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  1. Still would give people switching over to the game what they might likely expect performance wise with a similar rig at the time of the switch. Obviously other factors would need to be considered, it might also help the dev team during optimization.
  2. Oh I agree, that would be available on the 'original path'. Why not give the same option, for people to make friends with other like minded using another rule set? Why not have both? You could even hybrid one rule set into the other as a tiered progression so new guilds that transfer from another game can have an even playing field. They could even plan when to come, hell there could be rivaling guilds from different games have campaign thread worlds spun up for the specific objectives they want. Then they transfer to this game and with their collective sides might be the only players on the servers... Imagine what is possible with what these folks are saying they can do. So much potential here and is why this company will keep my attention for a bit longer.
  3. Would love to see some in game performance numbers with the rig specs. Would be an awesome resource for new players.
  4. This is one of those good ideas, another dimension of the game. This could have its own branches of maps/worlds within it much like the other version of the core game that allows you to take stuff with you. You could choose which version at the start of each campaign along with you faction. Great idea man, it could even be tiered so if there was enough demand, people could be always on a level playing field, a sort of rankings for where you enter the game!
  5. I bailed on the build for now, picked up a evga 1060 ssc 6gb for $309 after rebate. Im going to try it for 30, if it 'does not meet expectations' I can can take it back. I had my build up to $2100 and looking at monitors with money in hand and....I took a 1060 home and a box of case fans. Hopefully it does the trick.
  6. Heya Blazzen, quite the rig! I am close on your heels however I am looking at just combining some of the older hardware with the new. I am still on the fence and hesitating on pulling the trigger because I do not want to work with win 10 in the new system so I am reading everything that I can (and understanding very little) trying to figure out how it might work. For example, I would just like to use the two ssd`s I have right now in the new build, with my win 7 ult version. My concern is making sure the cpu/mb work, seems I will need to be versed in the correct drivers etc. Of course the information I am finding is a little different then my situation so....I am concerned with getting it all figured out. Dropping 2k on a new rig and trying to use an older version, unsupported windows has me stressed but I really have no interest in win 10. http://www.overclock.net/forum/6-intel-motherboards/1642446-how-install-windows-7-coffee-lake-pc-z370-chipset-mb-asus-maximus-x-hero.html
  7. My concerns on the 1080ti for 700 sealed is that the warranty will be voided. It has been rma`d already so it is registered, too much risk I think for a good deal. Seems there are work around out there for the win7 compatibility issue with the newer cpu/mobo hardware but I am starting to wonder if all of this is worth the money and hassle.
  8. Greetings Comrade, aye I am suspecting 'bottleneck', especially if I buy anything more then a mid grade card. Going that high would be an investment for the future, which of course may end up costing me more money now as opposed to waiting for prices to drop. My real issue I am contending with would be cpu/mb compatibility, it seems the newer kaybe lake+ processors are all coded to not work on anything but win 10. A lot of talk about how invasive win 10 is, some other sketchy things about Gates makes me not want to support his company. I cannot say any of that is true, however I rather not contribute to any of it so I would desire to run win7 on the newer cpu/mb`s out there. I posted a link that supposedly fixes the situation, I have downloaded it but not installed it as I am currently on a 8350 which has supposedly been put on the not supported list. Not that I update my windows, until this fresh install it had been years since I updated my win 7. So I am now wondering, do I even bother buying and I7 8700k w/ a Maximus X Hero board for something similar for $430-$510 retail now or just add a 1060 6gb and roll w/ my old 8350/990fx/16ddr3 setup. I have a 4g connection so I am looking for all the improvement I can get, a $1200-$1500 usd build could be a waste of money for crow fall right now and potentially a waste of money in the future based on falling prices of this tech as the I9`s are out now and of course talk of ddr6 gpu`s. All these questions, if I did decide to upgrade, would the linked fix from github work well enough (who could know?) that I could avoid win10? Should I just get a 1060/rx580? Would I see bottleneck from my system with those two cards even though they would be supported? I appreciate you answering, seems we are in the same boat and we might be able to help each other. For my current system, the 1060/580 are prob the top end it can handle. So if I buy a better gpu, I need to upgrade everything else, which then should lead to higher then 60fps? There is a 1080 ti near me wrapped for $700...which is tempting, a new $1500 build should last me another 3 to 4 years? Geez, what to do? Buying mid grade gpu now + upgrading later vs upgrading now almost seems like a wash in $$ so why not get the all round performance boost now? http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3128514/8350-gtx-1060-bottleneck.html
