it and then proceed to rip it apart all across the internet. It will get the Cyberpunk treatment. There's a bunch of glaring issues the game has, one of the biggest ones is keeping players around. If you can't even keep players engaged, forget about everything else. Player feedback is vital, without a community of players, your game will crash and burn. Want a fine example of this? Look at Maplestory 2, it already shut down within 5 years, that's sad for an MMO where their original game Maplestory has been out since 2003 and here it is 2021 and it's still going. But I digress, next time read what I have to say instead of bringing up arguments nobody even made. Thanks.
  6. I really hate to say it, but Crowfall will be dead on arrival. They haven't done much to really address player feedback and the game is going in a direction that most don't want it to go in. I personally didn't get any joy out of the game this month or last month. So I think I might just cut my losses and wait on Pantheon to come out. I might even be willing to go back to Albion Online. Crowfall is just falling apart at the seams and it's just really sad to watch. APE, you and I need to game together sometime, I'd really like to have a conversation with you over future MMO's. You seem like someone who I can relate/talk to without putting on airs.
  7. The only way PvE is going to work for this game is if there's dungeons. I come from a game called Zodiac Online (GraalOnline) very old old old game. OLD! Anyway, the way it works is there's open world PvP. You can be killed as soon as you step out of the hub area (OSL). However if you are under Level 60, you gain what's called Novice Protection and it last 60 seconds. Long enough for you to get out of a PvP hot-spot. There are dungeons scattered all over the map. The way it works is this, players group up, go into the dungeons and farm for PvP gear. Here is how our gear system works. All the gear is 60 and has a prefix for a class. We have 2 sets of prefixes. One for what's called T6 Gear the other for T7 Gear. T6 Gear Prefixes - Nightblade (Dex), Archmages (Int) Battlemasters (Str) T7 Gear Prefixes - Obsidian (Dex) Mystical (Int) Champions (Str) There are other prefixes, but they're irrelevant for what I am proposing. Anyway. But here's the kicker, each time you do a dungeon run you have a rolled chance to get the proper suffix of your choice. The way it works is there's 2 ways to build your character. You can do raw damage which is strength or you can do elemental. The way it goes for elemental is like this. I don't remember how raw damage was built, but I can find out later. The gear system is very in-depth. 1. Embers (Weakest Suffix) 2. Flames 3. Inferno 4. Incineration (Strongest Suffix) So when you cleared a boss and RNG kicked in for a roll on your gear, you'd be like the following, Champions Stalwart Greaves of Incineration So from what I've shown above, we know it's a T7 piece of gear that also has a T4 Suffix. Which makes it a strong piece to have, you'd take these pieces and build them in sets of 4/4. (Head/Body/Gloves/Boots) Which made tracking pieces super easy. I could shout I need 1/4 of a set. For example. I shout I'm looking for 1/4 Champions Greaves of Incineration (Boots). So you could then assume I have the other 3 pieces of the set. I'm not sure why ACE doesn't do something where they have dungeons we can farm from on the overworld, take that gear and either scrap it for materials or merch it to other players. Then build sets of gear for PvP. Just spitballing here.
  8. This is nice and all, but what are you doing to keep players actively engaged?
  9. I'm going to make this into a signature and use it, if that's okay with you.
  10. I'd rather not have guilds own whole cities, or we'll see zerg nonsense happening non-stop. Anyone who's played Albion Online will know what I am talking about, the first 3-4 months it was nothing but Echoes of Silence running everything into the ground. Don't need that again here on CF. Because then it just turns into a straight up mud-stomp. It won't be a fight, it will just be who can bring the biggest amount of people into their guild and just hold the area for as long as possible throwing zerg after zerg after zerg. Smaller guilds will get snuffed out and we might have 1-2 guilds tops owning everything. No.
  11. I gave up on inputting ideas for Crowfall as I'm not an investor, and as they say, money talks, poorly made dergs walks. So I feel my opinions are just piss in the wind, without money to back up my words. The passive tree is just a bad idea. I don't want to have to wait to in order to help people. I thought Crowfall was supposed to be an Instant-Action MMO, where you made your character, did a small amount of grinding for gear then go in and tear things up. Now it's turned into this grindy blob that I no longer recognize. I got my $50 out of the game, I'm gonna playtest it this weekend, if I don't like it, then I'll shelf it probably until release. Kinda burnt out on MMO's right now. Cyberpunk has chewed up a lot of my time anyway, but figured I'd give it a break and check out CF's progress and right now I simply don't like it. I wished we had BDO's leveling system, get it done and out the way, then just go PvP or farm mobs to get decent gear and contest players for grinding spots or something. Would be fun, not whatever....this is currently. The passive skill tree cripples everyone who wants to make actual progress on the first day of release and I hate to say it, I really hate to say it, but now Crowfall is falling behind. Pantheon, Rise of the Fallen is shaping up to be the next MMO I check out and if the devs for CF don't start throwing their weight around, people are going to flock to Pantheon and CF will be dead on arrival, they're about to hit their Pre-Alpha stage. How long has CF been under development now? 2020 has been a pretty bad year and CF could've gained some ground here by handing out keys or having a free weekend or something, anything to generate a little bit of hype. I haven't seen anything from Crowfall in the last 6 months to a year. I ask my friends about the game, they don't even know what I am talking about. But if I bring up Pantheon, they already know. C'mon CF, I know you guys can stick your necks out there. Just don't get chopped. I want to see CF succeed so badly it hurts. I have more to say, but I need my tea first.
  12. I'm returning to Crowfall after a year. Would love to get into a guild. I might pursue skinning. We'll see. Anyways, glad to meet you all. I'm on Discord if anyone is interested in chatting. I'm wanting to become a crafter as well.
  13. Piggybacking, I would like a guild to call home. Lol.
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