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  1. You're hilarious and a joke thanks Jah!
  2. Point blank the current passive tree is very underwhelming. There are many controversial mechanics of it I can pick up and discuss on, but I'm not here to nitpick whats wrong and whats right. Neither am I here to send out my own agenda or vision. I understand as a long time backer of many games that we as gamers all would like to see the game in somewhat of our own vision especially when it's in development. I'd just like to raise awareness on the subject and see how many others on the subject agree with me or feel this way..... Other mechanics in the game I feel are innovative and spectacular. I feel like the dev team is holding the torch in many of these categories so to see the passive skill tree as it is, is quite frankly disappointing and I feel as if the dev team could definitely improve on this one. Here are some keywords I would like to use to describe the current passive skill tree so my claims aren't completely baseless: Boring, Linear, Static, Disappointing, Unimaginative, Indifferent, Outdated, Unavailing, Deficient. I've corrected myself on the "soft launch date" I hold it to my belief that many backers will receive a head start during the soft launch as the game wont be officially released without major advertisements The soft launch is a separate issue that can be debated in another thread, thanks Jah! Provided that it will take years to flesh out the tree I'm doubtful of this but if it is this way I would agree that it would be the better way to develop the system by offsetting most of the exp gains in the beginning it will be much harder for veteran players to gain a huge edge resulting in a power gap between new players and old.
  3. 19 hours ago, Destrin said: @Xhavier Here is the more recent announcement that will not soft launch this year. https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders-update-mid-year-check-point-2018/ Lack of updated information it was never my intention to misinform.
  4. For the record I've never called for it's removal or for it to be scrapped in my original post I mentioned that it was in my hopes that it would be improved upon and that I think and i think that many others would also agree on this that It deffintitaly needs to be worked on and it was only my intention for it to be focused upon by the devs because I feel like it is quite critical for to be done right for the games success.. You seem to be rather more interested in rallying your buddies and calling me out for misinformation which never happened in the first place.
  5. Are you going to whine about the way I said something? A lot of us would like to discuss about this okay, a lot of us are worried about this? Why don't you tell us what you think of the current Passive tree since I think I've made my statement in my previous posts!
  6. I'm Informed I assure you. Thanks for your efforts to discredit me!
  7. My posts was actually not focused on the actual soft launch date as that was an issue Jah brought up not me. I was more curious on the sources for the many years it would take you to flesh out the tree?
  8. No I was just trying to find a source for my current knowledge. I apologise for posting outdated information
  9. Thanks for the updated information I missed that one, regardless of the the soft launch date we seem to be moving off topic here.
  10. Pann Director of Community ArtCraft Developer "Posted February 22 We're shooting for soft launch later this year. At this time, we're not able to give a definitive date since we need to see how each successive testing phase goes. I should also mention that we don't have plans for an open beta, but rather a free beta (again, later this year, time TBD). To participate, people need to register an account on our website. " After soft launch there is said to be no wipe.... Devs said there was to be no promotions or advertisements during soft launch and I would imagine a lot of new players will be be added during the official launch date Possibly months after soft launch..... I understand current exp rates are inflated for testing purposes but I still don't understand how you think it would take years to flesh out the tree's. I think you're being a little rambunctious but correct me if I'm wrong and I'll put my foot in my mouth. I ensure you I'm very informed and I'm not ranting like an idiot.
  11. It currently doesn't take "years" especially for people that are active. In fact for someone that plays a lot and the fact that were soft launching supposedly by the end of the year all backers that are active with be a master in everything before the game even releases rofl
  12. You seem to be misinformed while deeming the inability to understand how the passive trees works fully to pass sound judgement. You said quote: "Crafters specifically will have to look ahead after basic training and see where they’d like to specialise because going down a certain path will unlocks more craftable items for you and (in practice if not in game mechanic) lock off other avenues (assuming you want to master one profession). " This in particular is one of the major key points in the discussion, there are currently no limits to the current passive tree mechanic. Over time you will have the ability to master all crafts and abilities in the tree. There is no skill cap in the passive tree there is no specialization. Although this key point isn't the exact issue with the skill tree this is actually how it has been designed as it's use is not for specialization or building a character but more of a tool to give you passive buffs over time to your overall account. With that being said the main issue and the key point I was hoping to point out is the lack of choice in the tree and the restriction placed on you. If you currently look at most of the trees you usually have two linear paths that you can take. With any path you take you have to fill every single pip except the last one to move forward (4 pips) to move forward in the tree you have to fill 75% of the tree. This is fundamentally flawed and rewards the most active players and limits new players from catching up with the "grind" being time. If you'd like to move through the trees and capture certain nodes to help you specialize in the beginning so you can be good at what you do in relative time , you can't This limits potential new players from learning new recipes, specializing heavily in combat, or harvesting to be able to catch up and participate. You will be handicap until you account ages with time or your ability to manage your tree frequently since passive tree experience gains cap out. There are to many reasons why these tree just don't work. If you don't see the disadvantages to the current system then I applaud you but I can't ignore the red line.
  13. This is a good point and like your idea thanks for the input.
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