  9. Ok, time for a gpu upgrade as I am lagging & stuttering my way through thus far with a gtx 770 sc 2gb. I run win 7 ultimate 64 bit on an amd 8350 4.01 ghz w/ 16gb of ddr3 pc1600, I built the computer 4.5 years ago. I have considered getting mid grade cards such as a 6gb 1060 or perhaps a 8gb rx 580 thinking these would more then do the job with my current configuration. I am also considering going bigger for a future rebuild, I have been looking at 1070-1080 ti`s, all of which are overkill for my current needs, 1080p max. I would basically be rebuilding for the future. So my concern is, the guy at the parts store told me all new hardware is 'coded' for windows 10. It does not seem he means like an oem relationship but that the new hardware simply will not run on win 7. My win 7 ultimate was given to me by a friend, the 8.1 I bought with the rig originally has never been used. I am not a big fan of microsoft or windows but it seems to be a necessity for gaming. So my big concern is, am I understanding the rep correctly, will I be wasting my money on a better gpu w/ the thought of a rebuild if I do not want to upgrade to 10? Based off very little research it seems to me that what this basically means is you get no security updates. I really do not care as I have no bank account, do not care about my credit score (I get paid in cash) or really have anything to do with this bogus system we are forced into. No one is going to be stealing any info off of my computer to be able to do anything with it. With this in mind, could I make a win 7 work on newer hardware? Id consider going all in now (not the best time for gpu purchases w/ mining in mind) on a rebuild but I figure best to do my homework. Any and all input is welcome as I do not belong to any tech forums. Thanks for your time. *edit Just found this, thoughts? https://github.com/zeffy/wufuc
  10. I am actually very close to Virgina, Maryland to be exact. Not exactly sure what 4g network I am on, the guy at the store 'hacks' various phones for me, Ive had to change phone numbers multiple times recently as the company catches on. So am not sure if I am on the network that I pay my bill to or if I am on a network related to the device I am using, which is no longer the actual phone. It is weird too, he says I am the only one who gets caught, much less multiple times yet I use like 1/10th the bandwidth of some his customers that he does this for. If it was not for him, Id be stuck back w/ verizon dsl and I do not much care for the co and the way they operate. BTW, thanks for the help, customer support thus far w/ Crowfall has been top notch, from start to finish beginning with my multiple emails about how I might pay for the starter pack, not having a bank account and all. Kudos to all involved.
  11. Yeah, thats why the O3b tech looks promising in this area, the satellites will be in much lower orbit so the signal will have a much shorter path. I feel like I should not mess with it and see how far my 4g connection takes me as essentially it is the same thing. Thanks for the reply`s.
  12. Seems like this has the potential to be a bad idea. My 4g connection runs about 7-8g ul and not much more for d/l, I am thinking that this trade off for the higher upload speeds would be preferable then looking at a 3g u/l & 25g d/l with satellite. I am assuming the ping would be about the same? Not very versed in this, so any input, especially from the team would be very welcome. I am concerned in the long run with larger scale pvp battles, neither will be good enough. Anyways, enjoying the game, looking forward to watch its growth.
  13. Met Nyamo last night, (s)he helped me with some leather padding combines and then allowed me use of his crafting tables. This was done very late my time, I am very thankfull for the time and kindness shown. Wanted to give this guy(gal) a thumbs up and note Im looking forward to grouping up soon. Also, I love cats! Thanks again Nyamo.
  14. Anyone doing it? It was suggested that it should be fine but of course the latency or ping might be an issue. Download speeds should be good enough but typically the upload is a bit slower. I live in the country and am currently using a 4g wifi hotspot and the game is a bit laggy. No cable or fios is available, dsl is but it is marginal at 1.1 to 3 gm d/l and comes via verizon who I would like to avoid. O3b looks great but it appears to be too early in its development, no personal/home options right now. Any thoughts as to potential options or potential feedback from the crow team as to whether or not Crowfall might work on say Viasat? Thanks in advance.
  15. Greetings! Just started the download, interested in a guild to help guide and grow with. Have played EQ & WoW mostly, dabbled in GW2 & ESO when they released but was not overly fond of either. The most enjoyable mmo experiences I had were on the deathwing server pvping when they released the hwl/gm ranks, prior to bg`s. The open world pvp was intense, I played a shadow priest (often healing), running a very successful open bg pvp team. I was recruited into the top horde pvp guild but declined, staying with my friends that transferred from EQ. I am looking to recapture that open world pvp magic, plus I enjoy crafting immensely! I am EST however I work evenings in the restaurant industry, thurs through sun nights. My night time play will vary, I often enjoy playing in the mornings and early afternoons prior to work. I am not much on voice coms, I often listen but have little desire to purchase and use a mic, I prefer my gaming environment quiet, I typically play with no sound unless I am raiding. Feel free to ask any additional questions, look forward to meeting new folks!
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